Today is the first day of the rest of your life!


Daytona Sunrise

The video is wonderful…so human…so true…please watch and listen!!!…just pick on the link!

Bright Eyes “First Day of My Life”

This post is for those of you that come to my blog each day and have found something of interest to you! Not sure what that may be, however, I very much appreciate your reading my posts and your investment of time and attention. I know that you could be doing many other things besides reading my blog, however I very much appreciate you being here. I hope that you agree that my information is very meaningful and relevent to our society and our business circumstances right now. I ask that you trust me to give you good advice and keep coming back!

This blog is devoted to providing valuable personal and small business solutions to those in need and who want to improve their current financial situation. Many of you are going through very difficult financial, employment and personal times right now and you are not sure what to do. May God Bless You! I fully understand how you may feel and very much want to help anyone that is truly committed to helping themselves. This is not a pyschiatrist’s couch….but it could be the next best thing for some…especially if have any respect for a former lpersonal and small business financial advisor with more than 50 years of successful business experience.

There are outstanding solutions available for income either part-time or full-time..believe it or not, for starting your own business from home, for protecting your family with legal advice including saving your home and repairing your credit, identity theft shield services, and for growing your small business.

Unbelievable to many, we are not a society dependent on government dictate even though the current scheme is to get as many people addicted to government programs, welfare, and dependency as possible so that you can be a slave to government. If that is what you believe in this is not the Blog for you…because those who believe that you can live from the success of others will have a day of reckoning that will be horrific. Americans have been,  are and should be an enterprising, entrepreneurial society, and I challenge you to join the fight to save our country!

So far I have made posts on key topics that can help many, however if you have further questions, let me hear from you.

So each of us have things to solve right? This is a way of life! I would like to know from you what you would like for me to write about…to help you meet your needs to be a more personally respected, contributing, honorable, productive, fun-loving citizen of this society….I would like so much to hear from you! Just make a note below with your information.

Thank you!

Dan Norris