Could multiple income streams bring you financial independence?

Multiple Income Streams
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Could multiple income streams bring you financial independence?


First let me explain what I mean by multiple income streams. Let’s say that you are employed and for example that your employer pays you weekly with a pay check of $700 take home pay. This would be your first income stream. Now suppose that with your spare time someone could show you how you could develop three more extra streams of income over time and that you get paid twice each month for each of those income streams. Over time, these three extra income streams have the potential to grow. On the other hand, your employer is under extreme government regulation and pressures and may have to cut your work week to less than 30 hours or to lay you off in order to get his number of employees under 50 to avoid health care cost penalties. So the bottom line is that your $700 weekly net income is at some risk where if you had three extra income streams you have the opportunity of growing them, and under a worst case scenario, you could fall back on those extra streams to help you pay for your basic needs. Who knows, you may be able to develop your extra income streams to exceed that of your employment income. How great would that be? What could you do then? Personally, I call it the first major step in achieving financial independence!

Or you could be totally without any income right now and need to get started earning money fast…in that case you need to call me as soon as you finish reading this…

Diversification of Income
Multiple Income Streams

Let’s say the first of these three extra income streams is that of representing a product or service that many people need and want and some of those that you tell about it elect to buy the product and you can within a reasonable time make an average of $500 per month. The second income stream is also that of representing another related product or service that many people need and want and some of those that you tell about it elect to buy the product and you can make on average $400 per month.  This is the same approach as the first extra income stream.

Income Streams
Diversification of Income

Now for the third income stream you decide that you want to create a 24/7 internet business that works for you while you are away. Let’s say that this third income stream provides you with an Attraction  Marketing system that shows you how to construct a Blog on which you could build a presence, develop a following, and offer something of value to customers that shares your unique knowledge and expertise.  Let’s say after six months you are realizing an income of some $1,500 per month from the results of your marketing plan and your Blog and related marketing efforts. Of course six months is a just a beginning and opens up more doors of opportunity. What you have accomplished is an extremely important strategy that is used in the investment of money to protect it and make it grow…something called “diversification”…in this case of your incomes. Diversification is very strategic and important.

The More The Better!
How Many Is Enough?

Overall, this is a proven, successful strategy for you to achieve financial independence… by developing multiple income streams. Personally, I have developed an identical plan and currently enjoy the benefits of multiple income streams. The challenge to you is that you must decide that you want to do this…results do not happen overnight…you are beginning your own business…no one can tell you how long it will take for you to generate good income streams. The best option that you have is to decide to get started and be committed to  your success…along with the commitment to learn.

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7 Warning Signs That Say Consider A Career Change!


“7 Warning Signs That Say Consider A Career Change!”

5+ Years of Security?

To determine if you face these warning signs ask yourself the following questions…

1.  Does your current career provide you with necessary income for all your needs…if you stayed in that position for at least the next five years?

         a.  Your basic living needs…your shelter, transportation, clothing, utilities, insurances?

         b.  Does it provide for your and your family’s educational, recreational and vacation needs?

         c.   Does it provide for savings for important purchases and retirement?

2.  Do you have confidence that your career will provide stability and income growth to satisfy all of  these needs during the next five years?

3. Are you happy in what you are doing in your career?    What would you prefer to do?

4. Do you feel confident that your career will be available to you 5 years from now?

If you feel good about your answers to the above questions I commend you strongly. Even so one needs to face the reality that the average length of time that a person remains in the same job is about 2.7 years.

Consistent Good Decisions On Your Goals

And here is the good news…No matter what your personal goals for your income, your career, your future financial status…you can accomplish in this society whatever you want to accomplish…you have heard this many times.

I see the reality of accomplishment of whatever anyone wants every day.

In my opinion the solution is to use your determination and intelligence to find the proper employment solutions (and I emphasize multiple income streams as solutions) for you that provides the income, time and personal freedom that you want to enjoy. Is there effort? Yes! Is it difficult to find those multiple income streams that can satisfy your needs? Yes. What is great for one person may be the absolutely wrong solution for another. I do not suggest that one solution fits all. I do suggest that if you employ the proper strategies and research your alternatives properly that you can find solutions that will provide for your life’s needs.


So What Options Should You Consider?

It is very challenging to be aware of all of the income producing opportunities that are available.  A person can invest more time and money than necessary in evaluating and participating in multiple opportunities to the extent that they invest a lot and earn very little. Many entrepreneurs wind up jumping from opportunity to opportunity because they did not take the time and talk with experienced people in business to discuss the questions they should ask before committing to a venture. Because of this very few people really make good incomes on the internet.

My information says that less than 3% of internet marketers truly make the incredible monthly incomes and up to 7% are just now reporting profitability. Does this alarm you? If it doesn’t it should. A word to the wise should be sufficient.

I firmly believe in multiple income streams which I call “income diversification”.  I do not want to rely upon one or two streams of income as I have found that no matter how good something may be, there are factors out of my control that can affect the performance of any income stream. So therefore I recommend building more than one income stream over time to avoid the risk of bad performance, the same as I recommended as a financial advisor to diversify your investments. Diversification in different classes of investments within the investment world is a sound strategy, and in my opinion, diversification can also be very effective for a personal income strategy.

I offer you an option for a 30-minute discussion with you about your income opportunity decisions. Believe it or not, most of my life has been about helping other people achieve their goals…I have found that by doing this that I am rewarded multi-fold.

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How much do you want to earn as income?

Jim Carey – How Wealthy People Laugh


What do you want to earn as income?   

Ok…I think Jim has it right…when you have money you enjoy life more! I love it!

So how much would you like to earn each year…for the next 20-40-50 years? What do you want to earn as income?

I don’t believe that your answer is that you want just enough to pay the bills!

I think your answer is going to be…more than I can spend…and not have to worry at the end of the month that I have enough to go around! That is my answer! We all spend at different rates…ok…so Dan, tell me how to earn more than I spend? Ok my friend…here is the answer.

Just as there can be an unlimited amount of spending…believe it or not there can be an unlimited amount of income! Oh really? Yes my friend. And if you will follow very closely  my 16 step response to making your 2013 very successful…you could wind up being very wealthy…no promises…it is up to you as to how you execute the plan my friend! So you want to know where the unlimited amount of income is right? Well it is not in a pot at the end of a rainbow. It comes from multiple income streams reliable companies.and investments. Repeat…it comes from multiple income streams from  reliable companies.and investments. Multiple income streams are the solution. In the investment industry this strategy is called diversification. The problem is where do you find the reliable companies and investments? Now, are you willing to use committed efforts and smarts to get the income streams growing?

If you meet these criteria…then your odds of achieving multiple streams of income…

1. Do you have a burning desire to succeed?
2. Are you willing to learn?
3. Are you willing to work hard?

Multiple streams of income can come from many sources however for purposes of this discussion I want to share with you how you can achieve multiple income streams.  Money is what you need to make you financially independent, time independent and with financial freedom for whatever you want. Developing multiple income streams with multiple sources of income is usually the best way to achieve this goal. Throughout this blog I am sharing in many posts several ways to generate income streams

I propose solutions that are needed by many individuals, families, small businesses, large businesses, small business owners, and to those who want to begin their own businesses.

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