Can you obtain legal services for less than one dollar per day?


This post is provided to help you to answer the question… Can you obtain legal services for less than one dollar per day?

Would it be of any importance to you if you could? Do you think that it could ever be important to you even if not so now?


happy-family-slideLet’s say that you are a typical, normal citizen of this country, living a life that normal citizens live, and that you have a wife and you are parents of a daughter age 14 and a son age 17. You live anywhere in the U.S., own your own home, and have found it necessary to search for employment in the last 3 years. At present you are employed and so is your partner, however at incomes decreased by $50,000 of what you were making three years ago. Due to the economy and job changes your income has been reduced as a result of those changes. These changes are causing significant concerns and problems in your personal lives and you need to find effective legal and financial solutions that you can afford. This scenario is quite typical for more than 50 million citizens in our country right now.

  • Have you or do you know anyone that has needed the services of a law firm recently? This could be for any issue however let me give you some examples…for a mortgage foreclosure issue?  For a mortgage modification issue? Have you known anyone who has paid an attorney a $500 fee per month to keep their home out of foreclosure? Has anyone you know lost their home to foreclosure? Is the person still paying the $500 or thereabouts fee?
  • Do you know anyone who has debt and collection issues and needs the services of an attorney?    Do you know anyone who is facing bankruptcy? Do they need legal assistance?
  • Do you know anyone who has divorce issues or child care issues and needs the services of an attorney?
  • Have you made a purchase of a home, a car, entered into an apartment or condo rental agreement during the last few years and needed the services of an attorney to review these documents? Are you about to do so now?
  • Has anyone attempted to take advantage of you recently and you could have used the services of an attorney to avoid the consequences?
  • Have you or anyone in your family received a traffic violation ticket and needed assistance? Has your 17 year old child received a traffic violation and needed representation in court by an attorney? Will your insurance policy costs increase $50-$70 per month for several years as a result of these traffic violations if not resolved?
  • Have you been charged with a traffic homicide and need legal representation in court? Does your automobile insurance policy provide this protection?
  • Do you know anyone who has been a victim of identity theft? Do they have an effective solution to restore their identity?. What about their children? Children’s social security numbers collected at birth and used to age 18 provide tremendous buying and illegal identity power to thieves. Drivers license numbers and medical records numbers also are at major risks.
  • Did the IRS notify you recently that  they wanted to audit your income tax returns for a prior year?
  • Have you received a summons that someone intends to sue you on a civil matter? A business matter?
  • Do you have a Will, Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney? Does your spouse or partner have these documents in place?

The reason that I ask you these questions is that many millions of Americans now have these legal issues, and due to unaffordable costs, not knowing a qualified attorney, or not knowing what to do next, they just do nothing.

I personally know individuals or have personally experienced all of these issues described above. To read about personal experiences of more individuals like myself and others that I know…click on this link…Member Stories

Could legal services that cost you less than one dollar per day be helpful to you or to someone that you know that is going through similar circumstances?

Unfortunately millions of Americans are uninformed as to any available solutions. I was one of these until less than 2 year ago. Even my best, closest friends and my congressman did not know.

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And as you consider that you could benefit from a small business consultant then I would be pleased to discuss the subject with you.

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