Why Are So Many People Drinking Kangen Water Now?

Why So Many Are Drinking Kangen Water

Why Are So Many People Drinking Kangen Water Now?

Do you enjoy seeing this cold, clear stream of water flowing down from a mountain, with the water flowing over the rocks to provide you with mineral rich, alkaline, fresh, cool, sweet and light tasting drinking water?

These are the kinds of  water sources that we once enjoyed in the last 200 years! Today our water sources are much different.

With the existence of more than 100,000 chemicals for use in herbicides (see Atrazine), pesticides, poisons, plastic products (see BPA), flavoring, sweeteners, and all kinds of chemicals in most everything that we consume, the use of synthetic plastics to heat and contain our foods and liquids,  ingestion and application of millions of pharmaceutical prescriptions, our bodies are constantly bombarded internally and externally with these foreign chemical substances. Think about all the chemicals like deodorants sprayed on our skin that get into our bodies in less than a minute. Do you think there could possibly be any connection between the many chemicals that we ingest and apply and our overall health? Do you think we are getting healthier or less healthy?

Very large amounts of money are invested with the media telling us about pharmaceuticals, how they may help us, and for most times in a commercial, how they may hurt us and when to report certain symptoms. Why are there so many dangers involved?

So think about this ok…60% to 75% of our body is made up of water!  Is all water the same? Not for me it is not. Think about the many bodies of water. Are they all the same? I am just learning at a ripe old age as to what water is good for my body and how much I should drink everyday. No-one ever told me that a 1% dehydration of my brain may result in a 5% cognitive brain disorder (you don’t think clearly) …and I certainly want to prevent Alzheimer’s if possible. Nobody ever told me that as a minimum I should be drinking half my weight in ounces of water every day, and preferably 3.7 liters or about 125 ounces. Nor did they tell me that drinking a certain brand of ionized, alkaline, anti-oxidant water could be very good for my body. I discovered this by chance…or word of mouth as they say!

So 25% to 40% of our body is made up of  bones, muscle, fat, blood, and other assorted human organs…however the focus by the medical profession is on the 25-40% of our organs as opposed to the other 60% to 75% which is water. As a very analytical person this seems unusual to me. Does it seem strange to you…especially since water is the most important substance on our planet…for which we cannot do without?

Do you agree that we should be doing more research on water in our body? Should doctors be telling us more about the amount and kind of water that we should be drinking?

Japan is the leading country in the world for life longevity. Most all their doctors and hospitals all use Kangen Electrolyzed Restructured Anti-Oxidant Water medical devices that attach to kitchen faucets and hydrants or taps and they use this fresh ionized water for many medical purposes. These devices were first developed in 1974 in Japan and introduced and used in hospitals and were later first introduced in the United States in 2003 in Los Angeles. In Japan they are certified as medical devices by their medical physicians. These devices are now being used successfully in more than 60 countries around the world in homes, hospitals, restaurants, offices and by sports teams including the Seattle Seahawks. Celebrities including Bill Gates, Pat Boone, Demi Moore , Mariah Carey and many more own these devices. The word is beginning to spread across the U.S. as there are several offices located in major cities. The devices are marketed only by Independent Distributors, are not sold in any stores or in any containers,  and the water is recommended to be created new as the shelf-life is 60-72 hours and is much more effective when produced “fresh” by turning on your faucet and producing the water through the device made with titanium plates.

Have you ever heard the word “homeostasis“? This is the condition of balance between all body organs and fluids that seems most desirable to achieve. I drink Kangen Electrolyzed Alkalized Restructured Anti-Oxidant Water because I believe that within my body that it will help me to achieve this state of “homeostasis“.  I have read analytical and continue to read studies, scientific facts and medical opinions from many sources and many of those are referenced in these Posts . Especially, I listen to myself with my own results and that of many other people and their testimonies, and I conclude that drinking half my weight in ounces (and more) in Kangen Water each day is extremely beneficial for my body. My personal experience is that my arthritis of the last 9 years has virtually gone away now that  I drink the water.  My knowing that cancer can only exist in an acetic body (Otto Heinrich Warburg), I believe that my five occurrences of malignant cancer are much less likely to return as I drink about 105 ounces or more each day of Kangen Ionized Alkaline Antioxidant Water.

I am not a medical doctor and am not making any medical recommendations to you. Discuss the subject with your doctor. Again, many doctors findings and recommendations are shared in these Posts. I only suggest that you research this topic very carefully for yourself as I have done for the last fourteen months….along with drinking the water every day…with my 4 years of pharmacy, chemistry, education college and 5 years of business college….I was never exposed to this information during those studies. I am a believer that useful information can be found all over the world and I want to take advantage of it if possible. I find limited awareness among the U.S. medical community except in the wellness and chiropractic fields about this topic where knowledge is much more well known. Like myself, many of the medical profession who know about it are saying that they have benefited from knowing this information.

I invite you to research this topic for your own benefit. I am very glad that I now have this knowledge and can share it with others.


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