Is The Water You Drink Healthy Or Harmful?

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Many people buy bottled water at prices much greater than gasoline prices for our cars. How about you? You do this because you want better water right? Where did that water come from? Have you seriously investigated your water?

And then you have tap water or faucet water as an alternative…usually for drinking, washing your vegetables and cooking. Have ever given a few minutes to seriously investigate what is in this water?  Since our bodies are made up of 60-75% water…and that we can live only a limited number of days without it…let’s look a some professional reports.

Is The Water You Drink Healthy Or Harmful?

And this question applies to your body…your children’s bodies…your pets…as well as to our environment!

And the real questions about bottled water begin with the plastic bottles containing BPA and which have been heated or pasteurized.  What was the source of the water? Did it really come from a mountain stream or your local water utility? Or was it produced by reverse osmosis removing the minerals from the water? Then there are the questions about how old is this water? What is the pH? What is the ORP or oxidation reduction potential? Meaning…is the water oxidizing or antioxidizing? Is your water microbial? Do you really want your body to oxidize…like that freshly cut apple that turns dark very soon after cutting it and leaving it open to the atmosphere? Do you think it might be worthwhile for the sake of your body and your health if you checked this out?

And by the way, what about the impact the left over plastic bottles are having on our environment? Are we destroying our oceans and other waterways with plastic garbage?

Here is some interesting research by independent organizations…


NRDC Natural Resources Defense Council

Bottled Water


Atrazine: Poisoning the Well

The NRDC Story

NRDC was founded in 1970 to protect our air, land, and water from the forces of pollution and corporate greed. We protect. We defend. We lead the way. Learn more


More than 24,500 chemicals found in bottled water

By Brian Bienkowski
Staff Writer
Environmental Health News

December 5, 2013


Summary and Action Recommended

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And if you would like to see research that I developed to overcome my skepticism…just read the several blog posts here..

Road To Financial Independence. Category: Health/

Healthy or Unhealthy Water
Oxidation Reduction Potential

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