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Dan Norris

Dan Norris              On Daytona Beach

Current resident of Orlando, FL

Lived in Atlanta, GA,  Dallas, TX, Mountain View, CA, Huntington Beach, CA, Seneca, SC, Greenville, SC, Marblehead, MA, Orlando, FL, Altamonte Springs, FL, Longwood, FL

College Graduate: BS Marketing and Management at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. Also attended
University of Georgia, Athens, GA., Georgia Southern
College in Statesboro, GA, and Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA.

Served in United States Army

Employed with General Electric and General Electric start-up company Applicon, Inc. for 25 years.

During 1960′s with GE’s Aerospace Council promoted concept of a computer on every engineer’s desk. Led to development of Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing Systems by 1972.

Traveled United States from 1975 to 1993 as V.P. of Sales for (4) start-up computer aided design companies, Applicon, Inc, Racal-Redac LLC, Cadnetix Inc., and Adra Systems Inc. Marketed computer aided design systems to many major corporations in the U.S. and visited many of those companies.

Joined American Express in 1995 as Personal and Small Business Financial Advisor. American Express Financial Advisors became Ameriprise Financial.

Sold my financial planning practice in 2008 and my son Mike and I formed a start-up internet marketing company named DMN Associates,  Mike continues to manage this business and serves as President.and CEO.

In 2011 I joined LegalShield to market across the country personal legal plans,           identity theft plans, small business legal and consulting plans, legal plans for groups, teachers, and commercial trucking companies and drivers. Also developing and building an organization of independent business people that enjoy good income, control of their time and freedom of thought and activity.

Founder in 2005 of “Bringing Out The Best In Kids” Charitable Golf Tournament for South Seminole Optimist Club

Received (7) Presidents and CEO Recognition Awards from American Express Financial Advisors for Quality of Advice. One of several to receive Advisor of the Year Award in 1999.

Received Optimist of the Year Award and Club President Award for serving the Optimist Organization.

Received Greater Atlanta Junior Achievement Leadership Award for outstanding service.

Received Outstanding U.S. Small Businessman of the Year Award in 2004

Served (25) years with General Electric, (12) years with American Express and Ameriprise Financial, served (18) years as sales manager, director and vice president for (4) startup companies bringing computer aided design technology to market, and (4) years as entrepreneur of internet marketing companies.

Currently speaker for Seminole County School System High School students on Career Selection topics like “What Are You Going To Do With The Rest of Your Life”?

Specialties:    Sales, marketing and management, consulting to small and large business,       providing solutions to individuals for risk management protection


5 thoughts on “More about Dan Norris Protection and Wealth Solutions For You!

  1. Dan,

    I am also with Legal Shield and currently a Manager. My question is - just starting to blog and noticed that you have your contact information/legal shield web info at the bottom of your blogs. Do you have to type that in each time or is there a way to save that so when you start a new blog, your info is always there. Thank you for your help and I am so thankful for our great company.

    • Good to meet you Ed…this is why I am posting to LegalShield sites so that we can get many Associates to tell the potential users about our wonderful services. I have some 9 Posts on my Blog to help the beginner get started with Blogging…have you read them…in any case you can call me on 40-7-749-9395 anytime…or email me on Best wishes!

    • Sorry for the delay Ed…just reading your question. I use WordPress as my blogging tool and the sub-tools offered are individual “pages” and “posts”. I use a page that I termed “About Me” that captures and holds your information for anyone to see. I would be pleased to talk with you on 407-951-7132. This is indeed an incredible opportunity to serve people in need of products and income opportunities.

  2. Dan,

    I will give you a call in the next few days. I spent this entire evening getting my domain name - via GoDaddy, then trying to get it set up with - many problems there - got WordPress installed finally and will be ready to go tomorrow. I deleted my first attempt with WordPress and will only use this new one. Thank you for your help and advice so far. Talk to you soon.

    • Hello Ed,

      Congratulations on deciding to get involved in Blogging….and especially with Ty Tribble…obviously I think this is a good decision for both of us..and we can learn from each other and share along the way…which can be very constructive. I look forward to your call. I began in before listening to Ty Tribble’s strong recommendation to own your own real estate and domain. WordPress is difficult. I lost my first two weeks work entirely. It is harder to use than Blogger…but in the long run I can see that it has strong advantages. There are so many things I do not know about WordPress. Like today, I found an issue with my Forms, a very key part of a
      blogging strategy, and my son showed me in a matter of 30 minutes how to build workable forms with a different vendor. I have had some 7000 vendors to my site since inception and today learned that my Forms have never worked properly so I have no idea of how many people wanted information and never got it. This is what I mean by collaboration…thanks again and I look forward to talking with you.