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[color-box]Topic of the day: Many are ready to get started with their business from home and are not sure where to start. Here are some simple steps to “Getting Started”. First, decide what you are really good at and really enjoy doing.

What can you be passionate about and help others benefit in the process?Do you have a product or service idea that you think would be marketable to others? Think about why this might appeal to anyone else. How large do you think this market really is in terms of buyers? What is the competitive situation? Is the pricing very competitive?

How can you offer a unique solution or service? Is there good value to what you are going to offer to others? How will you fulfill this product or service? Are there reliable, reputable long-term companies that offer these products or services?

How can the products be marketed? Can they be marketed with direct sales person to person, via the internet, or both? What is your investment? What is the commission or compensation plan? How much sales volume will it take for you to achieve the income that you want? What are the odds that this business can be successful? What are the obstacles?

Think about the form of business that you would like to have, that is individual proprietorship, partnership, corporation, limited liability corporation or other? What are the tax implications of each based on your personal circumstances? Contact an attorney and obtain their recommendations on what you must do legally to start a business in your state as well as to the the form of business that is best for you.

Now you need to develop a business plan. Posts are available here to help you.

And now you need a marketing plan as to how you will take your products to market.

Do you agree that you will need mentoring help? What kind of help will you need?

Set up a separate bank account to monitor your expenses and your income. By your completing these steps above this gets your business up and running. Now the effort will be to implement your business plan, your lawyers recommendations, and your marketing plan.

This is how you start a business. Does this make sense to you? Is it complicated? Is it something  you can do? Is it something that you want to do? Take the steps to get started. You will be very glad that you did. [/color-box]

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Social media marketing is an easy and affordable way for small businesses to make a greater impact on their communities while attracting and staying in touch with customers. Yet many small business owners are not using it because they falsely believe a few myths that prevent them from taking the first step.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Get Started

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