9 Ways To Build A Professional Team Of Your Dreams!

Your Professional Team
Build Your Professional Team

Competitive people want their professional team to win…no matter what their team is playing. The same applies to your own personal team of professionals! This post is about nine ways to build a professional team of your dreams! Since you may be unsure about how build an expert team here are some recommendations from experience.

My last two posts have focused on the “decision-making process” and the “decision-making process - critical thinking skills”.  Much of where we are in our life is the results of the decisions that we make.  I believe that a “team of professionals” is vital to your achieving financial independence. This team should consist of several professionals that are proficient in a critical lifestyle affecting subject…and how to deal with it more effectively than you! No offense intended…however the reality is that each of us develops ourselves to deal effectively with a given career field. We cannot be everything to everybody…which is why I am sharing my opinions on “9 Ways to Build A Professional Team of Your Dreams!”

Tax Preparation and Advice - Selection of a person or business for this task depends upon the complexity of your taxable circumstances.  I prefer and recommend the services of a qualified, experienced CPA or firm with more than 10 years of experience and are well recommended.   I also recommend interviewing at least (3) candidates and discussing ways that they work and their fees for first year and ongoing years.

Financial Advisor - In this case I recommend the services of a comprehensive financial advisor or planner that analyzes and makes recommendations for all facets of your financial and risk management life needs. You may meet brokers, stock brokers or traders that are called financial advisors, however  typically they only buy, sell, or trade your assets.   My recommendation is to interview at least (3) (CFP) Certified Financial Planners with more than 10 years of experience, perform comprehensive financial planning, and are well recommended. Discuss fees for first year and ongoing years.

Law Firm - Here you will need to select a firm that has attorneys that are competent in many fields of law..and are affordable.   Simply hiring an attorney at the time of need may prove very costly and less effective.  You can read more about why attorneys are so very important by purchasing a copy of the book describing The Law and Legal Service Plans available on this page.

Business Consultation - My 50+ years of individual performer, managerial, and executive experiences across five business fields gives me valuable insight into the start-up and management of businesses successfully. Please read “Work With Dan” tab for info.

Dan Norris



Insurance Broker - a professional, well-trained and licensed insurance broker can be an excellent professional asset to your business. Your financial advisor will be trained in certain fields of personal insurance however an insurance broker focused on the insurance industry can offer excellent advice in most cases.

Attraction Marketing - This subject is also called Content Marketing and Attraction Marketing. I refer you to the leader in that field, Ann Sieg, for her insight and recommendations.

The 7 Lies of Internet Marketing
Ann SiegMarketing. Any type of business or professional, small or large, that depends upon finding customers to buy their products or services, can benefit from Attraction Marketing. The purposes are to establish a presence on the internet and to attract customers to that site  so that the buyer and seller communicate on what is offered and the buyer has the option of deciding if these solutions meet their needs. This methodology reaches millions of individuals on the internet and applies attraction techniques as compared to techniques that employ searching or advertising for buyers.  I recommend Ann Sieg and her organization as the leading trainer in the Attraction Marketing industry, as more than 350,000 people internationally have studied with her. I recommend that you read the following two free documents by Ann Sieg…

The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing

The Attraction Marketers Manifesto

Blogging - The process of developing content and creating copy is an essential part of

MLM BlogSecrets
Ty Tribble

Attraction Marketing. Ann Sieg has teamed with Ty Tribble, a #1 Blogger in the U.S. since 2003, to develop the art of blogging. Ty is considered a master of the art of blogging and I recommend him as the individual to train you in this important process.

                                                    MLM Blog Secrets 

Blog Designer - Lorraine McNulty is an award-winning blog designer that I highly recommend. She has many years of experience in website building and blogging.  She may

Attraction Marketing
Build A Blog

be contacted at the following location…


Lorraine has a wealth of knowledge and is one of my several mentors.




Online Marketing Strategies - Edwin Cabrera is an outstanding consultant class educator

Martial Arts
Online Marketing Strategies

deeply involved in Attraction Marketing. Edwin continues to study with and participate in Ann Sieg’s tiered educational program and Edwin is in the Advanced Class of this program.

Edwin has been a main mentor to me in my beginning in Attraction Marketing and coming up to speed. A wealth of knowledge…and he can focus on the Educator Market when needed. You can contact Edwin at this link…


Attraction Marketing and Graphics Art - Deanna Evertt is an excellent professional in the Attraction Marketing field and recently

provided the cover design for my new book…

Book Cover Design
Attraction MarketingGraphics Artist Designer

The Law and Legal Service Plans.

You may contact Deanna Evertt at the following link…


I am very privileged to introduce this excellent team of professionals to you! I trust that you find this information very helpful!

If you would like more information please email me on dannorris42@gmail.com or call me on 407-749-9395.


Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant

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