So You Want To Know What To Do With Social Media?

Internet Marketing Strategy

There are many Americans now that are seriously interested in starting their own business…either full time or part-time. If you are one of those and have some questions about how to get started…. especially with how to start with your internet marketing strategy including social media then this post is especially for you. First let’s say that social media consists of a very broad spectrum of companies,  however the key names now in social media are Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and and several more that are growing in importance every day. An internet marketing strategy also include more than just social media so  we must add at least at a minimum these:

  • individual internet websites
  • blog sites
  • news and magazine media
  • links between all of these.

So You Want To Know What To Do With Social Media?

So if you agree that this is a basic definition of the tools available from which to build an internet marketing strategy, and you want to start a business, where do you start deciding and where do you focus your time and energy? Do you need a website? Do you need a blog? Do you need a Facebook Page? A Twitter Page? A Google Community? What strategy can you develop for all of these. There is a beginning point that considers the “why” of all of these. Why would you do this or do that? What is the benefit? What are your goals?

Simple right?…just build a (……………) site….you fill in the blank because you have recently found a company that will make you rich in less than a year and you will be financially independent for the rest of your life. Hey… Please stop and wake up and smell the roses ok! Believe it or not, I have some important information for you to consider based on considerable personal experience. There are many in industry who can help you however finding a better source with honest motivations is not an easy task….and by the way you are already here on this site…so it behooves you to gain the opinion here and bounce it against any other opinion that you can find…ok! You may be just starting your new business, you may have a Facebook page, Google Page, a Pinterest page, a LinkedIn site or other site that is bringing you profits (or losses)! Even so, is what you have done the best possible strategy that you can take, or would you like to know more about how you can inform yourself of more comprehensive strategies? This week I connected on LinkedIn with a wonderful chap from Ireland and we talked today about his business. He is doing quite well with his direct selling business however wants to grow it with the internet. He very much believes in the idea of being open for business 24/7 as well as having prospects find him through Attraction Marketing and Blogging as opposed to him having to find all of his prospects through direct selling.  He is currently in the process of building a WordPress blog site which is an excellent decision, however he is not quite sure as to how to approach a strategy with the rest of the media websites.  With a 15-minute fun conversation between great guys from  Ireland and Orlando my new friend Bobby and I  shared important ideas that give him a new perspective that will allow him to leapfrog for couple of years what he can do next that can move his business forward much more rapidly.

Internet Marketing Strategy

If you have any interest in developing your internet and social media marketing strategy why not give me a call. No charge for our conversation. Let me hear from you.

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