How To Take Charge of Your Fears of Getting Started!

This post is about….

“How To Take Charge of Your Fears of Getting Started”

with your business…or taking charge of what you are doing now that is not working and changing the direction of your business to take advantage of better opportunities…with products or services…or marketing systems…or the team you are working with now.  There are 3 masterful blogs below from industry leading bloggers that give you great content, wonderful styles, and interesting, worthwhile information….just like you can be doing in a few weeks…



Ty Tribble


6 Step Blueprint For Marketing Your MLM On The Internet

Ty Tribble    Posted on 11 May 2012

I recorded a video for the Members of The Factory and thought it might be fun to share it here at the MLM Blog.  I don’t usually post MLM Training type stuff on here but if the feedback is good, I will look to do more of that in the future.

Let me know what you think in the comments…

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Marketwired For Small Business

How to Control the Fear of Starting a Small Business

Fear of Starting

How To Overcome Fear

By Aaron Broverman  May 14, 2013

Even though an average of 130,000 businesses start up in Canada every year, there are even more Canadians who’d like to start their own business, but various fears and trepidations are holding them back.

According to a 2011 Royal Bank of Canada poll, one-third of Canadians (32%) would like to start their own business. In contrast, in the report “Perspectives on Small Business in Canada” by The Canadian Federation of Independent Business, 86% of Canadians disagreed with the statement, “Starting a small business is easy.” Reasons people gave for being hesitant to start their own business include lack of money, (57%) the amount of risk involved, (40%) uncertainty of the success of the business, (36%) and a lack of skills and knowledge (29%).
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How To Make It Work

Content Marketing

Kick-ass social media advice for the real entrepreneur

How To Make Content Marketing Work For Your Business

Guest post by Josh Pigford, founder of Temper

Content marketing may be the new buzz word in digital media, but many businesses are wary of what it means for them. Study after study have shown that this marketing method can be hugely effective for turning your audience into paying customers, but it does require a lot of work. A successful content marketing strategy relies on sharing a regular stream of quality content, and producing this takes a big time investment and a lot of creative thought.

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