Do You Have A Plan For Affordable Legal Services As A Small Business Owner?

Do You Have A Plan For Affordable Legal Services As A Small Business Owner?

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Reported in a recent research study were these facts…Small Business Owners face legal responsibilities for which many do not prepare …if you own a small business, whether it is just yourself or ninety-nine employees…this post describes solutions for you to improve your access and significantly reduce the costs of legal services.

“Owners reported spending an average of $7,600 in legal expenses 
per year with 20% saying they spend $10,000 or more per year for 
legal help.”


SBA Office of Advocacy

Small businesses comprise what share of the U.S. economy?

Small Businesses Make Up:

  • 99.7 percent of U.S. employer firms,
  • 64 percent of net new private-sector jobs,
  • 49.2 percent of private-sector employment, 42.9 percent of private-sector payroll,
  • 46 percent of private-sector output, 43 percent of high-tech employment,
  • 98 percent of firms exporting goods, and 33 percent of exporting value.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, SUSB, CPS; International Trade Administration; Bureau
of Labor Statistics, BED; Advocacy-funded research, Small Business GDP: Update 2002-2010,

How Many Small Businesses Are There?

  • In 2010 there were 27.9 million small businesses, and
  • 18,500 firms with 500 employees or more

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Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Business


Click here for description, pricing and ordering for reducing small business legal costs:

 Small Business Legal Plans

For information on solutions for any small business owner to reduce legal costs, please contact Dan Norris on my email at or call me on 407-749-9395.

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