How Much Is Your Identity Worth?

Identity Theft

How Much Is Your Identity Worth?

I heard an expert on Identity Theft give a presentation today…and he asked… HOW MUCH IS   YOUR IDENTITY WORTH?  To You? To Someone Else? What value would you place on your own personal identity? How would you calculate the value? Would it be in dollars? Is it one year’s earnings? Two or three years earnings?  It could amount to all of your assets. Is your identity measured  in terms of emotions? Identity theft delivers a powerful negative emotional impact to the victim. Most say their lives will never be the same after it happened to them. Is it measured in terms of time? Victims say that they have been attempting to repair their identity, credit, reputation and other related personal items for years.

Some victims say that they are no longer able to buy a home or car or make a major purchase as their information has been tarnished. The real impact of identity theft can be unimaginable! It would be very difficult to accept the fact that someone else is using my identity, my bank accounts, my social security number, my medical records information, my driver’s license, and for someone to state to other people that they were me attending work using my name! How would you feel about this? So let me ask you these questions…

Should you try to protect your identity from others using it?      Why?   Why not?  

What can happen if someone else uses your identity?  

What can you do about it?   

What will that person who stole your identity do to your life and lifestyle?

Who will protect your identity?

How can you protect your identity?

Thinking about the subject of someone stealing your identity is not pleasant…but not to think about it is even worse…It can be that it is irresponsible.  I just have seen enough people get hurt that part of my life is dedicated to helping others avoid the trauma that losing your identity can bring. I am a strong advocate that every citizen needs the best identity theft protection for themselves and their children. The best plan that I am aware of  provides for restoration of identity by licensed investigators. I also recommend coupling that with a family legal plan to provide the optimum in identity theft and legal plan protection.

I suggest that you need to inform yourself and your friends that there is an alternative which is much preferred by those who have been informed about the differences.  Once someone’s identity has been stolen, the preferable solution is restoration to the original status before the theft. This includes credit positions, positions with banks, drivers licenses, social security numbers, medicare records, medical records, and many agencies that have your data.

Very few people are aware that preventing identity theft is virtually impossible.  Even more do not realize what courses of action must be taken once their identity has been stolen. Very few people realize that in order to restore your identity that it will take many hours and typically years of effort to contact all of the parties that have your identity data that may have been negatively impacted. Do you know in how many digital data bases your personal identity resides? And in what locations, companies, government agencies, hospitals, employers, stores, suppliers could your data be located? Do you as an individual have access to all of these locations around the world?

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Do you have the time, money, licenses, access to personal data, and knowledge to perform your own investigations in case your identity theft is violated? Many plans require that you do the investigation work as compared to these plans that provide licensed investigators with legal power of attorneys. Think about these differences before you buy based on advertising. For discussion and recommendations as to how to reduce your risks of Identity Theft, please email me on or call me in 407-749-9395.

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