Identity Theft

Identity Theft of Social Security Card
Identity Theft of Social Security Numbers

ID Theft: Restoration is key solution now…28 million of 290 million social security numbers violated!

Just released is a video by Fox News that nails the ID Theft situation! You will need to pick on the link below  in order to watch the video. Listen to what this expert says about restoration, how many people have their social security numbers compromised…1 in 7….and the government will not tell you about this.. so you must find out about your identity status for yourself…this means you must be proactive in the protection of your identity. 


The following is excellent journalistic reporting by Michael Isikoff of NBC:   View the video by picking on the link…

One email exposes millions of people to data theft in South Carolina cyberattack

One email exposes millions of people to data theft in South Carolina cyber attack
  • If your identity is stolen and restoration is the only acceptable solution for you…which it probably is…who will do the restoration work? Must you do the many hours of work over unknown geography and with many parties or would you prefer that licensed investigators take on your case working with attorneys and do the work for you? If you choose the licensed investigator approach, you can continue your lifestyle and work without interruption while professionals solve the issues on your behalf. Otherwise you may be signing up for thousands of hours of restoration work yourself, hopefully to be reimbursed.
ID Theft Drivers License
Identity Theft of Drivers Licens






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Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

Today is the first day of your life!

The video is cute…so human…so true…please watch and listen!!!…just pick on the link!

Bright Eyes “First Day of My Life”

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

This blog is devoted to providing valuable personal and small business solutions to those in need and who want to improve their current financial situation. Many of you are going through very difficult financial, employment and personal times right now and you are not sure what to do. May God Bless You! I fully understand how you may feel and very much want to help anyone that is truly committed to helping themselves. This is not a pyschiatrist’s couch….but it could be the next best thing for some…especially if have any respect for a former personal and small business financial advisor with more than 50 years of successful business experience.

There are outstanding solutions available for income either part-time or full-time..

Unbelievable to many, we are not a society dependent on government dictate even though the current scheme is to get as many people addicted to government programs, welfare, and dependency as possible so that you can be a slave to government. If that is what you believe in this is not the Blog for you…because those who believe that you can live from the success of others will have a day of reckoning that will be horrific. Americans have been,  are and should be an enterprising, entrepreneurial society, and I challenge you to join the fight to save our country!

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