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“Could multiple income streams bring you financial independence?”

First let me explain what I mean by multiple income streams. Let’s say that you are employed and for example that your employer pays you weekly with a pay check of $700 take home pay. This would be your first income stream. Now suppose that with your spare time someone could show you how you could develop three more extra streams of income over time and that you get paid twice each month for each of those income streams. Over time, these three extra income streams have the potential to grow. On the other hand, your employer is under extreme government regulation and pressures and may have to cut your work week to less than 30 hours or to lay you off in order to get his number of employees under 50 to avoid health care cost penalties. So the bottom line is that your $700 weekly net income is at some risk where if you had three extra income streams you have the opportunity of growing them, and under a worst case scenario, you could fall back on those extra streams to help you pay for your basic needs. Who knows, you may be able to develop your extra income streams to exceed that of your employment income. How great would that be? What could you do then? Personally, I call it the first major step in achieving financial independence!

Or you could be totally without any income right now and need to get started earning money fast…in that case you need to call me as soon as you finish reading this…

Let’s say the first of these three extra income streams is that of representing a product or service that many people need and want and some of those that you tell about it elect to buy the product and you can within a reasonable time make an average of $500 per month.

Multiple Income Streams

The second income stream is also that of representing another related product or service that many people need and want and some of those that you tell about it elect to buy the product and you can make on average $400 per month.  This is the same approach as the first extra income stream.


Now for the third income stream you decide that you want to create a 24/7 internet business that works for you while you are away. Let’s say that this third income stream provides you with an Attraction  Marketing system that shows you how to construct a Blog on which you could build a presence, develop a following, and offer something of value to customers that shares your unique knowledge and expertise.

Diversification of Income

Let’s say after six months you are realizing an income of some $1,500 per month from the results of your marketing plan and your Blog and related marketing efforts. Of course six months is a just a beginning and opens up more doors of opportunity. What you have accomplished is an extremely important strategy that is used in the investment of money to protect it and make it grow…something called “diversification”…in this case of your incomes. Diversification is very strategic and important.


Overall, this is a proven, successful strategy for you to achieve financial independence… by developing multiple income streams. Personally, I have developed an identical plan and currently enjoy the benefits of multiple income streams. The challenge to you is that you must decide that you want to do this…results do not happen overnight…you are beginning your own business…no one can tell you how long it will take for you to generate good income streams. The best option that you have is to decide to get started and be committed to  your success…along with the commitment to learn.

How Many Is Enough?

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