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Dan Norris
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US Small Businessman Of Year Award 2004- Dan Norris with Congressman Lynn Westmoreland-Georgia in Washington, DC
Dan in Florida
Dan Norris - Daytona Beach

I am on a committed, dedicated mission to inform as many people who are interested in knowing about how to improve their health, increase their wealth, to create greater peace of mind and to restore our country to the nation our forefathers intended. To do this I currently write two blogs and have a free subscription readership of some 90,000+with some 360 posts (chapters if you are reading a book) available for my readers…these are the (2) Blogs…

Road To Financial Independence

The Conservative

You can also find my activities on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

I currently live in Orlando, Florida, some 25 miles north of the Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and several other major tourist venues.  Orlando, fondly called “The City Beautiful” is a very lovely town with great weather and short drive time access to both the east and west coasts of Florida. I very much enjoy 2-3 day trips to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers , St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Pensacola and other key city areas as each area has unique benefits and sights.  This is a great area to live in as it offers a lifestyle with virtually everything, indoors, outdoors, sports, culture, community, education, religious activities, fishing, cruising, spending the day at the beach…just a lot of activities that allow you to enjoy your life.


Even with the wide range of community involvement, entertainment and pleasure available, I have a great deal of time to pursue my personal business options. You may wonder why I have such a passion for financial achievements. Essentially I am a teacher. My father was a school principal and my mother always the school secretary. My career occurred in five major segments, Engineering, Marketing and Sales of Computer Aided Design Systems with General Electric and then (4) Silicon Valley and Route I-93 Boston based type start-up companies, a Comprehensive Financial Advisor with American Express and Ameriprise Financial, and since selling my Financial Planning Practice,  I am an entrepreneur and currently am building an International Network of Distributors to improve health, wealth and peace of mind in as many people as possible. This page is essentially a geo-resume that gives you a few details and facts…as you would give to any employer…however there is no way to understand my emotions, drive or passions from the information below….this is for history and credibility purposes only…thank you for understanding… and now for more of “About Dan”… The overview… in addition to living in Orlando Florida twice, I also have lived in…

Began in the State of Georgia…

Atlanta, GA,

Atlanta, GA

Then to Orlando, FL for the first time…where I returned in 1989…

Dallas, TX,

Dallas, TX

Mountain View, CA, near San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA near Mountain View, CA

The Pier at Newport Beach CA

Newport Beach, CA,

Seneca, SC, near Greenville, SC,

Greenville, SC




Then to Altamonte Springs, FL, and Orlando, FL

Then to…

Marblehead MA

Marblehead, MA,

Then to…

Longwood, FL

College Graduate: (3) years of Pharmacy, (1) year of Education,  (1) year of Chemical /Mechanical Engineering, (5) years of evening school, in Marketing and Management at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. Also attended University of Georgia, Athens, GA., Georgia Southern College in Statesboro, GA, and Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA.

Served in United States Army

U.S. Army
General Electric Company

Employed with General Electric and General Electric start-up company Applicon, Inc. for 25 years. Wrote a “white paper” in 1965 that suggested a crazy idea to my management…”wouldn’t it be nice to have a small computer on every engineer’s desk?” Three years later this paper got me an assignment with GE’s Aerospace Council which included idea type engineers from around the world. The work of this Council led G.E. to the development of the first Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing Systems by 1972.  Along with a very bright engineer who knew Fortran programming we managed (84) employees operating the first (5) terminal CAD/CAM engineering system in the U.S.. After (3) years GE began a start-up CAD company called Applicon Inc. I traveled the United States from 1975 to 1993 in sales positions including V.P. of Sales for (4) start-up computer aided design companies, Applicon, Inc; Racal-Redac LLC; Cadnetix Inc; and Adra Systems Inc. I marketed computer aided design systems to many major corporations for electrical, mechanical, electronic and semi-conductor design and drafting in the U.S. and visited many of those companies and many major government facilities.

Ameriprise Financial Services

I joined American Express in 1995 as Personal and Small Business Financial Advisor. American Express Financial Advisors became Ameriprise Financial as a result of growth, having more than 11,000 financial advisors in the United States.

I sold my financial planning practice in 2008 and my son Mike and I formed a start-up internet marketing company named DMN Associates,  Mike continues to manage this business. Mike is also owner and President of Orlando’s Handyman, a leading “Orlando’s Handyman” service serving the greater Orlando area.

In 2012 I joined Ann Sieg’s 80/20 Marketing, a leader in Attraction Marketing training around the world having taught more than 350,000 people. Ann is affiliated with Ty Tribble, considered a #1 Blogger in the U.S. beginning his blogging career in the early 2000’s.

Leader in Attraction Marketing
Ann Sieg
Ty Tribble - Master Blogger
Ty Tribble

I am very pleased to be an Affiliate of www.Infinite-Prosperity.com, a leading educational firm for FOREX Foreign Currency Trading.

Successful People
Lewis Mocker and Amy Sangster

I am an author and have published my first book with Amazon and Kindle. The title of this book is “The Law and Legal Service Plans”. My second book is underway… on the topic of stopping international internet scammers.

I am currently the author of two blogs listed at the top of this page with some 90,000+ subscribers and (500+) daily readers.

I received (7) Presidents Awards from American Express Financial Advisors for Quality of Advice… Only 3% of 10,000 of their advisors receive this award…I was one of several to receive Advisor of the Year Award in 1999.

Founder in 2005 of annual “Bringing Out The Best In Kids” Charitable Golf Tournament for South Seminole Optimist Club. This tournament continued for three years.

Dan was North Florida Foundation Chair for Optimists International. Received Optimist of the Year Award and Club President Award for serving the Optimist Organization.

Optimist International

I received Greater Atlanta Junior Achievement Leadership Award for outstanding service. With 3,000 other Great American Small Business Owners I received an Outstanding U.S. Small Businessman of the Year Award in 2004 from Georgia Congressman Lynn Westmoreland in Washington, D.C. with the then President George W. Bush.

U.S. Congressman from Georgia
US Small Businessman Of Year Award  With Congressman Lynn Westmoreland

Served (25) years with General Electric, (12) years with American Express and Ameriprise Financial, served (18) years as sales manager, director and vice president for (4) startup companies bringing computer aided design technology to market, and since 2008 a total of (8) years as entrepreneur of internet marketing companies.

I have served as speaker for Seminole County School System High School students on Career Selection topics like “What Are You Going To Do With The Rest of Your Life?”

Currently studying art of FOREX International Foreign Currency Trading learning from two 23 year olds who have already retired and own their personal Lamborghini’s.

I recently became an Independent Distributor for Kangen Water TM provided by a 42 year old Japanese company called Enagic and Enagic USA. This firm is the leader in medical devices providing special water described as ionized, alkaline, restructured, antioxidant water which is helping people in many ways including feeling better, looking better and being healthier. Japan is the leading country in the world in life longevity and health status. Some 7,500 medical doctors certify the use of these special water devices that connect to your kitchen/tap water supply.  Most all hospitals and many restaurants in Japan utilize these devices as well as in 67 countries around the world. These products were first introduced on the West Coast of the United States in 2004 and are experiencing strong reception by many including Bill Gates, Mariah Carey, Donald Trump and many others.

“About Dan” provides a snapshot of diversity by providing the companies and professional fields that Dan worked, the many geographic locations across the U.S. to the U.K., 20+ years of travel in the U.S., and a number of personal activities that were extremely interesting and stimulating.

Dan Norris


Small Business Consultant

Member of the First Baptist Church of Orlando

Key to Success
How To Be Successful!


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