Do You Need Affordable Professionals to deal with Affordable Care Act?

As responsible small business owners you are very likely planning your strategies now for any of several scenarios that can unfold in the coming days and months on the Fiscal Cliff…. and especially the Affordable Care Act decisions to be resolved .

With so much uncertainty to deal with, managing your small business may be even more challenging than usual. Let’s hope not.  This post is to acquaint you with an excellent,  economical,  solution for professionals including lawyers, attorneys and consulting professionals for all functions of your small business with up to (99) employees .


I very much recommend the following blog as the writer in my opinion has performed an excellent job of research and provided very accurate and interesting reporting dialogue…with good examples!

Small Business: The Affordable Care Act

Small business: The Affordable Care Act, Part II Mike | December 3rd, 2012


LegalShield Solutions For Small Business Owners

As business owners, with the new tax burdens imposed on businesses, owners and employees, it is apparent that we must find ways to reduce costs, increase revenue and net income, and also improve the welfare, morale and efficiency of our employees wherever possible. The purposes of this message are to describe and make you aware of strongly proven solutions for small business owners that you may not have heard about. .  These solutions have been proven successful for many years with more than 35,000 small businesses using and benefitting from LegalShield Business Plans. LegalShield, working with Fran Tarkenton’s, provide unique, much needed economical solutions for small business at a critical time.

You and your business can in all likelihood benefit from these Business Plans as many are doing.  The major reasons that these Business Plans work so well is because they provide significant Legal Services and Business Consulting Services for up to (50) employees at a cost ot $75 per month, and for (50) to(99) employees at a cost of $125 per month.   There is no contract for length of time to use the service as businesses recognize the value and continue the services. More than 35,000 companies are now using and benefitting from these Small Business Plans. Would you like to reduce your legal costs and professional costs to improve your profitability?

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