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Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant

Amazing… Magical… Kangen Water

Your Best Opportunity for 2016
When Did You Detox Last?
Is Your Water Microbial?
Is Your Water Alkalized…See the free offer below…

Amazing… Magical… Kangen Water

Amazing….Magical….These are the words that are used by Kangen Water device owners to describe the valuable benefits of Kangen Water which many of us enjoy.  The benefits are so numerous and so worthwhile in the opinions of users that we believe everyone should try Kangen Water now to see if they think it could be good for them as well …we sincerely ask you to consider this question…why subject your body to chemicals and pesticides in tap and bottled water that can cause irreparable damage which you can’t see? Why do we read about the risks and ignore them? And the benefits of Kangen Water provide much more than protection against destructive chemicals and pesticides. And you can get reimbursed totally for your own unit plus more income by sharing with others…like I am doing here. Wouldn’t it be nice if all vendors gave us this opportunity?

Is ignoring the facts your best option or would you like to enjoy a much better option? Sigmund Freud says all life is about the “Pain and Pleasure Principal”…and I can strongly vouch from personal experience that this is a much more pleasureful option at much less costs than poor health… and a lot more gain.

Kangen Water devices produce very healthy water from your kitchen tap water source for much less costs than anyone pays for any bottled water… and avoids the harmful pesticides and chemicals from both…and reduces the plastic trash ocean vortexes and bpa issues. Check our cost comparison chart over a 15 year period and compare the huge cost differences…15 year analysis of annual costs of Kangen Water devices are less than $1.25 per day with an unlimited amount of gallons per day (and some Kangen machines have been good for 22 years).

And that is just for drinking water. Many Kangen Water medical quality device owners have eliminated all chemicals in their homes by using pH 2.5 (Strong Acetic Water), pH 4.5-6.0 (Acetic Water), pH 7.0 (Neutral Water), pH 8.5, pH 9.0 and pH 9.5 (Kangen Drinking Waters) and pH 11.5 (Strong Kangen Water). Do you think you could save any money by no longer buying any chemicals for your home? Do you think your environment may be healthier? Then read many of Dr. Peggy Parker’s books and see what she strongly recommends to clean up your home. Do you truly want a green environment? Why not start in your own home?

And if you are interested in getting your machine totally free after your purchase then elect to share your water and opinions with others and your machine purchase is completely reimbursed after sharing nine SD501 or K8 devices with others as I am doing with you here now. I wish my auto dealer would rebate my new auto purchase price if I referred my friends and others to his business! This is a creative unique, patented method of doing business that is intended to reward those who market the products. And the business gives back 72% of your purchase price to Independent Distributors to reward them for their marketing efforts. This is huge.

Many buyers around the world are excited to leverage their small investment in a Kangen Water device by sharing water to create a 6 and 7 figure income working from their home…while most could never afford a $100k to $500k+ investment to start their own small business to accomplish the same thing. Being a former financial advisor it is rare that anyone can leverage an investment that costs 1/4th the price of an economical automobile…and turn it into an ongoing annual income of $100,000 or more  Many Kangen Water users around the world are doing this by building a team with sharing the water free for 14-21 days.

There are many competitors in the market that claim to offer the same benefits at less costs than the Kangen Water devices, however, the selective, astute buyer will evaluate carefully these claims and avoid having to purchase a second machine because they were technically naive and mistaken, and regretted their first less expensive buy. The technical differences are many, and the Kangen Water devices are proven superior in functionality, reliability, quality, workmanship and reputation…many companies get in and out of the market and leave you no real guarantee of warranty of your products as they are no longer in business…and the Kangen economics provide total payback of purchase price to the buyer..it does not get less expensive than that. Enagic Ltd Kangen Water medical quality devices are the GOLD STANDARD of the ionized water industry for good reason. Be sure you understand why they are the only WQA approved source.

It is important for any buyer to look at the purchase of an ionizing, alkalizing, restructuring, micro-clustering, antioxidizing water device, as a long term investment, especially if it offers all of the benefits that the Kangen Water medical quality devices provide. Because there is so much information for you to discover and know about Kangen Water and the Japanese company Enagic Ltd… here is a SUMMARY of my current RESEARCH, INFORMATION POSTS, and relavent WEBSITES for you to read about and digest at your convenience. With my research and writings I add to these lists most every day. I sincerely recommend that you take me up on your FREE TRIAL OFFER very soon…you will be glad you did!

I attended an Enagic Ltd LIVE Presentation on 1.31.2015 by Brian Welch, and Independent Distributor for Enagic Ltd, who after six years now has more that 3,800+ believers in Kangen Water on his team of believers. I was so impressed with what Brian said that I began intense research the next day for the purpose of disproving or confirming what I had heard the previous evening.  This POST is a SUMMARY of my research since 1.31.2015 and is a “an extensive catalog” of information that I have discovered. It has taken me (19) months to develop this extensive amount of information. I recommend that you take one topic at a time and watch first selected links for that category…..like “Demonstration Sites” and decide for yourself what is meaningful and worthwhile for you…



Kangen Demonstration                 www.ninepointfive.com              10 min

Kangen Demonstration                 https://vimeo.com//86145003    23 min

Kangen Demo (Pat Boone)            https://vimeo.com/102537167    30 min

Kangen Demo Micro-Cluster        https://vimeo.com/92165330  

Kangen Detox Video                      https://vimeo.com/157226574

Kangen Water The Restaurants Secret Sauce https://vimeo.com/156711003

Blood Analysis With Kangen Water   https://vimeo.com/158956144

Kangen Water In Japanese Hospitals         https://vimeo.com/18414751 

Your Body Is Water                            http://dannorris.yourbodyiswater.com

Kangen Water Making Life GREEN    www.Green.HealthyByDanNorris.com


Become a Global Enagic Distributor     www.Biz.HealthyByDanNorris.com


Total Reimbursement for Purchase            https://youtu.be/N4wcI2xZbqs


Dr. Hiromi Shinya  Top 10 GI Surgeon   https://vimeo.com/147241645

Dr. Horst Filtzer     Vascular Surgeon       https://vimeo.com/98077396

Dr. Michael Donaldson    Chiropractor     https://vimeo.com/83717898

Dr. B. J. Showman           DDS                    https://vimeo.com/71371561

Dr. Robert Wright Dir. of Anti-CancerSociety https://vimeo.com/66938681

What Doctors Are Saying About KW        https://vimeo.com/29937111

Dr. Peggy Parker  Naturopath and BioMed  https://vimeo.com/51718999

Dr. Tim Crowe  DVM Why Vets and Pets   https://vimeo.com/173391181

Dr. Corrine Allen  Keys To Brain Health   https://vimeo.com/96931702

Dr. Timothy Goodwin DC Chiropractors   https://vimeo.com/57094897

By Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, M.D Director, Water Institute of Japan       http://kangen1info.com/files/Benefits_of_Alkaline_Water.pdf


Amazing… Magical… Kangen Water        SUMMARY POST for Dan Norris http://dannorrisblog.com/2016/07/amazing-magical-kangen-water/

If You Knew You Would Take Action! http://dannorrisblog.com/2016/07/if-you-knew-you-would-take-action/

Is The Water You Drink Healthy Or Harmful? http://dannorrisblog.com/2016/07/is-the-water-you-drink-healthy-or-harmful/

The Rest Of The Story About Water!  http://dannorrisblog.com/2016/07/the-rest-of-the-story-about-water/

Better Health-More Wealth-Peace of Mind  http://dannorrisblog.com/2016/07/better-health-wealth-peace-mind/

CHANGE YOUR WATER and CHANGE YOUR LIFE! http://dannorrisblog.com/2016/07/change-your-water-and-change-your-life/

Why Are So Many People Drinking Kangen Water Now? http://dannorrisblog.com/2016/07/why-are-so-many-people-drinking-kangen-water-now/

Less Than 1% Know This – Join The 1% http://dannorrisblog.com/2016/07/less-than-1-know-this-join-the-1/

Are You Taking The Best Care Possible Of 60-75% Of Your Body? http://dannorrisblog.com/2016/07/are-you-taking-the-best-care-possible-of-60-75-of-your-body/

Is Good Health More Important Than Being Wealthy? http://dannorrisblog.com/2016/07/good-health-important-wealthy/

Why Kangen Water – Dr. Peggy Parker – Naturopathic Physician http://dannorrisblog.com/2016/07/kangen-water-dr-peggy-parker-naturopathic-physician/

What Liquids Are You Drinking To Provide Water To Your Body? http://dannorrisblog.com/2016/07/what-liquids-are-you-drinking-to-provide-water-to-your-body/

So What IS Kangen Ukon™?               http://dannorrisblog.com/2016/07/so-what-is-kangen-ukon/

Join the 1% with a free automated marketing system! http://dannorrisblog.com/2016/07/join-the-1/

Special Messages To The Subscribers of the “Road To Financial Independence” Blog                    http://dannorrisblog.com/2016/07/special-messages-to-the-subscribers-of-the-road-to-financial-independence-blog/


Kangen Water Health Testimonials

Kangen Water Testimonials!

Real Kangen Water Testimonials

Experience Kangen Water

Dr. Tim Crowe, DVM, explains why Vets and Pets love Kangen water

Dr. Tim Crowe, DVM, explains why Vets and Pets love Kangen water








Industry symposia - japan

Annual Meetings of Japanese Society for Functional Water and Functional Water Symposia - Japan

At the Functional Water Symposia held by the Functional Water Foundation from 1994 to 2001, alkaline ionized water was categorized together with acidic electrolytic water as “functional water”, and topics were actively discussed every year. Since 2002, the Japan Functional Water Foundation Conference has been held annually to promote research, development, and promotion of functional water. Our association has cooperated every year in running symposia as one part of our activities.

Alkaline Ionized Water Apparatus
Japanese Association of Alkaline Ionized Water Apparutus

This link provides an overview of the alkaline ionized water industry in Japan that meets annually. This Functional Water Foundation began in 1994 for the purpose of sharing technology, setting standards and exchanging information for the industry.

The Alkaline, Ionized, Restructured, Micro-cluster, Antioxidant Water industry does not have similar interests or organizations in America. Therefore anyone interested in knowing about the benefits of these technologies and making a decision on this can read this information from the country of origin.



US Library of Medicine… National Institute of Health

1. Source: Altern Ther Health Med. 2016 Apr;22 Suppl 1:24-33.

Health Effects of Alkaline Diet and Water, Reduction of Digestive-tract Bacterial Load, and Earthing.


2. Source:  Biol Pharm Bull. 2008 Jan;31(1):19-26.

Inhibitory effect of electrolyzed reduced water on tumor angiogenesis


3. Source: Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol. 2012 Jul;121(7):431-4

Potential benefits of pH 8.8 alkaline drinking water as an adjunct in the treatment of reflux disease.



Become a Global Enagic Distributor     www.Biz.HealthyByDanNorris.com

Total Reimbursement for Purchase            https://youtu.be/N4wcI2xZbqs
What can you do personally to evaluate Kangen Water benefits?












Have You Considered Working From Home?

Phillip Phillips - Home

Have You Considered Working From Home?

  • What are the benefits? What are the challenges and  disadvantages? Can you work from home and own your own business? Will my employer allow me to work from home? All are key questions that deserve careful consideration and evaluation!
  • With our new options of working from home either on a part-time basis or a full-time basis…you now have the choice of enjoying your family and loved ones more or working together with them from a home location. This is a great choice…as you can consider the comparative costs of traveling to and from work, the amount of time required to do so,  the important consideration of whom you want to spend your working time with, the relative efficiency of either working at an office, traveling, on the road or at your home.  All of these choices now allow us a new degree of freedom if we choose to exercise it.  For those who can utilize good work practices and work ethics, then potentially they can be much more efficient.
  • I will say that the freedom to work from home creates some challenges…like will you watch that favorite tv program or apply yourself to your work…will you set good work hours for yourself and keep them…it is very easy to be distracted with so many things that go on within your home. Personally I worked in several areas many years in large offices on scheduled hours, in my own personal offices, traveling the U.S. Monday through Friday calling on companies and using my motel as my  office, in one case I drove to and from work 50 miles each way and then traveled 13 states via airplane and automobile, and for the last few years I have elected to work from my home office. Of all of the experiences that I have had, I find that a home office is the most desirable for me…and I can pack my bags and take my home office across the country to any location in Florida, the U.S. or Canada…and accomplish what needs to be done effectively.  One of the greatest advantages to working from home for me is have access and be near those that I care the most about…that is the ones I love as well as my friends. When I spent most of my time each day at the office or on the road, I really missed the interaction with my loved ones. This is by far the greatest advantage that I hear from those who work from home.
  • Many people need the structure of going to an office to be with their other workers every day, or perhaps the work requires that they be present in order to accomplish what needs to be done. In any case, we now have an estimated 40 to 50 million people who are now working either part-time or full-time from home…or a traveling home at their choice. And given the economic environment and since the internet is only some 20 years old now, we are heading into a direction of many more people working from home…and using the internet and the phone as their telecommunications devices.

So studies have been completed to date comparing the pluses and minuses of where you work…there is yet to be grand comparison prepared about which is most efficient however some meaningful studies are emerging.

In summary, my opinions are that the option to work from home opens up many new opportunities and choices of where we want to work, and dependent upon your work requirements, your personal preferences for managing your own time, enjoying your freedom more, spending more time with your loved ones, all enter greatly into the equation of what you would like to do. I do strongly recommend that you consider all options available to you, and the underlying constraints of each. It is an important decision to make as you plan your career and I hope that you will give it ample and due consideration when the time comes.

Daily Finance

Home Office vs. At the Office: Which Is More Efficient?

By Bruce Kennedy Posted 9:00AM  01/17/11

Call it telecommuting, telework or working from home: It appears more of us are earning at least part of our salaries from home, and with the boss’s blessings.

According to a survey by the human resources group WorldatWork, the number of Americans who work either from their homes or remotely at least one day a month rose by 74% between 2005 and 2008, to more than 17 million. And if you add to that figure the so-called “contract telecommuters” — folks who are self-employed or run their own businesses — the number jumps to nearly 34 million people.

Read more: 


If you consider that  a free 30 minute discussion with an experienced small business owner could benefit you then please contact me. You can reach me by email at dannorris42@gmail.com or call me on 407-749-9395.

I very much look forward to talking with you.

Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant


Need Funds For Your Small Business?

Need Funds For Your Small Business?

I hope that you are there right now thinking about how you can get some money to start or grow your business! And your need could range from the entrepreneur who has never tried to start a business before to the owner in business for several years who is ready to take the next step in your growth plan.

This post will give conceptual ideas for all of those range of needs and give you places to search for more information or to come for more discussion on how best to go about your specific need…and that is to call or email me. There is no charge…it is time to give back for all those who helped me!

Need Funds For Your Small Business?


Let’s take this in steps…let’s say that you have your  business idea in mind and you know that you need to develop a business plan if you haven’t done so yet.  You know the product or service you want to offer, you have identified a need in the market, you consider that buyers will pay the price that you can offer, you have a marketing plan, and you now need some money to get started or to grow to the next level.

Need Funds For Your Small Business?
Financial Independence

Where do you start or go now? You start first by determining how much money you will need to get your business to the next level… think about your needs over a 3-year period in terms of 3-month or quarterly segments.  Put together a budget that will allow you to be successful within that 3-year period…many small businesses require more time than 3 years however looking at this time frame will give you a good estimate of the amount and timing of the money that you will require. So now you have a 3 year estimate planned out in 3 month periods or quarters. What is your total for the first year? The second year? The third year? How long will it take you to get customers to buy your products or services to meet those totals plus your profit targets?

For anyone starting a small business the odds are very much against success, it usually takes longer than you planned to be successful, and it takes more money than you expected. This is not to discourage you…it is only said to prepare you for reality.

Successful small business owners deal with a lot of adversity, are extremely determined to succeed, and usually make good decisions, especially when it comes to money matters. Decisions matter.

So depending upon the amount of money that you have estimated that you will need for your business over 3 years…here are the range of options that I consider that you have to give you some idea of where to begin and where to obtain funds…you can start with as little as $100 or obtain venture capital funding for millions of dollars…it all depends upon what your business venture will require…here are several of your options…

Do You Need Money To Start Your Business?
Finally it’s time to start your own business!

1.   Personal Savings

2.   Credit Card Loans

3.   Bank Loans - Secured or Unsecured

4.   Loans from relatives or friends

4..  Grants

5.   Group  or Crowd Funding

6.   SBA Loans

7.   Angel Funding

8    Venture Capital Funding

This should give you an idea of your options…how do you go about pursuing any of these to get started or to fund your business?

There is excellent information available on the internet to give you a starting point.

And for anyone with questions about a given approach I have experience personally with most of these options and will be pleased to discuss any with you on a no-charge basis.

Just give me a call on 407-749-9395 or email me on dannorris42@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant
Phone: 407-749-9395
Email: dannorris42@gmail.com
Orlando, Florida

Blogging For My Readers!

“Blogging For My Readers”!

Dan Norris


I have some very personal messages for you and very much look forward to your sincere responses.

During the last few months I have written and published (162+) Posts on this Blog.  Believe me, this is no small effort.  I hope that you are enjoying reading this information. In any case I need to know how you are liking and enjoying these subjects so I plan to wait a few days before posting again so that you will have some time to give me your comments and feedback.

A good ship needs direction and efforts by  many in order to help everyone reach their own destinations.  I sincerely ask that you take a few minutes and give me some comments and feedback that can be very beneficial to all of us.

Thank You For Being A Reader of the “Road To Financial Independence” Blog!

I am very pleased that on average some 500 very intelligent and very nice individuals visit my Blog every day and browse an average of about 19 minutes each.  In addition there are more than 10,000 readers who have signed up to receive notifications and copies of each new post. This is a sincere compliment and I thank you so very much for doing so. The highlight of my morning is seeing how many of you visited and how long you stayed…and what you read! Blogging can be very rewarding…especially if you have a significant amount of traffic and the readers invest time in reading what you have written! Of course pure volume of visitors and length of reading time are not sufficient measures to determine if your readers are truly enjoying and benefitting from what you are writing. Very important to me is to know what you are thinking. There are other measures that I would very much like to know about…and I sincerely hope that you will respond with these below. In order for me to be most effective it is important that you give me your honest feedback in the Comments below. If you prefer to interact more privately please send an email to dannorris42@gmail.com or call me on 407-749-9395.

I hope that our communication relationship is just beginning as I truly want to bring interesting, worthwhile information and opportunities to you for a long time! My primary purpose in writing this Blog and Posts most every day are to share interesting, valuable information and experiences with you…to help you to be more informed, more successful, and to have a better opportunity of reaching your personal goals. My goals here are to improve the quality, content and value of this information every day…with your help!

Please Give Me Your Feedback On This Blog and Posts

The mission and subject of this blog is The Road To Financial Independence which has a Mission of providing… Dan Norris Solutions for Creating, Growing and Protecting Your Assets.

The topics that I have chosen to write on are those that I believe can be of most value to you and that you are least likely to hear about. I want to be that “different source” that brings you information that can improve your life, your knowledge, how you approach things, and in general to help you to be significantly more successful. Throughout my lifetime I have focused my energies on leading and helping others to grow and be more effective…and now is no different.

Let me have your opinions on what you like, don’t like or would like to hear more about ok?

Would you please provide me with your feedback via Comments, Email me on dannorris42@gmail.com or telephone me on 407-749-9395 as to what you like, don’t like and would like to read more about? Thank you!

My Dream Home Office
My Vacation Home


Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant

Are You Happy With Your Business and Income Life?

Your Business Life
Are You Happy Now?

How do you answer that question? There must be many answers that you have.  This is not a question to get into your personal life about your spouse or partner…or with your kids…or with your family members…or with your neighbors or friends…that is absolutely your personal business and I will not go there. What I am asking you is a fundamental basic question about how your BUSINESS and INCOME LIFE is proceeding.

Are You Happy With Your Business and Income life?

I am writing to connect in this blog with those who can usually earn $30,000 to $100,000+ when they have the opportunity. And I qualify this by saying “usually earn” because these are not usual times. Our economy and country are upside down in my humble opinion…and we have nothing that even resembles “usual opportunity”. I am sure that Jack and George and Sue and Kim and Robert will not all say yes to the question “I am happy” with my business life. More than likely all of these are thinking of some ways to do something about it.

And with that backdrop…let me get to my points about “Are You Happy In Your Business Life?”

Why Not?
Are You Happy?

My first question to you is…”are you (and your spouse or partner) earning enough income to set aside all of the pieces of money” that 1) buys the groceries, 2) pays the mortgage or rent, 3) pays the utility bills, 4) pays for all the protection risks that you have, 5) pays for the automobile(s), 6 ) buys the gas at whatever prices the Far East decides you should pay…(seems to me that we should have a major say in what we pay), 6) pays for your kids education now or sets aside money for future education  (if you should be fortunate enough to have any), 7) allows for your family vacations, 8) provides for personal and family nights out to enjoy life, and most importantly 9) you have a cash reserve of 3-6 months of necessary expenses…most people have a hard time with this one…it is so important to financial independence.

What Will It Take?
Are You Happy Now?independence.

If you cannot answer yes to all of the above questions. and your answers concern you, then you really need to consider effective options as to how you can “be happy with your answers”.

We have so many millions of people that are in need of the “American Dream” solutions that we once knew…then I ask you personally and individually to get in contact with me to talk about your future. I have tremendous respect for our veterans and those who have given so much of themselves for our country. It would really be wonderful to hear from any of you.

Dan Norris


Small Business Consultant

407-749-9395    dannorris42@gmail.com





Target Market


Key success factors for maximizing income in a successful business marketing strategy!

Business Success


Target Market

Definition: A specific group of consumers at which a company aims its products and services

Read more:



Defining Your Market in 7 Steps

BY ENTREPRENEUR STAFF | February 13, 2013

You’ve come up with a great idea for a business but you’re not ready to roll yet. Before you go any further, the next step is figuring out who your market is.

Read more:






If Your Target Market Doesn’t Bite, Fish Somewhere Else

Elizabeth Grace Saunders, Young Entrepreneur Council | Aug. 22, 2011

The Challenge: As a woman business owner myself and a confidante to many others, I knew that many women business owners felt stressed out and overwhelmed. Given this knowledge, I initially targeted the marketing of Schedule Makeover(TM) time coaching and training toward female entrepreneurs. Many women wanted to know about the services — and even cried about how stressed out they felt — but they rarely were willing to invest in themselves.

Read more:



How To Be Successful
Business Strategy

How to Reach Your Target Audience Through Tribal Marketing

Young Entrepreneur Council | Mar. 8, 2012

If you enter a room full of crying but healthy babies, chances are they all share at least one of the same needs: food, sleep, a diaper, or some undivided attention from a loving grown-up. As they grow into early childhood, they will hit the same developmental benchmarks at roughly the same time, and they’ll still want and need lot of the same basics (snacks, naps, potty, hugs), though they are beginning to assert their distinct personalities

Read more:



LinkedIn Rolls Out New Targeted Follower Tools For Marketers

Jim Edwards | Apr. 10, 2012

LinkedIn will launch two new functions for companies who have followers on LinkedIn, both of which will be of interest to marketers and advertisers: “Targeted Updates” and “Follower Statistics.”

Read more:





Want To Reach Your Target Audience? Try An SEO Marketing Campaign

Jason Hennessey, Everspark | Feb. 23, 2011

Gone are the days of desperately probing through the yellow pages in the middle of the night, searching for a plumber in close proximity, to resolve an unexpected blockage of inconvenient proportions, only to find that their printed number is no longer in service. Times have changed. The digital Goliath now reigns supreme and brings with it up-to-date, instant information in the form of Internet marketing.

Read more:


It is important to take advantage of all professional resources available to make your business successful and optimally profitable. That is why you are in business. Why would you avoid high quality advice and counsel if it were affordable?

I invite you for a no-charge discussion…email me at dannorris42@gmail.com or phone me on 407-749-9395.

Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant

Business Strategy


A Successful Small Business
How To Start A Small Business


Business Strategy

for Small Biz

Successful business management thrives on  making good decisions consistently, no matter whether they are small or large decisions. Reasons for making good decisions result from having relevent information at the proper time, intelligent contributing employee(s), good strategies for the business, competent mentors in your key areas, and sound legal advice. Here are several topics that may be of interest and helpful to you today.


Show Me The Money, eCommerce!

5 Money-Making Traits Every eCommerce Site Needs

Lisa Thomas
Sr. Marketing Manager, AT&T March 11, 2013

Click for more info


How to Get Customers to Come Back

By Donna Fuscaldo  Published April 26, 2013
Fox Business

Click for more info


Why Women Business Owners Feel More Successful

BY CAROL TICE | April 6, 2012

They say men are from Mars and women… well, you know. According to a new survey, the genders’ differing natures play out in the world of entrepreneurship, too, with women feeling more confident in their success than men.

Click here for more


Building Your Brand With Google+

One Does Not Simply Get To The Top Of Google

Turning Communities, Hangouts And Circles Into A Small Business Advantage Now that Google+ has been around for a few years, the benefits have come into sharper focus.  Most notably, this rapidly growing social network is proving to be a popular, integrated platform for small business.

Click here for more info


Say “Cheese” With Social

How One Photography Business Is Using Social To Get Up Close and Personal
February 26, 2013

Small businesses are realizing that social media is here to stay, and they are taking notice because becoming a social brand can help drive revenue

Click for more info

Partners Work!
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I trust that you found topics of interest in this post. I appreciate your time and your coming here to read this information.

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Critical New Concerns Revealed For Americans Every Day!


Critical New Concerns For Americans
Gettysburg Address
150 Years Ago 11/19.2013

Critical New Concerns Revealed For Americans Every Day!

My most recent post was entitled “How Important Is Protecting Your Personal Identity?” That post applies to both private individuals as well as for employees and employers of small and large businesses. Employees are at risk for their time at work, their assets and restoring their personal identity, while employers are at risk for losing employee work time and availability in the event an employee is challenged with restoring their identity.

This week, the article below by Reuters describes four experts on the security of the official Obamacare website. As a citizen concerned about protecting our identity and our hard-earned assets…I sincerely recommend that you read yesterday’s post and the article below…

In a rapid “yes” or “no” question-and-answer session during a Republican-sponsored hearing by the House of Representatives Science, Space and Technology Committee, Republican Representative Chris Collins of New York asked four experts about the security of the site:

“Do any of you think today that the site is secure?”

The answer from the experts, which included two academics and two private sector technical researchers, was a unanimous “no.” Read specific article below…

Whether you are individual, an employee or business owner , we are being advised by professional experts that there are high risks involved with the government website today. Responsible individuals, employees and business owners need accurate information on risks, problems and solutions so that they can make good decisions as to what actions to take now.



Some cyber security experts recommend shutting Obamacare site

BY JIM FINKLE AND ALINA SELYUKH    Tue Nov 19, 2013 6:29pm EST

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama’s HealthCare.gov site is riddled with security flaws that put user data of millions of people at risk and it should be shut down until fixed, several technology experts warned lawmakers on Tuesday.

The testimony at a congressional hearing could increase concerns among many Americans about Obama’s healthcare overhaul, popularly known as Obamacare. Opinion polls show the botched rollout of the online marketplace for health insurance policies has hurt the popularity of the effort.

Read more:



House Dem questions legality of Obama’s “administrative fix”

Tue, 11/19/2013 - 2:00pm | posted by Jason Pye

The legality of President Barack Obama’s “administrative fix” has come into question by legal scholars who, correctly, note that the administration doesn’t have the authority to arbitrarily delay enforcement of politically inconvenient provisions of Obamacare.

The criticism isn’t coming from critics of the law, but also those who voted for it. Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV) told CBS News that the legality of the move was one of the reasons he voted for the Republican-proposed Keep Your Health Plan Act, despite a veto threat from the White House.

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Dan Norris
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Press Release - The Law and Legal Service Plans


Prosperity Awaits!
US Small Businessman Of Year Award - With Congressman Lynn Westmoreland







The very wealthy have a staff of attorneys on retainer at all times.

Why? For many reasons. First because they want good sound advice based upon the laws of our country. The basis for all transactions in the United States is our Judicial System, and to be successfulyou must know how to work within it and how to take the most advantage of the system. There are more than (75) fields of law in the U.S.  and to have a staff of attorneys on retainer to address virtually any issue can be quite expensive. The average cost per hour for an attorney in the U.S. is about $285 per hour and can range from $100 per hour to $2,000 per hour.  An attorney firm on retainer for a wealthy person typically costs several thousands of dollars each year…however their value to each client is much more than the cost.

Would you personally benefit with a staff of attorneys at all times for less than $20 per month or less than the cost of one hour per year?  Studies show that some 62% of Americans have need to hire an attorney at least once or twice each year.  More than 40% of these Americans just avoid hiring an attorney because they cannot afford to do so.  There are innumerable needs for an attorney…such as to review contracts…write letters…make phone calls…give legal advice…appear in court for traffic violations, civil cases, criminal cases…work with Federal Agencies…defend you in lawsuits…and the needs goes on and on.

If you live in the United States or Canada and want to have a monthly contract for legal protection from the highest quality attorneys… then I can help you have legal protection at less than $20 per month for your family and less than $100 per month for your small business…in every state except Alaska…with highly qualified experienced attorney firms that will call you within 24 hours to serve you….yes… Attorney Firms…. not just an Attorney….as there is a plethora of legal issues to deal with requiring different specialties. This is an excellent offer that many have not taken the time to know about or understand!

Financial Advisor
Dan Norris                        Former Financial Advisor
Ameriprise Financial

cyde1buf2c_166898592-2 Dans Office Photo

Why Do Smart Things?
Don Adams
Agent 86
Get Smart - Do Smart Things!













Personally since 2011 I have accessed my attorney staff more than (40) times with excellent results and my costs have been my monthly fee plus one $75 charge for a special consultation.

Let me help you solve your legal issues today and on an ongoing basis…call me at 407-749-9395…and read my book described below as well! The book will cost you less than $10 and can save you many thousands of dollars!!!



New Book Release with Amazon - Publisher                        

Contact Information:   

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“This Book Is Better Than Having A Lawyer In The Family”

Available in Kindle Select E-Book  $8.54  and  PaperbackVersions  $8.99 and $0.00 for Kindle Members.

Select the first of a series of books on the subject of creating, protecting and achieving financial independence. The author, a former financial advisor with 50+ years of business and personal experience across the U.S., reveals the importance of having a high quality “law firm” on retainer at all times…costing less than $1 per day. The wealthy consider legal services a must…and the average American citizen can benefit as well from high quality, honest legal services? Learn why affordable attorneys can improve your life significantly with better decisions, protecting your rights, giving you peace of mind, and saving you considerable money! Learn why a high percentage of Europeans use these services and less than 10% of North Americans. This book can be a revelation for anyone that chooses to be financially responsible.

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Legal Plans
Legal Service Plans


Dan Norris

Prosperity Awaits
Dan Norris
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Small Business Consultant

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“The Magic Of Thinking Big”

Hello Weekend Warriors…welcome! The message tonight is to give you some great music to enjoy and also to introduce you to my primary mentor professor at Georgia State University…Dr. David J. Schwartz…the author of a tremendously popular book…

“The Magic Of Thinking Big”

The weekend music is now up on my blog…if you will go to the “MUSIC” tab up top you will find some 15 posts with about 6 great songs on each post…you can play these songs while you read my blog posts…if you like. In any case I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Hello to my loyal readers and newcomers-welcome!..thank you for coming to visit my site…I sincerely appreciate your doing so! I also hope that you had a great week!…and that you are happy with the progress that you made this week towards your personal and financial goals….I know that you have them…or else you would not be stopping by and looking in at at my posts.

I do appreciate your coming to visit…and I really would like your comments as to how you feel about this or that, what you like or don’t like, and what you would like to read more of about…thank you in advance…if you don’t want to publish what you are thinking then just go to my contact page and get in touch any of several ways.

Be happy!
Enjoy your weekend!

My week was very satisfying in terms of progress against goals that I had…I was about to publish my book last week on Amazon and lo and behold…a wonderful professional graphics artist in Vancouver, BC, contacted me saying she would enjoy working with me and that she would like to design my book cover front and back. Such an offer I could not refuse…and working with she and my attraction marketing mentor…the book has moved up several quality notches…Edwin Cabrera in Virginia believes in the “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson…and I recommend it to you as well. Deanna Everrt, as professional marketer and graphics artist designing my book cover and copy is far beyond my wildest dreams. I have found the proverbial goal mine of talent with Ann Sieg’s Renegade Marketing and wherever I look there is somebody ready to help me get to the next step…a higher level….a greater degree of achievement…more satisfaction of helping people get what they want…this is what it is all about. Being a loner in a small business can be challenging. Being a team member accessing all levels of expertise is far more effective.

Have a grear weekend!
Make others happy!

As you help other people achieve their goals, your dreams will come true. You and I both know this. Just wanted to speak with you personally this Friday night to share my feelings. And yes, I know that I am always proposing something to you…however…keep in mind that it may very well benefit you if you took advantage of some of my offers.

I have a very special free offer for you this weekend….a $20 value book that has brought me millions of dollars….probably the first and most motivational book ever for me from one of my college professors…google him and see what I mean…Dr. David Schwartz, PhD and motivational marketer….author of “The Magic of Thinking Big”….plus others…but if you will send me an email to dannorris42@gmail.com….I will surprise you with a bonus for reading this. Have a great weekend.

Dan Norris

Anybody Interested In Achieving Financial Independence?


Are you interested in achieving financial independence during your lifetime?

Do you have a burning desire to achieve financial independence?

When do you plan to start?

How do you plan to go about this? cyde1buf2c_166898592-2 Dans Office Photo

Do you have a plan? A good plan?

Are you willing to work?

Are you willing to learn? Teachable?

If you are serious about achieving financial independence and are ready to get started on a an excellent path, contact me below.

Dan Norris
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Help Me Start My Own Business and Work From Home!

Help Me Start My Own Business and Work From Home!

How to become productively employed and become financially independent. 

With more than 23 million people now reported as being unemployed…and 46 million people on food stamps… many people are actively searching for employment.   In addition to these numbers it is reported that many millions have given up on finding employment and have dropped out of the work force.

Are you any one of these? Do you know that opportunities exist for virtually everyone? This is the American way…we can do whatever we want if we want it bad enough. You do not have to settle for government programs. If you cannot find employment in your local area then consider a location in the U.S. that you may relocate to and find employment. We have certain parts of the country with less than 3% unemployment.

And then when you analyze the success level of internet marketers it is estimated that only about 3%-5% are making money and 95% go out of business within 1-5 years due to lack of making a profit and their operating cash is depleted. It appears to me that our population is just not trained to successfully perform the employment opportunities that are available. This means that to be successful then you must find training resources that are effective and affordable for you.

We are very fortunate in life to have many great motivational and inspirational speakers and leaders. For me especially a Georgia State University professor by the name of Dr. David Schwartz…author of “The Magic of Thinking Big”…as well as taking as many marketing courses of his that I could find. Whenever I could hear a motivational speaker or take a course from one I usually did this. When living in Mountain View, California…which is in the heart of entrepreneurial thinking in this country…and living as well in the northeast sector of the U.S. north of Boston, it was clear that the majority of individuals in these communities were intent upon opening new business frontiers. In these cases…many were technology frontiers…which has proven to be a major strength for our country. We are known in this country to be innovators, idea developers, creators, with an intellectual and industrial environment that has been made possible by a wonderful business philosophy called capitalism!

This post is named specifically… Help Me Start My Own Business and Work From Home!…which is the ultimate solution for any ambitious, hard-working, industrious family and home loving individual. Putting in the hard work and taking the risks to make it successful require a lot of effort, however tremendously rewarding as you can become totally financially independent and self-reliant. In the process you have provided goods and services to people who want and need them…and they have rewarded you with their business. And keep in mind that you can continue what you are currently doing to earn income and work a few additional hours part-time to start your own business. I firmly believe that any person can begin by getting the best paying job possible for their given talents, even if minimum wage, and supplementing that income by getting additional jobs and creating additional income streams somehow. This is the American Way…we have always done this…except those who have been born into wealth and never had to go through this process.

There are many different ways of creating income streams…by being employed by the hour…or by the week or by the month. Once you find such employment, then you can create additional income with a second or third job or business opportunity. Further, if you can set aside 10-15 hours per week additional, there are many ways to create income. An excellent way to increase your income is through direct sales…as human beings want to buy from someone they can trust. Many advertise that you can make thousands of dollars per day, week or month  working on the Internet. I look at this as I would by playing poker or the roulette wheel…the odds of your being successful on the Internet are very risky. But it can be done.

The question is how? The biggest question that these new people have is “how do I get started”. And there is a good answer…how likely is that person to finding that answer with the multitudes of solutions that are being touted and advertised every day. If you choose to rely upon the Internet for your additional income,  I suggest that you exercise extreme caution!   However just because someone is working  on the Internet does not mean that you are going to make money. I do believe that a limited number of people after devoting many years of trial and error have found successful ways to make money on the Internet as well as multilevel marketing. I suggest to you that it is not easy to find these successful people, as many tout their knowledge and success however very few can prove it. Please be very cautious.

My years of experience lead me to the conclusion that you can create financial independence and wealth by following several proven paths and strategies. I outline these as follows. First is to have a substantial steady stream of income that you can count on each month. Next is to find other good opportunities that permit you to increase this income by hourly employment or by some action that creates products or services to generate income. And finally the wealth creator is that income generator that has a terrific set of products or services that people need and want, these services are fairly priced, the market for the products is large enough to create volume sales, the compensation package for marketing the products is very good, and you can use several marketing techniques to take the products to market.

Again I believe that owning your own business is the most successful way to earn substantial income where human beings are involved, and then you can select effective marketing techniques that will supplement your direct efforts…and the more effective the better. The Internet is in its infancy with respect to offering fully public techniques for successful marketing. This is why so many people are not successful marketing on the Internet.

However, some techniques have emerged as being reasonably successful, however very costly. For example the techniques of paying for cost per click (CPC), SEO optimization, and other methods are available but usually are not affordable to the average person’s pocketbook.

I am exceptionally encouraged by the development of “Attraction Marketing” techniques on the Internet. These techniques have been in use in industry for years in the form of media advertising, however we are now seeing these techniques paying off on the Internet. It is for these reasons that I am recommending proven experts Ann Sieg with her Renegade Manifesto and Ty Tribble with his Blogging Secrets as keys to a potentially successful internet marketing approach. Using these very experienced teachers you can very much improve your likelihood of success in whatever field or choice of internet marketing that you pursue. By learning and implementing Attraction Marketing and Blogging techniques, these can be applied to virtually any business opportunity.

The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing:     http://dannorris.the7greatliesofnetworkmarketing.com/

The Renegade Network Marketer:     http://dannorris.therenegadenetworkmarketer.com/

The Attraction Marketers Manifesto:                http://dannorris.marketersmanifesto.com/

Blogging For Prospects:                            http://dannorris.bloggingforprospects.com/

MLM Blog Secrets                                                  http://dannorris.mlmblogsecrets.com/

As I said I hear of many money-making programs now available however given my experiences and goals, I am very selective about the programs that I choose to add to my business. The reason is that my time is very valuable and I want to maximize effectiveness of my time and my results.  The programs that I have chosen offer all of the elements of a business entity to me that I need to be successful, including unmatched compensation programs that allows me to earn residual income throughout my lifetime and in my will leave it two generations into my family members.

As I believe strongly in sharing with others to benefit them as others have done for me, I invite you to contact me at my email on dannorris42@gmail.com or phone at 407-749-9395.


Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant


7 Warning Signs That Say Consider A Career Change!


“7 Warning Signs That Say Consider A Career Change!”

5+ Years of Security?

To determine if you face these warning signs ask yourself the following questions…

1.  Does your current career provide you with necessary income for all your needs…if you stayed in that position for at least the next five years?

         a.  Your basic living needs…your shelter, transportation, clothing, utilities, insurances?

         b.  Does it provide for your and your family’s educational, recreational and vacation needs?

         c.   Does it provide for savings for important purchases and retirement?

2.  Do you have confidence that your career will provide stability and income growth to satisfy all of  these needs during the next five years?

3. Are you happy in what you are doing in your career?    What would you prefer to do?

4. Do you feel confident that your career will be available to you 5 years from now?

If you feel good about your answers to the above questions I commend you strongly. Even so one needs to face the reality that the average length of time that a person remains in the same job is about 2.7 years.

Consistent Good Decisions On Your Goals

And here is the good news…No matter what your personal goals for your income, your career, your future financial status…you can accomplish in this society whatever you want to accomplish…you have heard this many times.

I see the reality of accomplishment of whatever anyone wants every day.

In my opinion the solution is to use your determination and intelligence to find the proper employment solutions (and I emphasize multiple income streams as solutions) for you that provides the income, time and personal freedom that you want to enjoy. Is there effort? Yes! Is it difficult to find those multiple income streams that can satisfy your needs? Yes. What is great for one person may be the absolutely wrong solution for another. I do not suggest that one solution fits all. I do suggest that if you employ the proper strategies and research your alternatives properly that you can find solutions that will provide for your life’s needs.


So What Options Should You Consider?

It is very challenging to be aware of all of the income producing opportunities that are available.  A person can invest more time and money than necessary in evaluating and participating in multiple opportunities to the extent that they invest a lot and earn very little. Many entrepreneurs wind up jumping from opportunity to opportunity because they did not take the time and talk with experienced people in business to discuss the questions they should ask before committing to a venture. Because of this very few people really make good incomes on the internet.

My information says that less than 3% of internet marketers truly make the incredible monthly incomes and up to 7% are just now reporting profitability. Does this alarm you? If it doesn’t it should. A word to the wise should be sufficient.

I firmly believe in multiple income streams which I call “income diversification”.  I do not want to rely upon one or two streams of income as I have found that no matter how good something may be, there are factors out of my control that can affect the performance of any income stream. So therefore I recommend building more than one income stream over time to avoid the risk of bad performance, the same as I recommended as a financial advisor to diversify your investments. Diversification in different classes of investments within the investment world is a sound strategy, and in my opinion, diversification can also be very effective for a personal income strategy.

I offer you an option for a 30-minute discussion with you about your income opportunity decisions. Believe it or not, most of my life has been about helping other people achieve their goals…I have found that by doing this that I am rewarded multi-fold.

If you are seriously interested in starting your own business…then email me on dannorris42@gmail.com or call me on 407-749-9395.

Dan Norris

Success 2016-Like your career? What would you prefer to do?

So we spend a lot of time doing things that we like to do…for many of us it is about the family…your partner…your kids…enjoying time at home….enjoying time with your friends… your community activities…sports…music…theatre….for others it is about doing meaningful business or career things…traveling in your work…recognition by the public or your peers…or seeking entertainment elsewhere…whether it be travel, sports, reading, work, friendships, nightlife… or activities to help others in community service in their lives. For each of us a different set of choices is preferred and most enjoyable.

The primary purpose of this post is to ask you to reflect on those options of life activities that are most meaningful to you and for you to decide, not someone else, what it is that is most meaningful and enjoyable to you.  To me this is the ultimate decision process that occurs every  minute and every day in our lives…what course will we take next…what will we do now? What is the best action for myself and those that I care about? Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is simple, however we make so many blunders, so let’s reinforce the positive and encourage you to think positively about everything in your life and to make choices that are in your very best interests. About career choices, we probably will make many in our lives…especially if we have not determined clearly what is important to us in our goals, values, morals and ethics,  and to those that we care most about. I suggest that you invest a good bit of mental energy in determining what is important to you my friend. Does that make sense?

In addition to supporting multiple income streams in your life I strongly support a philosophy similar to Justin….in AdviceFromJustin...thank you very much Justin… I personally think that you are “spot on” with your thoughts…and that is quite a compliment to you sir!

How to Choose a Job/Career That Makes You Happy AdviceFromJustin

So my friend, I encourage you to take the course that feels best for you from your heart, and your head, while listening attentively to the heartstrings of those that you care about.

For more information please contact me on email at dannorris42@gmail.com or via phone at 407-749-9395.

Thank you,

US Small Businessman Of Year Award
US Small Businessman Of Year Award

Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant