Save Money On Vital Personal Needs!

Saving Money
Financial Independence

I don’t know anyone who does not like to save money! And especially if you can save money on vital personal needs that is even better.




Ok, today I have the opportunity of sharing with you how to save money on three vital personal need areas that absolutely every one of my readers needs…or at least two of the three, and most likely all three. For some readers they will be excited to move ahead now once they know what is available to them, for another group of readers the timing is not right yet (procrastination?) however in the future they will absolutely take advantage of two if not three, and then the third group will find a way to rationalize why none of these will ever be important to them.

And this is why I emphasize the importance of critical decision-making skills. And that is fine! My self-imposed responsibility to you is to provide valuable information to you for your evaluation and decision process. It goes back to the proposition that if you are going to take advantage of something then you must know about it first! If you already know about this then write that in the comments and let me know ok.

The final consideration is that I am making available information for you to request, read, view and evaluate for yourself. There is some effort on your part to request and read about the specific details on these subjects including how much you can save, what the products and services consist of, and how to go about obtaining the services. If you are serious about achieving financial independence you will be serious about reading this information. Please disregard all the shiny things in front of you and pay some serious attention…avoid the distractions of our 32 second attention span society!

Now I will give you the three personal need areas and a brief description of why it should be as important to you as they are to me. First Need… Do you have your Will, Living Will, and Health Care Power of Attorney documents prepared yet? Does your spouse or partner? (These are known as Estate Planning documents…and you may even want to consider Trust documents depending on your financial circumstances.)

The reason that I bring this up is because of this study…Published in 2007, Harris Interactive® for Martindale-Hubbell® conducted a research study finding that for the last three years, 55% of all adult Americans do not have a will. Only one in three African-American adults (32 percent) and one in four Hispanic American adults (26 percent) have wills, compared to more than half (52 percent) of white American adults.

Do you know that if you die without a Will that the Courts will use Probate Laws to distribute your wealth, including deciding the custody of your non-adult children? Do you consider yourself a responsible, prudent adult? Have you done anything about these issues yet? Now is the time to take action! Would you be interested in knowing how to solve this issue very economically for yourself… and your spouse or partner?

Second Need… Have you ever received a traffic ticket or violation citation? Has your spouse or partner? Have any of your non-adult children ever received a citation? More importantly now, is it possible that any of you could receive a citation in the future? Would you like for a qualified attorney to represent any of you or your family in court for a future violation should it ever occur? If so you must prepare for this event as there is a qualification period. Are you aware that if you receive points on your driver’s license as a result of a convicted violation that your automobile insurance is likely to increase by $60-$70 per month for 36 months? The math says that this is more than a $2,100 increase in your premiums for 3 years….how do you feel about that?

And if someone in your family should ever be charged with vehicular homicide or similar charges, does your automobile insurance provide you with legal representation in court? In some cases representation costs are more than $100,000. Does your cash reserve cover this? Would you be interested in knowing how to solve this issue very economically for yourself… and your family?

Third Need… Have you considered starting your own business or do you currently have a business of any kind? Would you like to be provided with and implement a proven marketing system, learn and implement Attraction Marketing skills, learn and implement Blogging skills…all for less than an initial investment of $175? My personal estimate of the long-term value of these two items is over 7 figures. Many people have paid an initial investment of more than $25,000 for much, much less in value.

Ann Sieg
The 7 Great Lies of Internet Marketing

Would you be interested in knowing the potential value of Attraction Marketing and Blogging to your business or organization? Then at the top right of this page request and read the free copy of the “7 Lies of Network Marketing”, and then the “Attraction Marketers Manifesto” that is also free.




If you would like to know more about economical solutions for each of these key needs described above, please contact me at any time by email on or by phone at 407-749-9395.

Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant


Keys To A Successful Home Based Business!

Home Business
Work From Home







This post is to share my ideas about the

“keys to a successful home based business!”


If you are thinking about or are already running your home based business I recommend that you read these recommendations and determine if they have been considered in your present or future business. My experiences say that these considerations  are critical to achieving major success in your own business.

If you have followed my posts for the last few days you will remember that the latest data reveals that only about 3% of those working on the internet have broken even and made as much money as they have invested. Right now some 32 million people are working on the internet without making any profit and wondering why? This is supposed to be simple!

Next you would remember the 80/20 rule where some 20% of the U.S. population continues to educate and retrain themselves in order to be employed successfully. And because they take this action they typically wind up with the jobs.

There are at least three other major considerations regarding business success that I would like to share with you regarding your new or future home based business.

The first major consideration is that to make the 3% or the 20% categories of success above that it will be very important to associate yourself with a team of professionals that can and will give you ongoing guidance and advice as you work to make your business successful. A business is an ongoing process, not an isolated event, and advice, decisions, corrections and actions must be taken daily to assure success and avoid failure.

Stay Active
Make Some Travel Money

The second key consideration is for you to have a proven marketing system that will generate adequate prospects for your business so that buyers will generate the sales volume to produce the desired profits to sustain your business. How many buyers will you need at the price levels of your products and services to generate needed profitability? How many prospects will you need to have consider your products and services to produce the number of buyers that you will need? How many prospects will turn out to be buyers?

Self Employed
Online Jobs From Home

The final major consideration is the amount of start-up cash  and ongoing
working money that you can invest in your business. Do you have $100 to $500 minimum as start-up money and will you be able to invest $100 or more per month in the necessary expenses that any business faces? These are minimum amounts, however unless you can set aside these amounts to assure success I would recommend that you find a way to provide the funds through loans or begin savings now.

It Can Be Done
Build Your Business!

I have a very favorite saying that I repeat to myself from time-to-time and that is…”you don’t know what you don’t know” which means to me that you can either work with someone who does know or you can find these things out on your own by experience. It is a lot more fun to follow a successful, proven approach with someone who you can trust and have confidence in working alongside.

It would be a pleasure to work with you if these considerations make sense to you and you are ready to get started. Get in touch with me now to discuss what you want to accomplish! Contact me on email at or call me on 407-749-9395.

Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant


Solutions To America’s Unemployment Crisis

God Bless america
United States

Yes, there are solutions to America’s Unemployment Crisis! And it is up to you and I to provide them until we can find leadership that is truly interested in the welfare and livelihood of the American people.

While driving I truly enjoy listening to a variety of smart, conservative, logical talk show hosts, both local and national. Today while driving to my local places of business I heard some startling figures that point to the real state of our nation. The first was that we are at the lowest number of employed workers in many years. So many people have given up on finding jobs and are no longer counted in the work force…and that it actually benefits the employment numbers game. The second number that I heard was that “real unemployment” is close to 24% when counting everyone that would really like to be working. The third number that was so disappointing is that the Average American family’s wages in 2012 was $31,000 and less than previous years.

I am sure that many of you agree with me that the mainstream media and this administration don’t even want to talk about these numbers…and that is a shame…because you and I have to live with them. Somehow we have to find a way to overcome the bureaucratic government takeover of private sector jobs, reduce regulations, implement a simple tax system such as The Fair Tax, allow the energy sector to build pipelines and mine coal as much
as we can and as much as we need.  Why should we be sending our precious American dollars for gasoline and oil to the far east??? This money could be much better spent at home.

I don’t know about you however I am as active as I can be with my government leaders, letting them know how strongly I feel about every key issue.

I really enjoyed Brian Tracy’s video below…he nailed our situation and offers sound solutions…are you also concerned about our situation and what to do about it? Brian also talks about the 80/20 rule where 20% of the population always continue to reinvent themselves by learning new skills…he is singing in my choir as that is exactly what I am promoting with you.

America’s Unemployment Crisis

Brian Tracy

Let’s call on our leaders to begin tackling the real issues of this country, not just the political and social issues that bring in votes and political power.

Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant


Learn Blogging and Attraction Marketing Skills To Get To Top 3%

Marketing Strategy
Attraction Marketing

This post describes the challenges and the benefits that can accrue to those that learn blogging and attraction marketing skills to get to top 3% of all internet marketer performers!

It is remarkable to learn that the most current data shows  that 97% of internet marketers…or about 15 million people at that time in the U.S…had never broken even or made a dollar of profit on the internet. Recent information on this subject is limited however it is estimated that more than 40 million people in the U.S. are now working on the internet for the purposes of making an income. Assuming the same success rates of less than 5 years ago this means that more than 38 million of those trying real hard are just not profitable. Let’s be generous and estimate that 20% of the 40 million were profitable….which would leave some 32 million people giving it all that they have and unfortunately are spinning their wheels while spending more than they are making.  Most realistic estimates are only about 5% are profitable which is a real serious challenge. Few are aware of this and jump in because there are few other solutions.

Network Marketing
Smart Poor People

We are bombarded with get-rich quick schemes on the internet including those business opportunities that tell you that you can work from home for 15-20 hours per week and make $4,000 per month or more.  So the natural course of events is that with one or more computers in every household, and with a need for more money to pay the bills, it is very easy to believe that some of these claims are true.  A limited number may be, however just because you have a computer with time on your hands…does not assure a $100 or $500 or $1,000 a week or more income. With an estimated 2.4 billion people working on the internet today, how do you think you will find your target market that wants to buy your products? This is like knowing that 2.4 billion cars are driving around over the world every day and thinking that some of those  cars will miraculously find your business and buy from you!!! Why would they find your business?

Attraction Marketing
Super Success!

There are thousands of people moving from one opportunity to another daily on the internet seeking a profitable opportunity that will make them financially independent. There are also thousands of professionals including financial advisors, lawyers, doctors, CPA’s and others who have begun or are considering how to gain an effective, profitable presence on the internet. Where should you turn for an answer?


Here is my solution for those seeking an answer. Just as we must develop skills to perform any meaningful task including your profession, whatever that may be,  it has been proven  to me through many years of first-hand experience that developing effective and profitable unique skills in network marketing are just as essential. And the real truth is that very few people have broken the marketing code and understand how a few hours a week or more can lead you to a very successful internet presence creating valuable content that attracts buyers who are looking for what you have to offer.  I submit to you that powerful solutions rest with your development of Attraction Marketing and Blogging skills….with the right experts and team to work with you along the way.

My offer to help you get started is that you request the free book at the top right ofThe 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing this page….The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing…read those valuable few pages…then request the free book The Renegade Marketers Manifesto. I assure you if you are marketing savvy that these books will be a revelation to you. Keep me posted as to your progress as developing a successful internet market approach is an ongoing process…and not an event. I will be available to you at all times.

Please contact me on the internet at or on the phone at 407-749-9395.

Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant


Are you ready to learn attraction marketing skills?

This post is about finding those people  who are ready to say yes to the question.. “are you ready to learn attraction marketing skills?”.  I know that some  of you are,  some are not ready yet, and some will never even want to know what it means.  And that is fine. From my readers I understand that some of you are ready to get started now and I am ready to show you what to do next to get started.  I  look forward to working with you and helping you every step of the way

Grow Your Business!

It doesn’t really matter what kind of business or profession you have or are considering…other than if it is “for profit” or “non-profit”.  If it is “for profit” then you will need to have customers willing to pay you for your products or services because they offer value to them.

There must be something (called value) about your offer, at a price that is acceptable to a buyer, that makes the buyer agreeable to paying your price for the products or services.

Now, how are you going to find enough prospects to know about your products and services? Who will be your target market?

Just because you rent a storefront building, office, or booth space, or advertise on tv, news media, radio, on the internet or anywhere else does not mean that anyone that could be a prospect will find you and will look at your products and services. This myth is why small businesses fail…especially internet businesses and typically 95-97%.

What do you do when there is something you need? You search for it somehow! Right!

So what is your marketing plan? How will you find enough interested prospects to accomplish enough sales to make your business profitable? What if you have a current business or you are a professional in any field?  Are you aware of proven marketing techniques that will teach you how to attract potential buyers to you that may develop into a qualified prospect for your products or services? I am not talking about advertising methods and their high costs. I am talking with you about attraction marketing techniques that will teach you how to have people who are looking for your products and services and find you and come to you.

Ann Sieg
The 7 Great Lies of Internet Marketing

How do you get started?  Your first step is to go to the top right of this page and request a free copy of the “Seven Great Lies of Network Marketing”.  After you read that and you agree that this is an approach that you agree with and that it can work for you then request and read a free copy of the “Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto”.  By reading these two documents you will decide how you want to proceed…and please contact me along the way so that I can answer any questions that you may have.

Law of Attraction
Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto


Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant


Recession and Your Financial Goals

Today’s post is about how we must deal with the current 5-year long recession and your financial goals…and what we can do to achieve your financial goals in the midst of this very severe economic downturn. Has this economy affected you in achieving your financial goals? It certainly has affected me. And frankly I don’t see any outside help in sight.  We are now the “regulation nation”, we have added more taxes for virtually everyone, we are seeing the suppression of truth and honesty, and as a result we have very little trust in our government.  Can we really thrive as a nation where the wealthier class supports the remainder with lenient social programs?

Can we as individuals overcome these major obstacles? It is a tremendous challenge!

Financial Independence

My answer is absolutely YES! To me the real “American Way” is when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And I am talking about individuals now…not government. What is going on with our government is frightening in terms of intrusion on our freedoms, our constitutional rights, unbridled government spending, and wastefulness. Unless we change the way that our government is being managed, I have great concerns for the long term existance of our country as a republic.

And now I come back to the individual American citizen. I have great confidence that enough of our citizens are going to stand up and fight for our freedoms until we can get this country on the right track again. We have many citizens of this country that will not accept and talk about what is real truth now. Political correctness is destroying many values in our lives. Many are so very disinterested in what is going on that even some college students do not know about current events including who is the Vice President of the U.S..   I believe that truth will win out. This is a nation founded under God’s principles and beliefs, and I pray that He will lead us in the right path.

keys to success
financial independence

In the meantime as we gather hands to correct our government, I think the even more serious issue is the welfare of Americans who are struggling for financial security and independence. I submit that the only way for us to individually overcome these obstacles is for each person to take strong responsibility for their own personal financial well-being including finding a way to achieve financial independence. I believe that each person in financial need identify skills that they have and determine how to share those skills and bring value to others. This means many self-based and home-based businesses to bootstrap each of us to prosperity.

And I offer to help individuals find those opportunities where they can become successful and to teach them how to market themselves successfully. For discussion contact me on email at or by phone at 407-749-9395.

Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant

Getting Started

Take Action
Get Started Now!

Now let’s talk about “Getting Started“…with your new business,  or with a new blog, or a new project, or a new income stream, or a new responsibility! It can be any opportunity that is waiting for you to take action and get things underway and going!. Planning is wonderful and necessary however unnecessary procrastination is costly and destructive. Do you face a situation or opportunity where you are just very afraid to take the first step or action? Is fear holding you back? Are you afraid that you will fail? Are you afraid that you will lose money? Are you afraid that you will be embarrassed by your family or friends? Ask yourself….what is holding me back? Fear is a tremendous power over positive actions!

Get Started!

If you do have some fears, those can be normal however not to the extent that it will stop you from getting started. To get yourself motivated and more confident to get started…think about the results that you can achieve if you proceed right now! Obviously you have envisioned some major benefits that will be very beneficial to you…is it more income? Is it being able to work from home and staying with your loved ones? Is it to pursue a dream or a career that you have dreamed about all your life? Is it to help people do something that they currently cannot do for themselves? What I am asking you to do is to put that goal on something tangible that you can see like a photograph or a piece of paper or something that will remind you of your goal every day…preferably every hour! This will keep you motivated and energized to get started. We must think of the end results in order to start the engine, get the fuel and provisions to get you on that road to successful accomplishment! We all can use motivators to get us going as well…

I would like to share three exceptional motivational authors with you that if you read their books you will be very thrilled that you did. The first is “The Magic of Thinking Big” by Dr. David Schwartz, PhD…a book that has meant so much to my life. The second is…”The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. The third is “How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

I was blessed by receiving a guest post from an associate last week. The post is very motivational to me and I think you will enjoy it as well…

Need More Business? (Guest Post by Julie Fleming)

June 14, 2013 by 

When did you last do something outside your comfort zone to grow your business? Comfortable and safe are usually not effective for creating rapid business growth. You (and your business) will grow every time you step up to a new level. But that can be nerve-wracking! New behaviors, especially those that play out in public for others to see, can be difficult. What if we fail?  What if we look stupid?  What if we really mess up?

Read more: 


I trust that you enjoyed this excellent post by Julie.

Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant

Music - 6.14.2013 - Lee Greenwood - Tom Jones - Top 10 Female Country - Tony Bennett -Patsy Cline - Frank Sinatra

Great Music of all times for your listening pleasure!

Lee Greenwood - God Bless The U.S.A.

Tom Jones - The Green Green Grass Of Home

Top 10 Hot Female Country Music Artists

Tony Bennett - I Left My Heart In San Francisco

Patsy Cline - I Fall To Pieces

Frank Sinatra - The best of Frank Sinatra collection

Hope you enjoyed all…let me hear your requests!

I wish you a great weekend!

Dan Norris

9 Ways To Build A Professional Team Of Your Dreams!

Your Professional Team
Build Your Professional Team

Competitive people want their professional team to win…no matter what their team is playing. The same applies to your own personal team of professionals! This post is about nine ways to build a professional team of your dreams! Since you may be unsure about how build an expert team here are some recommendations from experience.

My last two posts have focused on the “decision-making process” and the “decision-making process - critical thinking skills”.  Much of where we are in our life is the results of the decisions that we make.  I believe that a “team of professionals” is vital to your achieving financial independence. This team should consist of several professionals that are proficient in a critical lifestyle affecting subject…and how to deal with it more effectively than you! No offense intended…however the reality is that each of us develops ourselves to deal effectively with a given career field. We cannot be everything to everybody…which is why I am sharing my opinions on “9 Ways to Build A Professional Team of Your Dreams!”

Tax Preparation and Advice - Selection of a person or business for this task depends upon the complexity of your taxable circumstances.  I prefer and recommend the services of a qualified, experienced CPA or firm with more than 10 years of experience and are well recommended.   I also recommend interviewing at least (3) candidates and discussing ways that they work and their fees for first year and ongoing years.

Financial Advisor - In this case I recommend the services of a comprehensive financial advisor or planner that analyzes and makes recommendations for all facets of your financial and risk management life needs. You may meet brokers, stock brokers or traders that are called financial advisors, however  typically they only buy, sell, or trade your assets.   My recommendation is to interview at least (3) (CFP) Certified Financial Planners with more than 10 years of experience, perform comprehensive financial planning, and are well recommended. Discuss fees for first year and ongoing years.

Law Firm - Here you will need to select a firm that has attorneys that are competent in many fields of law..and are affordable.   Simply hiring an attorney at the time of need may prove very costly and less effective.  You can read more about why attorneys are so very important by purchasing a copy of the book describing The Law and Legal Service Plans available on this page.

Business Consultation - My 50+ years of individual performer, managerial, and executive experiences across five business fields gives me valuable insight into the start-up and management of businesses successfully. Please read “Work With Dan” tab for info.

Dan Norris



Insurance Broker - a professional, well-trained and licensed insurance broker can be an excellent professional asset to your business. Your financial advisor will be trained in certain fields of personal insurance however an insurance broker focused on the insurance industry can offer excellent advice in most cases.

Attraction Marketing - This subject is also called Content Marketing and Attraction Marketing. I refer you to the leader in that field, Ann Sieg, for her insight and recommendations.

The 7 Lies of Internet Marketing
Ann SiegMarketing. Any type of business or professional, small or large, that depends upon finding customers to buy their products or services, can benefit from Attraction Marketing. The purposes are to establish a presence on the internet and to attract customers to that site  so that the buyer and seller communicate on what is offered and the buyer has the option of deciding if these solutions meet their needs. This methodology reaches millions of individuals on the internet and applies attraction techniques as compared to techniques that employ searching or advertising for buyers.  I recommend Ann Sieg and her organization as the leading trainer in the Attraction Marketing industry, as more than 350,000 people internationally have studied with her. I recommend that you read the following two free documents by Ann Sieg…

The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing

The Attraction Marketers Manifesto

Blogging - The process of developing content and creating copy is an essential part of

MLM BlogSecrets
Ty Tribble

Attraction Marketing. Ann Sieg has teamed with Ty Tribble, a #1 Blogger in the U.S. since 2003, to develop the art of blogging. Ty is considered a master of the art of blogging and I recommend him as the individual to train you in this important process.

                                                    MLM Blog Secrets 

Blog Designer - Lorraine McNulty is an award-winning blog designer that I highly recommend. She has many years of experience in website building and blogging.  She may

Attraction Marketing
Build A Blog

be contacted at the following location…

Lorraine has a wealth of knowledge and is one of my several mentors.




Online Marketing Strategies - Edwin Cabrera is an outstanding consultant class educator

Martial Arts
Online Marketing Strategies

deeply involved in Attraction Marketing. Edwin continues to study with and participate in Ann Sieg’s tiered educational program and Edwin is in the Advanced Class of this program.

Edwin has been a main mentor to me in my beginning in Attraction Marketing and coming up to speed. A wealth of knowledge…and he can focus on the Educator Market when needed. You can contact Edwin at this link…

Attraction Marketing and Graphics Art - Deanna Evertt is an excellent professional in the Attraction Marketing field and recently

provided the cover design for my new book…

Book Cover Design
Attraction MarketingGraphics Artist Designer

The Law and Legal Service Plans.

You may contact Deanna Evertt at the following link…

I am very privileged to introduce this excellent team of professionals to you! I trust that you find this information very helpful!

If you would like more information please email me on or call me on 407-749-9395.


Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant

Decision Making Process and Critical Thinking Skills

Critical Thinking Skills
Einstein - Critical Thinking

Which is more important? The Decision Making Process or Critical Thinking Skills? Yesterday my post focused on the Decision Making Process...the steps…the importance of the very first decision in the process deciding “do I have a need”? And if you get this first decision wrong then obviously you have made a bad decision on the entire subject. For example, if you are making a decision as to whether you may need professionals to help you with a specific area of need and you decide that you don’t have a need in that area, when in fact you obviously do have a need, then you have ignored the need, not understood the potential consequences of ignoring the need, or you decide that you will take the risk and the consequences which typically is an irresponsible conclusion.

Just Look Up The Answers
Just Look Up The Answers

I am sure that none of my readers want to consider themselves irresponsible.  Probably the most recurring conclusion is that…yes, I have the need but cannot afford to do anything about it. If this is the case then your income is not at the right levels and that is certainly an issue. You need to be talking with a competent person who can help you earn more money!

From Wikipedia on Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is an important component of most professions. It is a part of formal education and is increasingly significant as students progress through university to graduate education,

Read more

The Critical Thinking Community

Mission: Critical thinking is essential if we are to get to the root of our problems and  develop reasonable solutions. After all, the quality of everything we do is determined by the quality of our thinking.

Read more

Critical Thinking Skills
Decision Making Process

I see many very intelligent professionals make incorrect decisions on the first decision question in the decision process…“do I have a need?”  This specifically applies in the case of the decision on “do I need the services of a financial advisor, a CPA, a law firm, a business consultant or trainer, an insurance broker,  or a doctor”. Much of my life has been devoted to working with responsible people who realize that their lives can be much better if they elect to select and work with professionals in these fields. In building my practice as a financial advisor I found more than (300) people who agreed that it would be in their best interests to work with a professional financial advisor and respected company.

I consider that your decisions on these key issues really decide what level of financial independence you will ever achieve.RealLife I would encourage you as professionals and good business managers to rethink your decisions on key needs to accomplish financial independence and ask yourself…do I really need that professional or am I just kidding myself that I can do it myself? I assure you my friend if you have decided that you are going to do all of your professional jobs yourself, you will never have the opportunity to achieve financial independence. There is a thin line between mediocrity and brilliance…the same for excellent success and just getting by. Some describe it as an “edge”. What do you prefer for you and your family? Tomorrow’s post…a review of key professionals that I know can help you tremendously! Sometimes you may not know the right solutions for your needs.


Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant


Decision Making Process

Logical Steps to Decision Making.
Decision Making

This post is about the importance of the decision-making process…and how it affects our lives! Most would agree that good, sound decision-making will lead to much better conclusions and a better lifestyle than sloppy,  risky, whimsical, so-what methods.  I submit that you can significantly improve your financial status and overall quality of your lifestyle by employing good decision-making! Have you ever considered this topic seriously? Have you ever had a course in decision-making? I am pleased to say that I have on several occasions.

We see the options!
No help here!

There are many scientific methods that you can select to identify and use to reach good decisions however most of the time we use our emotions and feelings about the situation or opportunity in order to reach a decision or action. The first question that we face particularly in a buying decision is “do I have a need?”….or “could the outcome be significantly improved?” and that is a very logical question… but only if you answer these questions correctly. If you answer them incorrectly then your first decision is a very poor one and it can be very costly to you. We see people go to the auto dealership and buy into very expensive automobiles…many times when they didn’t have a need for the expensive model however wanted “to feel good” or wanted “to display a status of success” or other emotional reason. Obviously they were not driven by logical needs, they were driven by emotional reasons.

Logical or Emotional
Buying Decision Process

This emotional process can very often cloud the “real needs” that we have and therefore many times as a result we make poor decisions about how we should proceed. I believe strongly that for any area of expertise in which you are not an expert, that you should call upon professionals who can give you advice and training if necessary, on that particular topic, and then you are much better equipped to make better decisions. For important decisions about your financial independence I highly recommend that you employ a highly qualified team of well qualified financial advisors to assist you in financial planning, CPA’s for your tax preparation, law firms for your legal needs, an insurance agent that truly understands all aspects of risk management, doctors for your medical needs, and business consultants for helping you to grow your business.22436437_1

The rationale for this team of professionals is that each of these professional specialties are well-trained and educated to give you the best of advice and full range of alternatives so that you, yes you and not them, can make the best decisions in your own interests. I further believe strongly that all of these professionals should be selected well in advance of any crisis or critical need so that you avoid the potential mistakes of making last-minute quick decisions that may not prove to be the right ones. Critical circumstances can occur at any time in all of these areas, and the prudent, responsible individual and family leaders will have prepared themselves well in advance.

I would welcome your thoughts on these beliefs and recommendations. You may contact me on email at or on the phone on 407-749-9395.

Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant

Would You Support This?

After devoting my post to “Tax Reform - Can It Be Done?” yesterday I was very pleased to visit Neal Boortz blog site today to find that Neal was up at 3:30 a.m. this morning writing the post below. I was among the millions of Americans who listened to Neal on his morning talk show for many years…and I for one miss he and his friends on that show tremendously. The day was brighter listening to this former attorney give us his very honest assessments of reality and humor.

To the point, it seems that many people are contacting Neal Boortz and asking him to take up the cause to do a great service for this country…that is…get “The Fair Tax” enacted now. The timing is right! And you can read Neal’s primary concerns in his blog post today. Neal plans to meet soon with John Linder, retired Congressman and co-author of two books with Neal on “The Fair Tax“.

Neal Boortz and John Linder
The Fair Tax Book

I ask you to seriously consider how your personal support of getting “The Fair Tax” passed in this country could benefit you, your family, heirs, friends, and all citizens of America. This is a very simple to understand proposal…in fact you are already doing it everyday when you go to the grocery store. If you will invest a few minutes in reading about the overwhelming benefits that would accrue to our economy, our lifestyles and our freedom from political control, you will thank Neal and John for the rest of your lives…saying this was the greatest thing that ever happened to our country. To get started in your support I recommend that you join Neal’s Nuze and let he and John Linder know how you feel…clearly and often! I think this country’s citizens need a cause to unite them into one country rather than the current two…I believe this can be the motivation to bring us all together again…if we can just get the uninformed to stop for a minute and help improve themselves and their lifestyles as well.

God Bless America! Here is Neal’s blog post for today…

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Posted: 8:36 a.m. Monday, June 10, 2013   By Neal Boortz

Pardon me while I rant for a while…with a purpose.

Leo Linbeck Jr. passed away last week.  Some of you know his name; most of you do not.  Considering the current news about the gross misuse of the IRS by the 0bama Administration, the name should be important to you.

It was Leo Linbeck, along with Bob Trotter and Robert McNeil, who pulled together about $22 million dollars to fund a study on how to reform our destructive tax system in the United States.  McNeil, the owner of the Houston Oilers NFL team, is the only surviving member of the group. These three should be remembered as true American heroes and patriots.

Linbeck and his friends hired accountants, economists, financial experts, political scientists and other experts in government and business to develop an alternative to our current tax system.  Researchers came from such prestigious institutions as Harvard and MIT.  Focus groups were formed to listen to the various plans being considered.  A member of one such focus group, after hearing the details of the tax reform plan being considered, said “now that’s a fair tax.”  The name was born, and The FairTax was introduced as a bill in congress by Georgia Congressman John Linder.

Never, in the entire history of the Congress of the United States, has any legislation been introduced backed by so much research — and that, by the way, includes ObamaCare.

Congressman Linder and I wrote “The FairTax Book” eight years ago in 2005.  It debuted No. 1 on the New York Times Bestseller’s List.  A book about TAXES … No. 1.  That shouldn’t happen, but it did … showing the hunger that existed in the American public for some way to get rid of the IRS and simplify our federal tax system; change it from one that discourages and punishes achievement, to one that rewards work and protects every families ability to provide for their own basic needs before funding our bloated and often-wasteful federal government.  Two years later Linder and I, along with now-Congressman Rob Woodall, wrote another book, “FairTax, The Truth, Answering the Critics”  This one came out as No. 2.  The public’s appetite for true and meaningful tax reform was still strong.

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Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant

Tax Reform - Can It Be Done?

I write this Blog post tonight with concerns and fears that  government and IRS representatives will seek me out to question my patriotism and my political preferences for expressing these opinions.  I am really embarrassed to admit this however our country is not the same as it used to be. My choices for government are smaller size rather than larger, fiscal budgeting, much less spending and more constraint, adherence to the Constitution and Laws of the land, avoidance of waste, and changing the tax code to be fair to every citizen as opposed to favoring specific sectors of the economy as it does now. The Internal Revenue Code and the Legal System give political parties in this country incredible amounts of power that can be wielded to control political opinion, businesses, and the population as a whole. We know that either party can be in power at one time or another and citizens should not fear that any government is going to penalize them for free speech. Free speech is the pillar of our democracy!

As I consider all of the possible actions that we could take to make this country a better

Justice In Our Tax System

place to live, my favorite is Tax Reform. Why? The reasons are many.

Our government controls each citizen with the current legal Internal Revenue Code. The Internal Revenue Code consists of thousands of pages of regulations and can be viewed online in its entirety at . Several thousand lobbyists, businesses, special interest groups, labor groups, individuals and others are constantly trying to accomplish changes to the IRC to benefit their causes.
Changes are accomplished through the Congress and Senate and this gives the power to members of those legislative branches.  The President approves or disapproves the laws and the Supreme Court decides the Constitutionality of those laws passed.

According to the IRS in 2008 there were a bit over 142 million individual tax returns filed. There are many estimates as to how much time it takes on average to file a return. I will not enter into that arena of guessing however I bet it averages more than 10 hours per person. There are also 1.3 million accountants employed in the business of filing tax returns. Some guesses have been made as high as a total of 6.2 billion hours go into tax preparation and filings although this is an estimate.

To me it would be much better if the government did not have any controls over it’s citizens. I always thought that the citizens should have control over the government??? Have we given up on this right? How do we get our country back? By changing our tax code for one!

For years I have followed proponents of the FAIR TAX.  I really like the idea as it would be fair to everyone who buys anything, it takes cash businesses out of the darkness, there would be no Internal Revenue Code and no filing of individual income taxes…which means a very strongly reduced IRS with limited power. How nice would that be? If you haven’t heard of this yet…I hope that you will do some reading…John Linder and Neal Boortz are the proponents of this Bill and have published several books on The Fair Tax…The Fair Tax Book: Saying Goodbye to the Income Tax and the IRS [Paperback] Neal Boortz , John Linder

The Fair Tax Act

First proposed in Congress in 1999, the Fair Tax Act has since been re-introduced at the beginning of each new congressional session. Some of the most respected federal lawmakers have signed on to help sponsor this bill each time a new congressional session begins. Georgia’s Saxby Chambliss helped sponsor this bill in the Senate, while Georgia Rep. John Linder did so in the House. While this bill hasn’t been passed, it is gaining new sponsors every year.  Read more: The Fair Tax Act | eHow

We could do our country and it’s citizens a tremendous service by understanding how a flat tax would work and to realize all the advantages that are available to us. Are you interested?

Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant


Big Brother is watching you!

What a week for our country! Everyday seems to offer a startling revelation about the unbelievable political activities going on in this the greatest country in the world.  What is going on in our country is totally upside down from that which I have known throughout my entire lifetime! Do you feel the same way? Are you as concerned as I am? I am very proud to be an American and I am proud of this country.

I am very concerned about the Constitutional Rights that our Patriots and millions of military men and women have fought and died for since 1775 are now being given up to satisfy the political goals by those wanting more power while giving up your and my freedoms! And they do it without even being honest with us about what they are doing.

As a result of an administration that is refusing to be honest with the American people we have now multiple government abuses of power including…

All of this is occurring in a supposed democracy or republic where the majority of the major media outlets refuse to report the truth to the American Public. These supposed “professional news media” consistently practice biased reporting and avoidance of reporting in favor of the current administration…and have done so for many years. This media has one set of standards for the liberal agenda and another for the conservative agenda. The only major TV station that practices professional reporting is FOX News. And thank goodness for radio talk show hosts and the blog media.

Four brave Americans killed in Benghazi including an American Ambassador on American soil…with our military being ordered not to respond…the Secretary of State has not taken responsibility… and the President has yet to reveal what he was doing from 5 pm on 9-11 throughout the night…amazingly different from the photo-op provided during the Bin-Laden killing. And the irony of the situation is that the President and Secretary of State lied and blamed this event on a video…and the person that created the video is still in jail. Why the cover-up other than to get re-elected?

We have proof now of the IRS taking actions to stop conservative actions to begin 501 C4 organizations for non-profit political actions…as of this weekend the trail leads back to Washington…contrary to the statements of IRS leadership so far.

The criminal investigation and monitoring of the Fox and AP news media with the attorney general telling congress we would never do that…knowing full well that he had signed the order to have this done…and the President has from the beginning attacked Fox News for not agreeing with his credibility, background, qualifications and believability.

And now we hear this week that the NSA…National Security Agency is monitoring more than 100 million citizens telephones as well as much of the social media and internet server…Yahoo…Google…et al…industry are providing data collected to the government. The culture and intimidation shown in the “Fast and Furious” investigation was just the beginning of arrogance and disregard for the Constitution shown by this Administration. The Federal Government filing suit against the State of Arizona over immigration issues is also unbelievable.

And also this week the Susan Rice appointment as National Security Advisor…the person who delivered the known untrue message to the American people through all the media.

Our government controls us as citizens in this country through our “legal system” and our “tax system”.  It is my opinion that neither of these systems as well as the socialistic, no constraint spend as much as you can political leaders, are acting in the best interests of the citizens of this country. How do you feel about this? Do you agree? Do you disagree?

Do you remember this movie?

Big Brother (Nineteen Eighty-Four)  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Big Brother is a fictional character in George Orwell‘s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. He is the enigmatic dictator of Oceania, a totalitarian state taken to its utmost logical consequence – where the ruling Party wields total power for its own sake over the inhabitants.

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Who is protecting your rights? I know who is protecting mine.

I believe that we as citizens must make our voices heard to our elected representatives.

Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant

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Hello Weekend Warriors…welcome! The message tonight is to give you some great music to enjoy and also to introduce you to my primary mentor professor at Georgia State University…Dr. David J. Schwartz…the author of a tremendously popular book…

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