Decision Making Process and Critical Thinking Skills

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Which is more important? The Decision Making Process or Critical Thinking Skills? Yesterday my post focused on the Decision Making Process...the steps…the importance of the very first decision in the process deciding “do I have a need”? And if you get this first decision wrong then obviously you have made a bad decision on the entire subject. For example, if you are making a decision as to whether you may need professionals to help you with a specific area of need and you decide that you don’t have a need in that area, when in fact you obviously do have a need, then you have ignored the neednot understood the potential consequences of ignoring the need, or you decide that you will take the risk and the consequences which typically is an irresponsible conclusion.

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I am sure that none of my readers want to consider themselves irresponsible.  Probably the most recurring conclusion is that…yes, I have the need but cannot afford to do anything about it. If this is the case then your income is not at the right levels and that is certainly an issue. You need to be talking with a competent person who can help you earn more money!

From Wikipedia on Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is an important component of most professions. It is a part of formal education and is increasingly significant as students progress through university to graduate education,

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The Critical Thinking Community

Mission: Critical thinking is essential if we are to get to the root of our problems and  develop reasonable solutions. After all, the quality of everything we do is determined by the quality of our thinking.

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I see many very intelligent professionals make incorrect decisions on the first decision question in the decision process…“do I have a need?”  This specifically applies

Decision Making Process

in the case of the decision on “do I need the services of a financial advisor, a CPA, a law firm, a business consultant or trainer, an insurance broker,  or a doctor”. Much of my life has been devoted to working with responsible people who realize that their lives can be much better if they elect to select and work with professionals in these fields. In building my practice as a financial advisor I found more than (300) people who agreed that it would be in their best interests to work with a professional financial advisor and respected company.

I consider that your decisions on these key issues really decide what level of financial independence you will ever achieve. I would encourage you as professionals and good business managers to rethink your decisions on key needs to accomplish financial independence and ask yourself…do I really need that professional or am I just kidding myself that I can do it myself? I assure you my friend if you have decided that you are going to do all of your professional jobs yourself, you will never have the opportunity to achieve financial independence. There is a thin line between mediocrity and brilliance…the same for excellent success and just getting by. Some describe it as an “edge”. What do you prefer for you and your family? Tomorrow’s post…a review of key professionals that I know can help you tremendously! Sometimes you may not know the right solutions for your needs.


Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant


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