The Texas Tenors – Entrepreneural Success Story In America!

The Texas Tenors
The Texas Tenors

America is known around the world for being “The Land of Opportunity”!

The Texas Tenors – Entrepreneural Success Story In America!

We are very proud of our heritage! It comes from our country’s Constitution…establishing America as the home of the free and the land of the brave! We enjoy liberty and freedom and have the mindset that anything is possible. I would like to introduce you to three of America’s entrepreneurs  who in 2009 were struggling to pay the bills and one was jobless. They saw a talent contest advertised on “America’s Got Talent” and decided to form a singing trio and enter this contest.This is a story of the winners of that contest and a $1 Million Prize as well. Please meet the…

The Texas Tenors

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The Texas Tenors is a classical crossover trio vocal group formed in 2009 by country music singer JC Fisher, pop singer Marcus Collins and opera singer John Hagen. They were a top four finalist in the fourth season of America’s Got Talent making them the highest ranking vocal group in the show’s history.[1] As of 2013 the group has performed more than 600 shows in over 20 countries including Great Britain and China. They can be seen in Branson, MO where they were named the Critic’s Choice Group of the Year for 2011, Best Vocal Group of the Year for 2012,[2] and the Best Legacy Group for 2013.[3] The trio has also filmed a PBS special, performing songs from their second album “You Should Dream”, which first aired nationwide in November 2013. The Texas Tenors partner with several charity organizations including Homes For Our Troops and ChildFund.[4]


The Texas Tenors on “America’s Got Talent”

Jc Fisher



The Texas Tenors

The Texas Tenors on Larry’s Country Diner singing Danny Boy

Millie Eldridge

The Texas Tenors singing Unchained Melody


The Texas Tenors singing God Bless the USA


The Texas Tenors Sometimes I Dream

The Texas Tenors

Solutions To America’s Unemployment Crisis

God Bless america
United States

Yes, there are solutions to America’s Unemployment Crisis! And it is up to you and I to provide them until we can find leadership that is truly interested in the welfare and livelihood of the American people.

While driving I truly enjoy listening to a variety of smart, conservative, logical talk show hosts, both local and national. Today while driving to my local places of business I heard some startling figures that point to the real state of our nation. The first was that we are at the lowest number of employed workers in many years. So many people have given up on finding jobs and are no longer counted in the work force…and that it actually benefits the employment numbers game. The second number that I heard was that “real unemployment” is close to 24% when counting everyone that would really like to be working. The third number that was so disappointing is that the Average American family’s wages in 2012 was $31,000 and less than previous years.

I am sure that many of you agree with me that the mainstream media and this administration don’t even want to talk about these numbers…and that is a shame…because you and I have to live with them. Somehow we have to find a way to overcome the bureaucratic government takeover of private sector jobs, reduce regulations, implement a simple tax system such as The Fair Tax, allow the energy sector to build pipelines and mine coal as much
as we can and as much as we need.  Why should we be sending our precious American dollars for gasoline and oil to the far east??? This money could be much better spent at home.

I don’t know about you however I am as active as I can be with my government leaders, letting them know how strongly I feel about every key issue.

I really enjoyed Brian Tracy’s video below…he nailed our situation and offers sound solutions…are you also concerned about our situation and what to do about it? Brian also talks about the 80/20 rule where 20% of the population always continue to reinvent themselves by learning new skills…he is singing in my choir as that is exactly what I am promoting with you.

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Brian Tracy

Let’s call on our leaders to begin tackling the real issues of this country, not just the political and social issues that bring in votes and political power.

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