If You Knew You Would Take Action!

If You Knew You Would Take Action
The “Miracle” of Alkalinity

Who doesn’t want to live a healthier life for a longer period of time? I believe that any conscious human being would want this! Could it be that there may be ways to do this that we just don’t know about?

My estimates are that less than 2% of the U.S. Population knows about the research and information that you can read in this one post! Why not? Answer: Because there is very little news media coverage and very little advertising on the topic.

So why should anyone even know about it? Answer: Others who know about this are living healthier, longer lives!

What are you talking about? Answer: Achieving Homeostasis of the body.  Human homeostasis is the process that maintains the stability of the human body‘s internal environment in response to changes in external conditions.

Why should I know about this? Answer: Research since 1921 has provided us with facts that reveal causes of cancer as well as cures for cancer. Some alkalized restructured water helps manage many of our most painful, destructive and harmful diseases.

If You Knew You Would Take Action!

How do I begin to learn about this subject? Answer:

Watch A Kangen Water Demonstration

Do we have any medical doctors who are studying and practicing in preventative medical and wellcare on this very topic? Answer: There are a significant number of licensed health care practitioners who believe in and practice wellcare in many forms. One of those is Dr. Tim McKnight, MD, author of the book, “Confessions Of A Skeptical Physician”. You can also see a video by Dr. McKnight at “ Author of “The Skeptical Physician and Alkaline Water”

One of the most notable physicians to speak on this subject is Dr. Horst Filtzer, MD, a Harvard Medical School Graduate…listen to

                 Dr. Horst Filtzer MD

Do we have ongoing research on the topic of water in our bodies? Answer: In 2003, Dr. Peter Agre and Dr. Roderick MacKinnon received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for the description of Water Channels. Dr. Gerald Pollock gave an interview to Dr. Joseph Mercola and you can view this at

            “Water: The Single Most Important Element for Your Health”

Is there any more research going on in the U.S. regarding “water” in our bodies? Answer: It appears to the writer that much more research should be underway than is evident after researching the subject of water using the leading search engines. A very interesting article found in my general searches and is as follows… Water: The Science of Nature’s Most Important Nutrient by Len Kravitz PhD

When was the first ionized alkaline antioxidant water introduced in the United States? Answer: Enagic, a corporation located in Japan that introduced Kangen Water TM in Japan in 1974, first introduced Kangen Water TM Medical Devices that connect to your kitchen water supply, in the United States on the West Coast in 2003. By 2012 the word about Kangen Water TM had begun to spread and we see videos like this published…

    Celebrities Drinking Kangen Water


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