Lincoln The Movie-Opinion-Restore Your Confidence In The U.S and the Constitution!

lincolnOn my birthday today I saw the movie LINCOLN,  and in my opinion this is one of the best movies of the century! Directed by Stephen Spielberg, the movie grabs your attention from the very beginning…and I saw many watchers stay in their seats for 3-5 minutes after the movie ended… not wanting to leave the tremendous performance of an outstanding cast of characters….all focused on recapturing the Congress passage of the 13th Constitutional Amendment.  This was a history making landmark event that every American should have the opportunity to see and appreciate.

I invite you to go to this link…. to see the sponsors and cast of this movie.

As you view this movie, I think your confidence will be restored in the power and truth of our United States Constitution. For those lawmakers and politicians that believe in the Constitution and giving truth to the American  people, we will always support them. For those politicians that lie and try to avoid the Constitution in my opinion they are destined to fail and to be destructive to our country.

Abraham Lincoln believed in the Constitution, believed in truth and a strong belief in God for this country, and the citizens loved him. Unfortunately he paid the ultimate price for living according to his convictions and doing every thing that he could to protect and grow this country. I pray that we could now have this kind of leadership, belief in the Constitution and the interests of the American people, by the current leadership of our country.

Equally as important for American citizens to watch is the movie, Obama 2016. You won’t find it in local theaters very often because there is a move to keep the movie unknown. I have yet to see any of the major media even mention the movie. I saw it in August 2012 and it solidified my beliefs in where this country is now being led. I invite you to do a search on The Movie, Obama 2016 and determine if you can see it in a theatre or whether it is necessary to buy a DVD. I just did a search and found that it is now a free download. In my opinion this is a comparison of current presidential leadership that is in stark contrast to the highly respected Abraham Lincoln.

I hope that you will first watch this movie… LINCOLN! and give repect to this man!

Merry Christmas!

Dan Norris

Your small business and frivolous lawsuits

Your small business and frivolous lawsuits



Release Date: Jul 08, 2010Contact: 888-249-NEWS

Lawsuits Cost Small Businesses $105 Billion, Study Shows

U.S. Chamber Study: Cost of Lawsuits Another Burden for America’s Job Creators

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Lawsuit Abuse: A Threat to America’s Small Businesses

Institute For Legal Reform·



America needs more jobs, not more lawsuits

Institute For Legal Reform



Small businesses forced to fight frivolous lawsuits

Faces of Lawsuit Abuse


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Lawsuit abuse is having a devastating impact on our society

Lawsuit abuse is having a devastating impact on our society.

This week I learned of the following website called Faces of Lawsuit which is truly displaying the faces of many who have been shocked by abusive lawsuits. I invite you to visit both their website and their Facebook page to become aware of the awful results of what so many people are facing.

This information comes from this link 199536_10150127184601623_4155751_n

and from the Facebook page found at

The Last Week: How Lawsuits Killed an American Iconth_c948bcc9b25d8f67a74abae10eb0e1df_1354686804ScreenShot2012-12-04at11.52.35PM.png

At its peak, Blitz USA, the 50-year-old producer of three out of every four portable gas cans nationwide, employed 350 people in the small town of Miami, Oklahoma. But over the last decade, a wave of costly litigation took its toll, and lawsuits finally drove the company out of business…

Lawsuit abuse is having a devastating impact on our society.

Key Facts:

      73% of voters say lawyers benefit the most from lawsuits; only 4% say victims do.

Election night poll of 800 voters conducted on November 4, 2008 by Public Opinion Strategies

      83% of voters say the number of frivolous lawsuits is a serious problem.

Election night poll of 800 voters conducted on November 4, 2008 by Public Opinion Strategies

Three-quarters of all small business owners in America are concerned they might be the target of a frivolous or unfair lawsuit. Of those who are most concerned, six in ten say the fear of lawsuits makes them feel more constrained in making business decisions generally, and 54 percent say lawsuits or the threat of lawsuits forced them to make decisions they otherwise would not have made.
Small Businesses: How the Threat of Lawsuits Impacts Their Operations


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World War II Posters Found!

Our country today has multi-millions of residents who have no historical knowledge of America, its
moral concepts or patriotism, and because they are not aware may have very little respect for this
country! And unfortunately we allow those who do not value and appreciate this country to make
major decisions for us. Do we still have those who want to stand up for freedom?
Many of our residents know little about World War II…the price the citizens of the United States paid
in blood, sacrifice and human life.  From 1941 to 1945 the country valiantly came together and
conquered three countries trying to destroy our republic and our democracy. The citizens of the
United States were motivated and took great pride in these World War II posters of that time!
These posters were our rallying cry…we only communicated by radio, newspapers, posters,
a limited telephone system and the teletype. These posters were incredibly effective in spreading
the pride, strength and determination of our citizens to protect this country. Hopefully you will enjoy
them as well!
Subject: World War Two Posters Found!
Be sure to read what is at the end.

~ These were our parents ~
What in God’s name have we

let happen ?

I guess we are the last generation to see,

or even remember anything like these!
Whatever happened?
It’s called…….Political correctness (or “re-education”) happened,
Lack of God’s name happened,
Lack of personal responsibility happened,
Lack of personal integrity and honesty happened,
Lack of respect and loyalty to our country happened,
Lack of being an American happened.Did all of these things die along with common sense?!?
I for one am still proud to be an American!

If you are too….. Pass this along,
so others can show their pride
Let’s bring Patriotism and Pride in our Country back!
And restore this country to it’s once proud heritage!!!

Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941

Japanese Sneak Attack on Pearl Harbor

Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 

This post is to honor those lost in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as well as a very brave high school principal in Kingston, Tennessee.

71 years ago the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor!

Most of you have no idea about the surprise Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.This was the first time that our country was ever attacked. The second time was 9/11/2001.

Thousands of our military were killed on December 7th, 1941 and much of our American fleet of ships were destroyed. The Germans would soon join in with Japan and declare war on the United States.

America declared war on Japan.

The surprise attack destroyed the American Fleet of ships.

I remember the announcement very clearly on that Sunday morning by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and as a 7-year-old it stunned me to think that our country was at war.  The 4 years ahead of this country were incredible in terms of mobilization of our military and our workforce, mostly women, and the men went to war.

We mobilized millions of Americans in the military and civilian fronts…and defeated the Japanese and the Germans, and because of these victories we still have the United States of America as a free country. Were it not for strong, decisive, competent leadership, we would be under the control of the Japanese and the Germans and the Italians.  Both the leaders of Japan, Hirohito, and Hitler of Germany, and Mussolini of Italy wanted to conquer the world, because of their insatiable quest for power. In many ways, they were not very different from our current leadership. This is why our country and people must be so vigilant to stop narcissistic power grabs by any leadership that appears so similar to that of the dictators of Japan, Germany and Italy.

Regardless of this country’s challenges…we are strong and we need to support those who continue to lead this country….this is why I submit the following story of a very brave man!

Today, I am very pleased to share the all-american feelings and leadership of a high school principal in Tennessee…I hope you will read this message…ti brought me to tears…may we have more Americans that insist upon our freedoms as he does…          

We really, really need more High School
like this one
At a Tennessee Football Game—not a joke
Christianity is now the target of persecution…

Tennessee Football
This is a statement that was read over the PA system at the football game at Roane County High School , Kingston , Tennessee by school Principal, Jody McLeod

“It has always been the custom at Roane County High School football games, to say a prayer and play the National Anthem, to honor God and Country.”

Due to a recent ruling by the Supreme Court, I am told that saying a Prayer is a violation of Federal Case Law. As I understand the law at this time, I can use this public facility to approve of sexual perversion and call it “an alternate life style,” and if someone is offended, that’s OK.

I can use it to condone sexual promiscuity, by dispensing condoms and calling it, “safe sex.” If someone is offended, that’s OK.

I can even use this public facility to present the merits of killing an unborn baby as a “viable” Means of birth control.” If someone is offended, no problem…

I can designate a school day as “Earth Day” and involve students in activities to worship religiously and praise the goddess “Mother Earth” and call it “ecology..”

I can use literature, videos and presentations in the classroom that depicts people with strong, traditional Christian convictions as “simple minded” and “ignorant” and call it “enlightenment..”

However, if anyone uses this facility to honor GOD and to ask HIM to Bless this event with safety and good sportsmanship, then Federal Case Law is violated.

This appears to be inconsistent at best, and at worst, diabolical. 

Apparently, we are to be tolerant of everything and anyone, except GOD and HIS Commandments.

Nevertheless , as a school principal, I frequently ask staff and students to abide by rules with which they do not necessarily agree. For me to do otherwise would be inconsistent at best, and at worst, hypocritical. I suffer from that affliction enough unintentionally. I certainly do not need to add an intentional transgression.

For this reason, I shall “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s,” and refrain from praying at this time.

” However, if you feel inspired to honor, praise and thank GOD and ask HIM, in the name of JESUS, to Bless this event, please feel free to do so
.. As far as I know, that’s not against the law-yet.”

One by one, the people in the stands bowed their heads, held hands with one another and began to pray.

They prayed in the stands. They prayed in the team huddles. They prayed at the concession stand and they prayed in the Announcer’s Box!

The only place they didn’t pray was in the Supreme Court of the United States of America- the Seat of “Justice” in the “one nation, under GOD.”

Somehow, Kingston , Tennessee Remembered what so many have forgotten. We are given the Freedom OF Religion, not the Freedom
FROM ReligionPraise GOD that HIS remnant remains!

JESUS said, “If you are ashamed of ME before men, then I will be ashamed of you before MY FATHER..”

If you are not ashamed, pass this on ..

I’m not one bit ashamed to pass this on, Are you?