Blogging For My Readers!

“Blogging For My Readers”!

Dan Norris


I have some very personal messages for you and very much look forward to your sincere responses.

During the last few months I have written and published (162+) Posts on this Blog.  Believe me, this is no small effort.  I hope that you are enjoying reading this information. In any case I need to know how you are liking and enjoying these subjects so I plan to wait a few days before posting again so that you will have some time to give me your comments and feedback.

A good ship needs direction and efforts by  many in order to help everyone reach their own destinations.  I sincerely ask that you take a few minutes and give me some comments and feedback that can be very beneficial to all of us.

Thank You For Being A Reader of the “Road To Financial Independence” Blog!

I am very pleased that on average some 500 very intelligent and very nice individuals visit my Blog every day and browse an average of about 19 minutes each.  In addition there are more than 10,000 readers who have signed up to receive notifications and copies of each new post. This is a sincere compliment and I thank you so very much for doing so. The highlight of my morning is seeing how many of you visited and how long you stayed…and what you read! Blogging can be very rewarding…especially if you have a significant amount of traffic and the readers invest time in reading what you have written! Of course pure volume of visitors and length of reading time are not sufficient measures to determine if your readers are truly enjoying and benefitting from what you are writing. Very important to me is to know what you are thinking. There are other measures that I would very much like to know about…and I sincerely hope that you will respond with these below. In order for me to be most effective it is important that you give me your honest feedback in the Comments below. If you prefer to interact more privately please send an email to or call me on 407-749-9395.

I hope that our communication relationship is just beginning as I truly want to bring interesting, worthwhile information and opportunities to you for a long time! My primary purpose in writing this Blog and Posts most every day are to share interesting, valuable information and experiences with you…to help you to be more informed, more successful, and to have a better opportunity of reaching your personal goals. My goals here are to improve the quality, content and value of this information every day…with your help!

Please Give Me Your Feedback On This Blog and Posts

The mission and subject of this blog is The Road To Financial Independence which has a Mission of providing… Dan Norris Solutions for Creating, Growing and Protecting Your Assets.

The topics that I have chosen to write on are those that I believe can be of most value to you and that you are least likely to hear about. I want to be that “different source” that brings you information that can improve your life, your knowledge, how you approach things, and in general to help you to be significantly more successful. Throughout my lifetime I have focused my energies on leading and helping others to grow and be more effective…and now is no different.

Let me have your opinions on what you like, don’t like or would like to hear more about ok?

Would you please provide me with your feedback via Comments, Email me on or telephone me on 407-749-9395 as to what you like, don’t like and would like to read more about? Thank you!

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Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant

9 thoughts on “Blogging For My Readers!”

  1. Dan, I haven’t read much of your blog before, but I definitely appreciate that you are looking to your readers for guidance. I find it to be wise to look to your consumers for direction. Keep up the good work.

    1. Nathan, thank you very much for your comments! I really like your blog! My readers are very important to me and I am very
      interested in what they think. I want very much to develop a 2-way dialogue. Best wishes.

  2. Certainly an important set of topics for “Boomers” and some well thought out and expressed ideas. One recommendation I would make is to use indents and shorter paragraphs. Many feel this keeps the reader engaged longer.

    1. Hello Steve, I very much appreciate your response! And pleased that you think the topics are worthwhile especially for boomers…which are one of my primary targets. Your recommendations are so very correct…both indents and shorter paragraphs would be
      much more effective. Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention…this is exactly what I am looking for…target markets and ways to be more effective. I checked out your blog site and found it to be very interesting…looks as if you are very experienced…I would appreciate the opportunity for ongoing dialogue with you. Best regards, Dan.

  3. Hi Dan,

    You certainly have a comprehensive list of areas for which you’ve published information. If I may, I would suggest that you become the go to expert in just a few of those subjects, perhaps concentrating on legal protection and including legal protection for online businesses. To me, that would add focus to your blog and hopefully even more engaged readers.

    1. Thank you Rachel for taking the time and effort to read my blog post. I very much appreciate this and I very much respect you.
      Your recommendations are valid and would be exactly what I would do if my primary legal and identity theft business company would allow me to do.
      Their permissions for me to blog about our products include…my posts must accompanied by 2-3 other topics…none of which can be an MLM company.
      So in order to blog and post I found it very complimentary…and the company approved post on Attraction Marketing techniques. This is why posting strategy is what it is…thank you very much! I like your idea about focusing on online businesses…I will give that some serious thought.

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