So you need more traffic to your site…do you understand SEO?


Mike Norris

My son Mike and I began some really committed internet marketing in 2008…and as a result we learned a lot…and we are now putting the pieces together that can make anyone successful on the internet. I invite you to explore the many posts on my blog to understand this. Traffic is a key element to success in internet marketing…and there are many ways to achieve traffic. One of the most powerful methods to achieving traffic is called SEO…Search Engine Optimization…sounds complicated doesn’t it!…so let’s break it down into understandable pieces. Mike studied many methods of traffic generation and for the last two years has shared with me some powerful information about SEO…Mike found an excellent SEO software package  that he paid $97 to use and with rights to market it any way he wants. For a limited time Mike is offering to me for my prospects this $97 SEO in-depth package for $…and for a limited time. The reason he is doing this is that I shared with him that I am helping many people to become effective on the internet and I needed some good, solid information to offer my prospects at a very low cost…information that would help them tremendously. I am convinced that this is powerful information…for my son to send the links to me 3x over two years…it is good information. He does not waste many words with me. So the result of these conversations is the following…I hope that you find that it can help you be more successful in your internet marketing efforts.

Brownie Foster


Finally, a real step by step SEO and Marketing Course that anyone can use to boost web traffic and brand yourself on the internet, the right way.

Now we all understand we need visitors to our website if we are to succeed, we also need to understand that the focus needs to be on the right kind of visitors. This is much easier than you might think! Basically you need people that are specifically interested in what you have to offer to find your website. This means if someone goes online and conducts a search for your niche they need to find your site that fixes their problem. For example if someone is trying to purchase a certain brand of golf club and you sell that brand of golf club as an affiliate you want your website to come up so that targeted visitor will be more apt to conduct business with you and ultimately make you money. The same things goes for if you sell a computer repair e-book. If someone types in computer repair help into Google or another search engine and your site comes up you will be receiving a targeted visitor. TrueTraffic© creates demand to your website, you can start seeing more profits fast! So now that you know just how important website traffic is to your online business I am going to help you get the traffic you need to start seeing a profit online. I have assembled a one of a kind 10 part intensive online coaching program so you can finally uncover the most profitable methods for promoting your business online. This training is going to show you my entire arsenal for driving serious traffic to websites. These are the same strategies that I use myself and that I use for my SEO clients all the time. In the TrueTraffic© special10 part training you will discover…

    • How to compete and beat the biggest websites online with absolutely no advertising budget


    • My secret system and process for generating targeted traffic to your website within 24 hour


    • Proven SEO strategies that only the most seasoned SEO professionals are aware of


    • My list of special websites that you should be using to drive massive traffic, and how to leverage them for massive online traffic.


    • One viral marketing strategy very few marketers even use and how you can tap into this for massive traffic.


    • A strategy that most people associate with promoting an offline business, but if you actually take this method online the results are amazing for increasing your traffic


    • How to properly re purpose your content to create a massive influx of cash-in-hand website visitors nearly begging to become your next customer


    • The process for using a secret website to find and gain massive back links from up and coming powerful website


    • A simple 5 minute strategy for creating an effective online video that will pull website visitors to your site like a magnet. 


    • Learn By Actually Seeing and Doing! The hands on training allows you to actually see me implementing my special traffic generation strategies right before your eyes! There will be no guessing at all as you will see exactly what I am doing right in front of you! This is truly a complete training of online traffic generation sources just for you. These are the tried and proven techniques that I have been using to quietly drive thousands of visitors to my own sites and my client’s websites. By teaching you to leverage these traffic sources with this innovative way of online marketing, I will be empowering your business to reach new heights with your online marketing, and the best part is that you can take what we teach you and use it over and over and over again! These methods are powerful in themselves, but when you combine them together, they synergistically work to help you dominate your niches and help bring your business message to exponentially more places online.

      Our Students and Clients Are Seeing Fast Results

      My clients and students that I either implement these methods for or teach these methods to are noticing fast results and they are blown away with how fast their online exposure increases which leads to more traffic, more leads, and more sales!




“Plain and Simple Your Online Business Must Have TrueTraffic©!”


In just minutes from now, you can be well on your way to uncovering the blueprints to putting your offer in front of more buying customers than ever before.


 Without “TrueTraffic©” No Online Business Can Succeed.

This cutting-edge traffic generation training and coaching program allows you to…

      • Get a leg up on your competition, so your customers can’t help but find you in organic search engine listings in Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask!


      • Zero in on your target market . . . and magnetically attract ready-to-buy customers to your offers, and get new customers into your sales funnel.


      • Slash your advertising budgets as you see more targeted traffic online.


      • Drive your sales numbers through the roof. . . so you can finally enjoy all of the freedom you’ve desired for so long.


      • Plus much more . . .


From The Desk of: Brownie Foster, Internet Entrepreneur Dear Internet Business Owner, If you have ever wondered why you are not seeing much money after spending hours putting up a website and developing a product, or if you have ever wondered what the one key is to increasing your income online than this short letter has the answer for you. The answer to your question is simply TrueTraffic! Plain and simple without traffic a website will fail. It is not rocket science, it is just plain fact. You can have the best looking website and the best concept ever online, but with no visitors to the site the website cannot produce anything for you. You need actual people looking at your offer and your website for it to do anything foryou. If you want to increase your profits on an existing website one of the tried and true things you can do is to increase traffic. So it is safe to say that we all agree that a website needs traffic to succeed online and if you want to make more than you are currently making online than you need more traffic. You Not Only Need Traffic, You Need the RIGHT KIND of Traffic



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You Now Know What it Takes to Get Traffic. And you are in control of the decision to move forward.

                                               Isn’t it time you take action before your competition does?
                    These tactics you discover are powerful ways to generate an avalanche of online exposure.

So, What Does It All Cost?


Dominating your competition like never before. It’s time you took action and made a difference in your business today.


A lot less than you might think.

      This one-of-a-kind training has so many features to it that we could have easily charged $1,000 or more for this  same package. Most businesses spend that kind of money for a fraction of this kind of training. But you will be getting the powerful training mentioned above. That’s right! For only $97.00  you’re going to be on your way too!
You owe it to your business to take action today.



     Secure Your TrueTraffic© Now!


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You Can Achieve More for Yourself…

As you know, with many standard online marketing campaigns, you may get one top ranking in the search engines. But with these amazing methods, we’ve found that it is simple to achieve multiple page-one positions when you’re targeting the correct niche-focused keyword phrases that generate real results for your business. Not only do our clients and students see results, they see them fast!   I am going to be teaching you how to properly leverage the power of article marketing, online PR, web 2.0 marketing, social bookmarking, RSS feed submissions, podcast marketing, video marketing, directory link building and, of course, teach you the latest and most powerful SEO tactics.   All of these methods have proven to be the biggest traffic generators over the years for my clients. You will learn all of my best strategies in one place!

This Training  Drives Traffic and Traffic Drives Sales

These strategies all work wonderfully together because they help increase your main website’s search engine rankings by improving inbound link popularity, but also they increase your overall online exposure. After you see all that you get below, you will realize why it’s feasible that you can see your website mentioned in over 250 places or more online literally in a few days!   Now, how much would it cost to keep running the same classified advertisement or brick and mortar advertisement over and over? Many of your online “ads” or places that mention your website stay live for as long as the website they reside on are active! We show you how to leverage these places online so you can get consistent traffic and exposure.

So What’s Included In This Training?

I have included a list of everything you will get so you can start potentially seeing huge amounts of traffic to your website, and at the same time increase in your income!   Course 1 - 24 Hour Traffic Plan Revealed: I know you want to get traffic fast, so I will reveal right before your eyes in the first training each one of the steps I take to get a new website or any website traffic within 24 hours. Watch as I demonstrate this all for you so you can easily duplicate this step over and over.   Course 2 – Extreme SEO Training: Learn how to do SEO like a seasoned professional with this in depth SEO training module.   Course 3 - Ultimate Article Marketing Training: You will discover some ultimate new strategies for leveraging the power of article marketing for more traffic sales and leads. This training is over 1 hour going over the article marketing process.   Course 4 – Press Release Marketing: Discover the ins and outs of using press releases to get massive traffic for your business, and learn how this method can send you traffic in less than 24 hours.   Course 5 – Social Bookmarking and Web 2.0 Properties: Discover how to leverage social bookmarking and Web 2.0 properties for a serious influx of traffic.   Course 6 – Video Marketing Methods: Learn why video marketing can seriously increase the amount of targeted traffic you get to your online business.   Course 7 – Online Software Marketing: This strategy will blow your mind and open your eyes to new, creative ways to generate traffic and increase your search engine rankings.   Course 8 – More Web 2.0 Properties: In this special course you will discover more Web 2.0 properties that you can leverage for more traffic and higher search engine rankings.   Course 9 – Fortune 500 Link Building Strategies: Learn how to do backlinking so you can compete in the search engine rankings with even top Fortune 500 companies with little to no advertising budget at all.

Course 10 – Profit From Your New Knowledge: During this powerful webinar series and coaching you are going to learn so much about traffic generation that you could literally take away everything you have learned and offer to do a service for local businesses. You can charge several hundred to a few thousand dollars for this work! We will show you how to turn our knowledge into your very own side business so you can capitalize on a hot trend!

PDF Work Books are Included   You will also be granted the PDF workbooks that include the main points for fast and easy reference as you go through the training.   Soon, you will be learning how to use all of these websites and more to massively increase your online exposure!   Only $5.00 for the Entire Only $5.00 for the Entire TrueTraffic Course ©   Click here to Buy Now


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Dan Norris

The fastest growing legal service in North America

Legal Shield Reveals It’s Secrets | The fastest growing legal service in North America

As citizens in the U.S. we usually seek out our insurance professionals and financial planning professionals to recommend a program of personal risk management to us. Typically this program includes health insurance, life insurance, automobile insurance, home owners insurance, disability insurance, renter’s insurance, long term care insurance, flood insurance, umbrella insurance and perhaps a few others.

Ironically, two of the best kept secrets in the U.S and Canadian societies is that two of our major personal risks that we currently face are for legal expenses and for identity theft. According to a recent study, 57 million Americans will have legal issues this year and only 60% will deal with them. Identity theft has been the largest consumer theft complaint for 12 years, and now exceeds the costs of the illegal drug trade. Thieves have realized that identity theft is much easier and much less dangerous to accomplish. In 2011 more than
11 million people in our country were victims of identity theft…and each day some 30,000 people awake to learn their identity has been stolen.

I refer to this most recent Research White Paper

New Study Shows Need, Demand for Legal Services By Working Americans and Families
Study Identifies Cost and Confusion as Barriers to Getting Needed Legal Help
57 Million Americans Have Legal Issues

PR Newswire

Legal plans offer many advantages to citizens that many financial advisors and insurance agents are not aware of…if they were aware of these benefits. I believe they would be much more likely to recommend them to their clients.  In all fairness to our insurance professionals and financial advisors legal plans began in the U.S. in 1972 whereas in Europe these plans began in 1907 and there have been accepted by what is estimated as some 80% of the population  in some countries. In the U.S. market estimates of some 40 to 70 million Americans would have legal plans if they knew about them.

I will list some of these advantages for you so that you may talk with your insurance professional and financial advisor.  In the meantime many people who take the time to understand the powerful benefits take action immediately and this Blog gives you the option to do just that.

First, these legal plans have “unlimited” access to highly qualified, experience attorneys during normal working hours. After working hours these plans provide a 24/7 access to attorneys for emergencies…to avoid arrests or deal with accidents.

This unlimited access permits individuals, families, and small business owners to be proactive on legal issues and to take steps to avoid legal problems by getting good legal advice before a problem has occurred. Any sound decision maker, especially a small business owner, would like to know all of their options available without paying the U.S. average of about $284 per hour for an attorney. If you can get the same thing for $17 or $26 per month for your family and $75 or less in some states for your small business of up to 50) employees, wouldn’t you choose the lower cost with the same quality?

With each personal or family legal plan comes a Will, Living Will, and Health Care Power of Attorney document for the member and the spouse can have the same for $20 additional. These estate planning documents typically cost about $500 per set for each person, not including annual review. It is estimated that 55% of Americans die each year without a Will.

LegalShield provides attorneys that appear for you in court to represent you on traffic violations. Traffic violations that add points to your license usually cause your automotive insurance to increase some $60-$70 per month for 3) years. This coverage is family coverage which includes children of ages specified.

In the event that anyone is charged with vehicular homicide where a death has occurred, LegalShield provides unlimited legal representation in court to represent the person charged. Personally, I know of no other insurance company in the U.S. that provides this vehicular homicide legal protection in court. If you know of a company that offers this I would like to hear from you. What if you or one of your clients is charged with vehicular homicide and you must have court legal representation. How would you pay for that? In many cases that representation can be $50,000 to $100,000.

In case the IRS wants to audit your income tax returns, we provide 50 hours of representation to assist you with the IRS.

If you or your spouse is named defendant or respondent in a covered civil or job-related criminal action filed in court, we provide 60 to 75 hours each for 5 years, dependent upon plan type, to give you legal representation for up to 300 or 335 hours over five years.

You may continue to use your Provider aw Firm for legal situations that extend beyond plan coverage. The additional services are 25% off the law Firms standard hourly rates.

There are numerous other benefits offered with these plans that are described in the information below.

LegalShield offers across the U.S. and Canada qualified legal plan services for individuals and families at very reasonable costs, for under $20 per month. A legal plan and an identity theft plan are also available for less than $1 per day. And these are a beginning to the services that provide some 80% of the legal services that you need. For the remainder the Provider Attorney firm offers their services at a 25% discount. You can begin these services immediately by filling out the information at the following website…     

After completing the membership application information requested on the above site, within 24-36 hours you will be provided with your membership number that entitles you to full access to all legal services. Upon receipt of your membership number which I will provide personally to you, you may contact the legal firm for unlimited questions and discussions. Your request will be responded to by a qualified, trusted attorney within 8 hours of your request. The company is well-respected by the Attorney Generals of states in the U.S. and the Better Business Bureau, having served some 4 million people now for over 40 years.

How can I help you? Fill out the form below.    (100% no spam guarantee)

Thank you,

Dan Norris