Success 2013-Your Choice: Create Wealth or A Little Money At The End of The Month?

Most Americans have been trained to think in terms of how much they can earn a year, a month, a week or an hour! Think about it, when you begin placing yourself on the market for employment you must decide what you are worth to your employer in order to get them to employ you.  And of course the job that you will do has a price tag as well.
If you look at a corporations very top levels of management, their compensation is defined in terms of wealth usually in terms of millions of dollars, and never in an amount of hours, months or years….it has to do with unexplainable wealth…do you agree?
Have you ever said to yourself? ..I also am very smart and given the opportunity I would be worth millions! Wouldn’t it be a novel idea if you interviewed with an employer and they give you this question…How much wealth would you like to create with us during 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years or more, and by the way you can will your residual income to your family members including your grandchildren?
My friend, my company does not limit you to a certain amount of income per time period…we let you decide what you want to make and you decide how much wealth you want to create…just like those individuals holding the very limited number of highly enumerated corporate CEO and Executive positions. They get paid on the basis of how smart they are and the quality of decisions that they can make. We offer you the option of doing the same thing and being your own CEO and you decide what you want for your company to earn for you!
So now the question is how confident are you that you can be a good leader for your own company? You will be your own CEO…and that is a very important position for a company! And by the way, as a CEO running your own business with us you can offer professional services that 40-60 millions of people need but don’t know how to get at very economical prices.
A person with ambition, drive, commitment, intelligence and vision can change their life with this opportunity.  If you are interested in changing the direction of your life in terms of income, time and freedom then the information below is invaluable. I ask that you not delay in calling me!
This gentleman, Robert Kiyosaki, one of the most intelligent among us about money…said several years ago…this company LegalShield/then PrePaid Legal… has the best compensation program in America that I have ever seen…I invite you to listen to the audio version of his book…more than 3 hours long…that is extremely valuable to anyone wanting a financial education…many want a college education..very few even know the value of a financial education…do you?

Thank you,

Dan Norris