What Do You Want?

The topic today is…

“What Do You Want”?

I will go first and tell you what I want!

One of my reasons for writing a post most every day is that I enjoy researching the day’s best content out there…to keep up with the pulse of what is going on…and to be able to share some interesting information with you that you may like as well. If you enjoy what you are reading I would really appreciate hearing from you some way…whether it is by phone across country…by email or in the “Comments” at the bottom of the post. I really enjoy hearing from you. I am a real person and I would like to understand what you are looking for…and might say…this is not for you…or the contrary…see the paragraph below.whatdoyouwant1

And one of the real advantages of owning your own blog and domain is that you have the opportunity to write about that which is most important and relevant to yourself and to your audience. A key goal in writing a blog is to develop a following who enjoy what you have to say and benefit from those same things. So I will continue to define for you who I think I am writing for…and perhaps you will confirm or deny that with your comments. I mentioned recently that I am looking to find those of any age and circumstance who are capable of earning $30,000 to $100,000+ a year and have a sincere interest in doing something about it. I read a great blog post today where Robert Kiyosaki said that there are 3 kinds of people that are not suited for this kind of business…and it was highly interesting and right on. I will share that post with you soon.


The Sweet Smell Of Success

by Seth Godin July 19,2013

No one talks about what color the success is, just how it smells.

What Do You Really Want?
What Do You Want?

When Amanda Palmer was busking on the streets of Harvard Square, she made enough to pay her rent. She supported herself, she made it work. She didn’t plan on busking, think about busking or get ready to busk. She did it and she succeeded. One person, ten people in the crowd… Didn’t matter, she was working, she was a pro.

I sold my first book project (I owned half of it) for $5,000. I didn’t worry about how big the advance was, I celebrated that I had a publisher. I followed that up a (very long) year later with another book (I owned half of that one, too) which I sold for even less. But now I had TWO publishers, and stories to go with each.

You will be labeled, like it or not. If you earn the label of, “person who builds things, ships them and sells them to someone who values them…” you’re way ahead of the pack. You’re going to be doing this for a long time. When you have the chance, engage with the market, declare victory, make the sale.

More chocolate chip cookies don’t smell that much better than just a few.



BY | October 27, 2011

Last week I wrote about the importance of creating and publishing original content as part of your overall marketing strategy (see Why Content Marketing is King). Today, I offer my 10

Do What You Want!
What do you want?tips for better content marketing:

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The Renegade Blog

Seven Powerful & Effective Methods To Help People Get What They Want Most

Ann Sieg

What I love most about working with people is finding better ways to help them get what

Attraction Marketing
The Truth

they want most. This takes a lot of creativity and ingenuity, especially if from the onset I know what they’re trying to do is going to take stamina and hard work. Perhaps this is what makes it so rewarding. To know from my coaching and mentoring I helped them reach their mountain top accomplishments. Read on to find out my 7 best strategies to do just that.

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Are Prospects Looking For You? Attract Them With A Blog!

Let Prospects Find You!
Attraction Marketing

We are most familiar with personal direct sales situations…where the prospect and the seller meet face to face and discuss needs, wants and solutions.  In a given day the number of transactions that can occur in this manner may range from as low as 0 to as many as 200…depending upon the availability of both prospects and sellers…and the demand for the products and services involved. Usually the seller has performed advertising in the form of newspaper, tv media, direct mail or other method in order to attract the prospect to the sales situation…or it could be that the seller is making cold calls for whatever the reason. The buyer is attracted to the seller because there is something about the offer that is appealing. It could be a special price or certain product…the seller has found a way to attract the buyer to consider the offer. Now do you suppose that buyers are constantly deciding that they are in the market for products and services…and go online to search out their options to purchase? The data says that most shoppers have checked out their options online before buying.  Suppose that you could expose your products and services to 10 times the number of prospects that you are doing today. Would that be a good thing for you and your business? Ok…

The topic today is…”Are Prospects Looking For You? Attract Them With A Blog!

Are you beginning to get the message about the value of blogging? For clarification, blogging is part of a marketing system that provides valuable, educational and entertaining information to viewers on the internet by using attraction marketing or content marketing messages. If viewers become interested in the content of your messages…they will tell you by offering their information and requesting more information from you. Viewers find you by the way that you identify your website and the messages that you send out from your site. And yes there is some technology involved, including copywriting…that is how to you write appealing messages, website design…how to make your site easy to read and appealing, search engine optimization….how to use keywords to gain readers…and more, and especially fine-tuning always to improve your message, your site and your system.


Recently I have focused on the subject of blogging, attraction marketing and content marketing as I am looking to connect with individuals that have interests in these topics.  I invite you to continue to join me to enjoy the blogs…and appreciate hearing from you in the comments. I especially invite you to request a free copy of “The Renegade Marketer’s Manifesto” below as well as a download of “The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing on the right side of this page.



Why Content Marketing Is King

BY Mikal E. Belicove | October 20th, 2011

When it comes to marketing strategies, content marketing has just been crowned king, far surpassing search engine marketing, public relations and even print, television and radio advertising as the preferred marketing tool for today’s business-to-business entrepreneur.

Late this summer, HiveFire, a Cambridge, Mass.-based internet marketing software solutions company, surveyed nearly 400 marketing professionals about the state of the business-to-business, or B2B, market, and discovered that marketers are retreating from traditional marketing tactics such as search marketing and have made content marketing the most-used tactic in their brand-enhancing tool box. Fact is, according to HiveFire’s B2B Marketing Trends Survey Report, twice as many B2B marketers now employ content marketing as they do print, TV and radio advertising, according to the survey.

Attraction Marketing
Content Marketing

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3 Ways to Make a Killer Impression Online (Infographic)
BY Kathleen Davis | July 10th, 2013

You can’t ignore your web presence if you want to get noticed by potential customers, but

Content Marketing
Attract Prospects

simply being active online isn’t enough.

According to research compiled by Reach Local, an online marketing firm, 97 percent of consumers conduct online research before making a local purchase, and 90 percent say online reviews influence their buying decisions.

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The Attraction Marketing Manifesto

Ann Sieg
Atttraction Marketer’s Manifesto

More than 350,000 people from around the world have read the The Attraction Marketing Manifesto by Ann Sieg. Ann is the leader in the Attraction Marketing industry with her marketing strategies, comprehensive training videos on virtually every related subject, an online website with more than 500 people participating,  3 levels of on-going training to take you to the level of performance that you choose, daily and weekly training calls by a highly competent staff, and questions and answers for your specific needs.

I have chosen to work with Ann and her industry leading Blogging Partner Ty Tribble…to develop my skills and my sites. If you think that this could help you then request one of these publications and understand what is involved. You will be very pleased that you did.

Ann Sieg
The 7 Great Lies of Internet Marketing
Dan Norris
Affiliate 8020 Marketing Inc.


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How To Have Fun Attracting Customers 24/7

How To Have Fun Attracting Customers 24/7!

It seems to me that we all work better when we are happy and are having Fun! How about you? I watched the program “The Five” this afternoon on Fox News…they celebrated their 2 year anniversary…and this group of five very, very different people really enjoy expressing their honest and candid opinions about the important subjects going on in our world every day. It is really interesting to watch and listen to the diversity of views…from the totally non-biased to the prejudicial….and how from these several views I can better understand and appreciate several viewpoints on any topic of conversation…usually lasting about 5 minutes.

And this broad range of diversity with several opinions and views is what I am trying to bring to you each day. It is not that I subscribe to all of the views that I present to you…it is that by watching and listening to each I believe that you can be much better informed to decide your own opinion.

Today I am providing three YouTube videos (the first is really funny to me) plus my favorite… Ann Sieg’s presentation on “The Renegade Network Marketer”.  This is the program that I sincerely recommend to you as I am succesful with this program…I train people and our system provides much more support that you will need to be successful. Enjoy…and contact me with any questions.

BS Detector
AdobeSystems YouTube


Attraction Marketing
Renegade Network Marketer

How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

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Learn How The Attraction Marketing Secrets Work

by James Hicks YouTube


Content Marketing World 2013
CMI42 YouTube


And if you are ready for one more great message this evening….click on this…


Have a great day!

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Secrets of Blogging!

The topic today is on the…

“Secrets of Blogging”

Blogging Secrets

See how these excellent bloggers communicate their messages…with content…with graphic layout…with colors…with use of text and other neat techniques to interest the reader!!



5 Online Marketing Strategies for a Tight Budget

Blogging Secrets


BY Lewis Howes | March 19th, 2013

In a world where attention is currency, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to attract the eyes and ears of your target market. Not only are you up against larger companies with nicely funded marketing departments, you’re also competing with social media and a multitude of other distractions for the attention of your prospects. But that doesn’t mean your marketing efforts have to cost a ton of money or be overly dramatic in order to stand out from the crowd. Here are five creative and inexpensive ways to market your business in a digital world:



Secret’s Out: Now You Can Tell the Whole World You’re Raising Money for Your Business

Secrets of Blogging

BY Catherine Clifford July 10, 2013

Raising money for your business? Shout it from the rooftops. For the first time, it’s allowed.The Securities and Exchange Commission today voted four to one that it will overturn the ban on publicly advertising that your company is raising money, what’s called “general solicitation.” By voting to lift the ban on general solicitation, the Commission has essentially made it legal for private companies to tell anyone that they are raising money, which was previously illegal.
WRITING ON THE WEB With Dr. Patsi Krakoff, The Blog Squad

Better Blog Writing: Attract Clients,
Make Sure Your Posts Get Read!

Written by Patsi Krakoff in About Blogs, Attracting Clients, Content Marketing

You want to Engage your Blog Readers and encourage them to subscribe to your blog and become regular visitors. Ideally, you want to attract a large number of hungry customers who are interested in partaking of this written food for the soul, but how can you rise above the constant online buzz to attract attention to your blog post?

The Internet may be constantly chirping with activity, but that doesn’t mean that all content is worthy of users’ attention in the same manner. According to Neilson.com, there were 181 million blogs around the world at the end of 2011. (In 2006, there were 36 million in existence.)

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Would you like to become an excellent blogger and learn the Attraction Marketing System with my team? Just request the free 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing and the Renegade Marketing Manifesto…and decide for yourself if this should be part of your marketing plan.

And to discuss your thoughts send me an email on dannorris42@gmail.com or call me on 407-749-9395.

I would very much enjoy hearing from you.

Dan Norris

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Learn Blogging and Attraction Marketing Skills To Get To Top 3%

Marketing Strategy
Attraction Marketing

This post describes the challenges and the benefits that can accrue to those that learn blogging and attraction marketing skills to get to top 3% of all internet marketer performers!

It is remarkable to learn that the most current data shows  that 97% of internet marketers…or about 15 million people at that time in the U.S…had never broken even or made a dollar of profit on the internet. Recent information on this subject is limited however it is estimated that more than 40 million people in the U.S. are now working on the internet for the purposes of making an income. Assuming the same success rates of less than 5 years ago this means that more than 38 million of those trying real hard are just not profitable. Let’s be generous and estimate that 20% of the 40 million were profitable….which would leave some 32 million people giving it all that they have and unfortunately are spinning their wheels while spending more than they are making.  Most realistic estimates are only about 5% are profitable which is a real serious challenge. Few are aware of this and jump in because there are few other solutions.

Network Marketing
Smart Poor People

We are bombarded with get-rich quick schemes on the internet including those business opportunities that tell you that you can work from home for 15-20 hours per week and make $4,000 per month or more.  So the natural course of events is that with one or more computers in every household, and with a need for more money to pay the bills, it is very easy to believe that some of these claims are true.  A limited number may be, however just because you have a computer with time on your hands…does not assure a $100 or $500 or $1,000 a week or more income. With an estimated 2.4 billion people working on the internet today, how do you think you will find your target market that wants to buy your products? This is like knowing that 2.4 billion cars are driving around over the world every day and thinking that some of those  cars will miraculously find your business and buy from you!!! Why would they find your business?

Attraction Marketing
Super Success!

Salon Online Success Strategy

There are thousands of people moving from one opportunity to another daily on the internet seeking a profitable opportunity that will make them financially independent. There are also thousands of professionals including financial advisors, lawyers, doctors, CPA’s and others who have begun or are considering how to gain an effective, profitable presence on the internet. Where should you turn for an answer?


Here is my solution for those seeking an answer. Just as we must develop skills to perform any meaningful task including your profession, whatever that may be,  it has been proven  to me through many years of first-hand experience that developing effective and profitable unique skills in network marketing are just as essential. And the real truth is that very few people have broken the marketing code and understand how a few hours a week or more can lead you to a very successful internet presence creating valuable content that attracts buyers who are looking for what you have to offer.  I submit to you that powerful solutions rest with your development of Attraction Marketing and Blogging skills….with the right experts and team to work with you along the way.

My offer to help you get started is that you request the free book at the top right ofThe 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing this page….The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing…read those valuable few pages…then request the free book The Renegade Marketers Manifesto. I assure you if you are marketing savvy that these books will be a revelation to you. Keep me posted as to your progress as developing a successful internet market approach is an ongoing process…and not an event. I will be available to you at all times.

Please contact me on the internet at dannorris42@gmail.com or on the phone at 407-749-9395.

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What is the Law of Attraction?

What is the Law of Attraction?

Are you attracted to those you love? Your partner?  Your mate?  Your children?

Are you attracted to your friends?…Your family members?…Your

Let Prospects Find You!
Attraction Marketing


Are you attracted to your groups, schools, organizations, animals?

Are you attracted to anybody?  Are you attracted to anything?  Everybody? Everything?

This exercise is to motivate you to think about the magnetism of attraction and to ask yourself why if you are or not attracted to someone or some thing.

What is very obvious is that we are attracted to some people, beings, things,  and so on while not being attracted to others. And in many cases it is difficult to explain our feelings.

Yes, the Law of Attraction applies in essentially everything we do!

And another important element to recognize is that we have “relationships” with most of those to whom we are attracted. Therefore the question, does being attracted to someone or something mean that it is easier to begin a relationship with that person? It certainly seems that the answer is yes. Then reading Dale Carnegie’s great book on “How To Win Friends and Influence People” is certainly important to our development right?

So now, let’s apply the “Law of Attraction” to marketing our products and services so as to generate profit ok!

If you were marketing a product or service and If you were to try to get all of your family members, relatives, friends, email contacts, meetup contacts, and those you see in the mall… and so on to buy what you are marketing, I bet you would experience a lot of frustration. The reason is that some may not be looking to buy what you are selling! And so then you make a warm market list of all the people who you know….probably 300-500 contacts usually…and you approach them as well with your products and services…how does this work out for you?

For some it could be very well however for most it becomes a very challenging investment of time…writing the list, making phone calls and making contacts with each person, meeting with them….and if you have been successful with more than 3% you are exceptional! I call this approach “harassment marketing”…taking advantage of your relationship or incidental contact with someone to ask them to do something or buy something that they do not like or have no interest.

Now let’s try another approach called the “Law of Attraction”! For more than 100 years this phenomenon has been studied, books have been written, movies made, however it is yet to become an exact science as is mathematics, physics, chemistry and the like. What this is to me      is a nebulous concept that truly works. I look at the practicality of attraction….and that is virtually why I do everything that I do. I am attracted to this person, or this concept, or this opportunity, or this idea…you name it.

Are you this way as well?

As I search for information on Attraction Marketing I find a considerable amount from creditable people….particularly the movie made in 2006 called “THE SECRET” and available in full on YouTube. Personally I enjoy two more examples of Attraction Marketing…the first is a 1989 movie called “FIELD OF DREAMS” in which the concept of “build it and they will come” became a national treasure concept about baseball.

I also think about Steve Jobs with Apple Computer, who I think was a genius of technology and attraction marketing. Look what he did to attract buyers who loved his products..not just a brand…but usable, friendly products, because people liked them!…and then how about the social media concept of “liking”.

I am beginning an in-depth study of the Law of Attraction…motivated recently by meeting a very intelligent marketing professional by the name of Ann Sieg…who is teaching me and many others her concepts of Attraction Marketing. I am intrigued as this lady with 19 years of marketing experience has now trained some 350,000 people on Attraction Marketing and is considered the industry expert on the subject by many.

I am very impressed with the thoroughness of her detailed, professional, non-hype, very affordable training programs and the community of some 500+ people who are proceeding through the comprehensive training programs as I am. Even with nine years of college in my early years including a degree in marketing, and many more years of real business experience across the U.S., I am excited to listen and learn from all that is being presented. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is thinking about being successful in marketing, no matter what your business or situation. This information could help make you much more successful in whatever business or opportunity you are in…and also possibly help you become a more fun person to be with as well. I think we all would like to be considered likable and attractive!

Let me introduce you to my mentor on Attraction Marketing, Ann Sieg…

Ann Sieg
Ann Sieg

Three of the most effective and powerful sources of information developed and published by Ann Sieg can be found at the following links…

The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing:


The Renegade Network Marketer:


The Attraction Marketers Manifesto:


I encourage you to take advantage of these excellent tools developed by Ann over many years of trial and error…and then she achieved excellent earnings following these early years of frustration. For me these documents were so exciting that I focused on them for several days in order to get Ann’s initial recommendations implemented as rapidly as I could. Many others have felt the same way. And the learning curve goes on and on.

Start now on The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing:


If you would like to discuss how to get started and what Ann’s program provides, contact me on email at dannorris42@gmail.com or call me on 407-749-9395.

Dan Norris

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Are you ready to learn attraction marketing skills?

This post is about finding those people  who are ready to say yes to the question.. “are you ready to learn attraction marketing skills?”.  I know that some  of you are,  some are not ready yet, and some will never even want to know what it means.  And that is fine. From my readers I understand that some of you are ready to get started now and I am ready to show you what to do next to get started.  I  look forward to working with you and helping you every step of the way

Grow Your Business!

It doesn’t really matter what kind of business or profession you have or are considering…other than if it is “for profit” or “non-profit”.  If it is “for profit” then you will need to have customers willing to pay you for your products or services because they offer value to them.

There must be something (called value) about your offer, at a price that is acceptable to a buyer, that makes the buyer agreeable to paying your price for the products or services.

Now, how are you going to find enough prospects to know about your products and services? Who will be your target market?

Just because you rent a storefront building, office, or booth space, or advertise on tv, news media, radio, on the internet or anywhere else does not mean that anyone that could be a prospect will find you and will look at your products and services. This myth is why small businesses fail…especially internet businesses and typically 95-97%.

What do you do when there is something you need? You search for it somehow! Right!

So what is your marketing plan? How will you find enough interested prospects to accomplish enough sales to make your business profitable? What if you have a current business or you are a professional in any field?  Are you aware of proven marketing techniques that will teach you how to attract potential buyers to you that may develop into a qualified prospect for your products or services? I am not talking about advertising methods and their high costs. I am talking with you about attraction marketing techniques that will teach you how to have people who are looking for your products and services and find you and come to you.

Ann Sieg
The 7 Great Lies of Internet Marketing

How do you get started?  Your first step is to go to the top right of this page and request a free copy of the “Seven Great Lies of Network Marketing”.  After you read that and you agree that this is an approach that you agree with and that it can work for you then request and read a free copy of the “Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto”.  By reading these two documents you will decide how you want to proceed…and please contact me along the way so that I can answer any questions that you may have.

Law of Attraction
Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto


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