Are You Taking The Best Care Possible Of 60-75% Of Your Body?

One Sip At A Time
Change Your Life – One Sip At A Time!

Are You Taking The Best Care Possible Of 60-75% Of Your Body?

I bet you aren’t…want to take my challenge? Call me if you already know all of this…less than 1% of the population knows about it!


Question: Are You Focusing On Keeping 25%-40% Of Your Body Healthy With Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals While Ignoring The 60-75% Water?

Which Kangen Water Machine is Right For You?__________________________________________

Kangen Water by Enagic has two primary medical advisors….pick on these links to see some of their videos below…

  Enagic Medical Advsiors 

      Dr. Hiromi Shinya

        Dr. Horst Filtzer     

Watch these videos below…

Dr. Hiromi Shinya Shows Before And After Video(Kangen/Alkaline Water)

more info….

Chemotherapy, Cancer & Kangen Water by Dr. Horst Filtzer, M.D. a Harvard Medical School Graduate

more info….

Pat Boone Introduces Kangen Water! Eye-opening Demo with Bob Gridelli!

more info…

Dr Michael explains the difference between AlkaLINE and alkaLYZED water

more info…

Dr. Michael Explains the water – revised 2015

more info…

What Doctors Are Saying About Kangen Water

more info…

more info…

Celebrities Drinking Kangen Water


According to the American Cancer Society 1 of every 2 men and 1 of every 3 women will get cancer during their lifetime! 

Most Censored Story: Does the American Cancer Society Work to Prevent Cancer?


Watch the Kangen Water Demonstration

Click to see “Exposed: The Truth About Water

            Pat Boone Introduction


Kangen Water

This site is for your immediate purchase of your Kangen Water medical device…

From  ANYWHERE in the United States or Internationally READ  this about the world’s leading

Alkalyzed Restructured Antioxidant Kangen Water” 




                                 “HEALTHY BY DAN NORRIS

Kangen Water
Ionized, Electrolized, Micro-clustered, Antioxidant Water Machines

ORDER your choice of your Kangen unit online right now! International customers need to contact me by email at or call me on 407-749-9395.  Contact me to learn how you can you earn your Kangen Water device FREE. More than 10,000 did last month!


DAN NORRIS                                   Orlando, Florida USA                                                             Independent International Distributor                                                                         Kangen Water Machines    #7299001                                                                         Kangen UKON tm               #1141848                                                           Telephone: 407-749-9395                                                                               Email:


Join The 1%
Your Pets Deserve The Best Water

So Are You Looking To Realize The American Dream?

The American Dream
The American Dream

Maybe you just graduated from college and you have the “average $33,000 college tuition debt” or more. You have now begun searching for a corporate “JOB” in a career field in which you are qualified, or maybe any field that will help you pay your bills and/or move out from mom and dad. Or maybe you graduated a year or two ago or more and you wonder how you are going to get on the right career path.  Or maybe you have been a victim of the downsizing in this most unusual American economy and you are wondering how you can ever have an enjoyable, pleasure filled life for you and your family again.

So Are You Looking To Realize The American Dream?


Or maybe you are one of those incredibly wonderful veterans returning from your all voluntary service and you are ready to begin your way to achieve the American Dream! May God Bless All of You for Your Service and placing your country and all of the people who live in it before your own priorities. We are so proud of you!!!

As a veteran of the Korean War in the 1950’s I empathize with you and on this very special Memorial Day Weekend, honor you and all veterans who have sacrificed their lives or even more for this country. I watched the TV History Channel for five hours yesterday and relived WWII where I remember on Sunday morning, December 7, 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Did you know that 8 million Americans fought in this war and that 415,000 American Soldiers died defending America? May God Bless every one of them and their families. And this goes for all of you during the Iraq and Afghanistan military campaigns who have lost your loved ones, your arms or legs or eyes or ears, and have been maimed for life. May God Bless every one of you.

This post is dedicated to anyone and everyone that wants to realize “The American Dream”, no matter what your background or experiences, or how many arms and legs that you have now. With  many years of business experience I have succeeded in achieving the dream in my opinion and want to share with those interested as to how you might shorten your journey on that path. I am not filthy rich as are many who are extremely fortunate, and I have been up and down and up and down the ladder of success which seems to be typical in a capitalistic society. At this time I am very thankful for this country, the opportunity here, and the fact that I can share with others experiences that can be very beneficial.

To set the stage for your consideration of your career goals, I suggest that you compare the concept of being an Entrepreneur with that of Capitalism…do you want to decide your future or let someone else do so…including at least 5 days per week of effort 9-5 or thereabouts. Consider this statement on Capitalism…would you prefer to own your own business?



Workplace DemocracyWorkplace Democracy


So how can you “Realize The American Dream”?

I am offering to share valuable information with you, without charge, and my reward will be that of getting you on your path. You may already know it all and you need no advice from your parents, your counselors, your peers and your friends, which is a real mistake. Very frankly, I sincerely wish there had been an internet when I came along and that there were successful people who were sincerely interested in advising me. I would have achieved much more than I ever have. Do you think that Donald Trump provides a service with his development of entrepreneurs? Do you ever watch Shark Tank to see how very successful business people choose to work with and fund entrepreneurs?

So what could I possibly do to help you to be successful (and not charge you an arm and a leg)? Sound trite? It is not. One of these days you will appreciate every helping hand that you can find. Here’s how we can get started…

1.   Have you recorded on paper so that you can see it at all times…your goals and objectives for the next 1 and 3 and 5 years. If not, are you willing to develop these now, print them out and post them in front of your computer? If not…thanks for reading this so far however reading any further will probably be a waste of your time. I remember an age old saying “if you don’t know where you are going you will probably get there”.

2.   Have you decided if you want to work for a corporation or someone else all your life or at some point in time do you want to be financially independent on yourself only?  I ask that you write the answer to this question on your goals and objectives page and state what you want and when.

3.   Have you inventoried your skills and recorded them on paper?

4.   Have you inventoried your likes and preferences and recorded them on paper?

5. Have you inventoried your constraints so that you can narrow your searches to the real opportunities available?

If you will do these things, then contact me, together, based on your goals, we can discuss the next steps.  You can reach me at email or 407-749-9395.

By the way, my advice for you will be focused on helping you achieve financial independence…not a “JOB” which I refer to as a “just over broke” opportunity…which can also be a lot of fun and very enjoyable. I did this for (30) years with two of the top (10) corporations in America as well as (7) start-up companies for another (26) years. I currently have five businesses that I manage from my computer with a two hour per day investment. I wake up excited every morning to see what has happened around the world…and to see if I really made some substantial money overnight! Realizing the American Dream is not an overnight phenomenom…it is a process which takes commitment, a reasonable amount of time, and belief in yourself that you can be successful. Would you like to do this? Could you commit one to two hours per day to the goal of achieving financial independence? To me that is a very minor commitment to being your own master of your fate forever!

It would be a pleasure to talk with you.

And by the way, before writing this blog post, I had the privilege of watching and listening to Steve Smith of ESPN and I find him to be highly inspirational and to make a lot of common sense…please listen to Steve…

Stephen A.’s Position Unchanged on Mark Cuban’s Comments


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Decision Making Process and Critical Thinking Skills

Critical Thinking Skills
Einstein – Critical Thinking

Which is more important? The Decision Making Process or Critical Thinking Skills? Yesterday my post focused on the Decision Making Process...the steps…the importance of the very first decision in the process deciding “do I have a need”? And if you get this first decision wrong then obviously you have made a bad decision on the entire subject. For example, if you are making a decision as to whether you may need professionals to help you with a specific area of need and you decide that you don’t have a need in that area, when in fact you obviously do have a need, then you have ignored the need, not understood the potential consequences of ignoring the need, or you decide that you will take the risk and the consequences which typically is an irresponsible conclusion.

Just Look Up The Answers
Just Look Up The Answers

I am sure that none of my readers want to consider themselves irresponsible.  Probably the most recurring conclusion is that…yes, I have the need but cannot afford to do anything about it. If this is the case then your income is not at the right levels and that is certainly an issue. You need to be talking with a competent person who can help you earn more money!

From Wikipedia on Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is an important component of most professions. It is a part of formal education and is increasingly significant as students progress through university to graduate education,

Read more

The Critical Thinking Community

Mission: Critical thinking is essential if we are to get to the root of our problems and  develop reasonable solutions. After all, the quality of everything we do is determined by the quality of our thinking.

Read more

Critical Thinking Skills
Decision Making Process

I see many very intelligent professionals make incorrect decisions on the first decision question in the decision process…“do I have a need?”  This specifically applies in the case of the decision on “do I need the services of a financial advisor, a CPA, a law firm, a business consultant or trainer, an insurance broker,  or a doctor”. Much of my life has been devoted to working with responsible people who realize that their lives can be much better if they elect to select and work with professionals in these fields. In building my practice as a financial advisor I found more than (300) people who agreed that it would be in their best interests to work with a professional financial advisor and respected company.

I consider that your decisions on these key issues really decide what level of financial independence you will ever achieve.RealLife I would encourage you as professionals and good business managers to rethink your decisions on key needs to accomplish financial independence and ask yourself…do I really need that professional or am I just kidding myself that I can do it myself? I assure you my friend if you have decided that you are going to do all of your professional jobs yourself, you will never have the opportunity to achieve financial independence. There is a thin line between mediocrity and brilliance…the same for excellent success and just getting by. Some describe it as an “edge”. What do you prefer for you and your family? Tomorrow’s post…a review of key professionals that I know can help you tremendously! Sometimes you may not know the right solutions for your needs.


Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant


Key Tips For Successful Small Business Owners

Small Smart Business
Smart Business

Every very smart small business owner that I know is constantly looking for ideas to improve the success and profitability of their business. Here are more no-cost ideas that may leverage you to that next level that you have as your goal. My personal solutions for you focus on getting your message out more cost-effectively, getting prospects to find you, saving you money on legal services and consulting services, and protecting your identity from theft and those options can be found at the bottom of this post. I hope that you find some very useful tips in the three articles below…

Key Tips For Successful Small Business Owners

___________________________________________________________________    Entrepreneur

10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Social-Media Marketing Plan

BY     September 16, 2013

Ever heard the saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail?” That old but wise adage often rings true when it comes to social-media marketing. Creating a detailed, goal-oriented social-media strategy is just as important as having a rock solid business plan.

“If your social-media plan is to just wing it, your fans and potential customers are going to know,” says Amy Porterfield, social media strategist and co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies (Wiley, 2013). Worse, it could turn them off of your brand and on to your competitors.

To attract and engage social-media fans and followers — and ideally convert them into customers — you’ll need to carefully map out a clear, effective social-media strategy. Here are some questions you should ask when building your company’s social-marketing plan:

Read more:



Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy

5 tips to help you get out of your own way and commit to making your business a success
Entrepreneur Staff   December 30, 2009

You’ve heard it a million times by now: We’re in the midst of the worst recession any of us will ever live through and no one knows how long it will last, or how much harder it will hit.

I agree: It’s a lousy picture. But one of the biggest dangers of an economic downturn is the excuse it gives small-business leaders to lie down and do nothing.

Read more:



What Successful Businesses Have in Common

Ron Finklestein    February 23, 2006|

These 14 traits show up again and again when examining the reasons behind business success.

How does a small company become successful? Despite the bad news we so often hear about the number of small businesses closing or moving, the news really isn’t all that bad: Thousands of small businesses startup every year, and a good percentage of those companies have learned what it really takes to survive the early startup years and become successful enterprises.

After working with dozens of small companies, I discovered that the successful ones share some common traits. Here, then, are the 14 qualities I’ve witnessed in many of the thriving small businesses I’ve worked with:

Read more: 


For  more information and discussion on these please email or call me on 407-749-9395.

Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant



If You Knew You Would Take Action!


12+ Toxins in Your Drinking Water

More than 24,500 chemicals found in bottled water

bottled water
If You Knew You Would Take Action
The “Miracle” of Alkalinity

Who doesn’t want to live a healthier life for a longer period of time? I believe that any conscious human being would want this! Could it be that there may be ways to do this that we just don’t know about? Most of us believe that there are many ways to do this. We just don’t know about them

Based on my contacts in society I believe that less than 1% of the U.S. Population knows about the research and information that you can read in this one post! In Japan where this was first introduced in hospitals by doctors in 1974, 6,500 Japanese medical doctors have certified Kangen Water machines are certified as medical devices. Today it is estimated that 1 of 6 Japanese homes now have Kangen Water. Kangen Water devices were first introduced in the U.S. in 2003 in Los Angeles and are only marketed by referrals from users. The company reimburses the purchasers rather than advertising and using wholesalers with many middle men sharing costs. This method assures that the fresh ionized water is available to the user to drink it within 60-72 hours as this is when the water contains the maximum effective properties. Kangen Water Machines by Enagic LTD and Enagic USA are considered the Gold Standard in the Ionized Water Industry.

So why should anyone even know about this information? Logic tells us that if we are aware of information that we are much more likely to take actions to live healthier, longer lives! For example, are you aware of this..,???

List of countries by life expectancy – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
List by the World Health Organization (2015)

Japan ranks #1 in overall life expectancy while the United States ranks #34. In life expectancy at birth Japan ranks #2 and the United States #43. The figures reflect the quality of healthcare in the countries listed as well as other factors including ongoing wars, obesity, and HIV infections


Do you consider that we are getting healthier or less healthy as a nation and as a world population? It is obvious according to all published reports that we are becoming less healthy.

For example…here is a recent study published in THE ATLANTIC by JULIE BECK on March 23, 2016

Less Than 3 Percent of Americans Live a ‘Healthy Lifestyle’


The American Cancer Society estimates that 1 of 2 American men and recently changed their estimate that 1 of 3 American women will get cancer during their lifetimes…and now say that 1 of 2 American women are likely subject to cancer. Personally I have contracted malignant cancer a total of 6 times so far in my lifetime and to date all have been treated successfully with surgery without recurrence. I am very pleased that I have not been treated with chemotherapy and radiation. I now drink half my weight in ounces each day of Ionized Kangen Water pH 9.5 and take Enagic LTD’s UKON R Turmeric supplement containing Circumin.

It truly concerns me that in the U.S. that our primary treatments for cancer have proven very destructive to the human body and are extremely expensive…these treatments being surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.


I recommend reading the book…

Special Messages
Killing Cancer – Not IPeople
Robert G. Wright-Author

Do we have any medical doctors who are studying and practicing in preventative medical and wellcare physicians on this very topic? Answer: There are a significant number of licensed health care practitioners who believe in and practice wellcare in many forms. One of those is Dr. Tim McKnight, MD, author of the book, “Confessions Of A Skeptical Physician”. You can also see a video by Dr. McKnight at

Change Your Water - Change Your Life
Contessions of a Skeptical Physician by
Dr. Tim McKnight
 Author of “The Skeptical Physician and Alkaline Water”


Do we have ongoing research on the topic of water in our bodies? Answer: In 2003, Dr. Peter Agre and Dr. Roderick MacKinnon received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for the description of Water Channels. Dr. Gerald Pollock gave an interview to Dr. Joseph Mercola and you can view this at

            “Water: The Single Most Important Element for Your Health”

Is there any more research going on in the U.S. regarding “water” in our bodies? Answer: It appears to the writer that much more research should be underway than is evident after researching the subject of water using the leading search engines. A very interesting article found in my general searches and is as follows…

Water: The Science of Nature’s Most Important Nutrient by Len Kravitz PhD


Research by Dr. Otto Wilhelm Warburg  beginning in 1921 and until 1969 has provided us with scientific findings that reveal causes of cancer as well as cures for cancer. Dr. Warburg devoted virtually his entire career to the causes and prevention of cancer and it seems puzzling to me as to why his conclusions and recommendations are not more well known and accepted…especially in the United States. I find the following presentation to be fascinating in it’s conclusions and analysis.

The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer – Part 1 


I am now personally very pleased to have read and researched all of the above information. I am a firm believer that technology and developments all over the world are occurring and that I can benefit from knowing about those that affect me and lead me to the conclusions that I can be healthier and potentially live a longer life if I take advantage of what I have learned.

I consider myself very fortunate to be drinking alkalyzed, restructured, micro-clustered, antioxidant water produced by medical grade devices that are considered to be the most effective and highest quality in the world. I also appreciate the use of Kangen Water pH 2.5, 4.5-6.0, 7.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.5 and 11.5 for their specific purposes. All of this information above is why I share with you the following call to action statement…

If You Knew You Would Take Action!

and here are my current research posts on this technology…

Health Category


Celebrities Drinking Kangen Water


Watch A Kangen Water Demonstration

Introduction by one of America’s favorite performers…PAT BOONE

Probably the most informative 30 minutes of your lifetime!




                                 “HEALTHY BY DAN NORRIS

Kangen Water
Ionized, Electrolized, Micro-clustered, Antioxidant Water Machines



Independent International Distributor    Orlando, Florida USA                                               Kangen Water Machines    #7299001                                                                         Kangen UKON tm               #1141848                                                           Telephone: 407-749-9395                                                                            Email:


Optional No Cost  Sharing Business- and get your Kangen Machine Paid for by others who want to enjoy Kangen Water
Build Your Own Kangen Water sharing business only if you choose…or if you want your Kangen Water machine paid for by others…

For those interested in using and also sharing their Kangen Water experiences with others…as well as having their device paid for by sharing it with others….there is a wave of demand growing around the world for Kangen Water…and the successes of sharing it with others to earn income. It is not necessary for any customer to share the water or to enter into any business activity. 1.8 billion people(1) still lack access to fresh water supply and 2.5 billion people need improved sanitation. Since 1940 the world’s water use has quadrupled whilst the world’s population has only doubled. Even more people lack the financial resources to purchase and pay for a Kangen Water device. Enagic’s patented, unique compensation plans make it possible for virtually everyone to purchase and share their machines with others.

You can join this team of satisfied users and learn many methods of successful sharing by contacting me or by purchasing your Kangen Water machine online and specifying Dan Norris, Independent Enagic Distributor #7299001 on your order form. I will assist you anywhere in the world to build your own profitable Kangen Water sharing business.

Many Kangen Water drinkers are so pleased with their results they want to share how they feel with others. And Enagic has a very generous, unique patented compensation plan that is helping people enjoy financial independence they had never imagined. I will help you with many methods of doing this…and if you are interested…check out this latest automated marketing method that I will give to you free and teach you how to use it…



























Successful Women!

Successful Women!


Topic of the day!

Live That Dream!

Steffie's Treasures
Steffie’s Treasures

About four years ago one of my fellow Christian Emmaus Brothers elected to move to another city to nearer to one of his best friends. My friend had received severe combat injuries while fighting for our country and in my opinion is a brave warrior for our country.  I had the privilege of briefly meeting his lady friend during that moving process, and at that time I introduced myself as a financial advisor working with individuals and small businesses.

This week I learned that this lady had been searching for my telephone number to contact me as she has developed a terrific dream of providing lovely quilts for nursing home patients, and her dream is to first build an internet business of quilt providers and contributors and eventually to have a storefront business for the same purpose. Her idea is really non-profit as she wants to benefit the nursing home patients with lovely quilts, benefit many talented lady quilt makers with a way to market their quilts, and to hopefully gain charitable revenues for associated christian organizations through tithes and contributions.

Her reason for seeking me out was to gain my advice on how to get started in her business. I was delighted to talk with her on the phone for over an hour where we talked over her legal needs to get her business started, her need to develop a business plan to give her business direction, and then to talk about a marketing approach using attraction marketing methods to promote her new business, which is now only about one month old.

For me this entire conversation totally confirmed my reasoning for developing this blog that you are reading now. I know that there are thousands of people that need direction in starting a new business or adjusting the direction of their current business or lifestyle in some ways that would be very helpful. This is exactly what I am working to do with this blog and posts…to provide information and tips to help individuals manage their lives, be more secure and manage their small businesses better so as to make them more prosperous.  I also know that it will take time for individuals to get to know me and trust me that I can help them in this process.  References are available on request.


Your Business Plan Guide

A business plan is a written description of your business’s future, a document that tells what you plan to do and how you plan to do it.

If you can relate to this information above and you have similiar interests in starting a new business or correcting the direction of your current business, then I invite you to contact me.

I am here to help you achieve what you want….and I would very much appreciate your looking at and understanding what I am proposing to you…and to call me on 407-749-9395 or email me on

Thank you and I look forward to talking with you soon.

Have a great day!

Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant

“The Magic Of Thinking Big”

Hello Weekend Warriors…welcome! The message tonight is to give you some great music to enjoy and also to introduce you to my primary mentor professor at Georgia State University…Dr. David J. Schwartz…the author of a tremendously popular book…

“The Magic Of Thinking Big”

The weekend music is now up on my blog…if you will go to the “MUSIC” tab up top you will find some 15 posts with about 6 great songs on each post…you can play these songs while you read my blog posts…if you like. In any case I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Hello to my loyal readers and newcomers-welcome!..thank you for coming to visit my site…I sincerely appreciate your doing so! I also hope that you had a great week!…and that you are happy with the progress that you made this week towards your personal and financial goals….I know that you have them…or else you would not be stopping by and looking in at at my posts.

I do appreciate your coming to visit…and I really would like your comments as to how you feel about this or that, what you like or don’t like, and what you would like to read more of about…thank you in advance…if you don’t want to publish what you are thinking then just go to my contact page and get in touch any of several ways.

Be happy!
Enjoy your weekend!

My week was very satisfying in terms of progress against goals that I had…I was about to publish my book last week on Amazon and lo and behold…a wonderful professional graphics artist in Vancouver, BC, contacted me saying she would enjoy working with me and that she would like to design my book cover front and back. Such an offer I could not refuse…and working with she and my attraction marketing mentor…the book has moved up several quality notches…Edwin Cabrera in Virginia believes in the “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson…and I recommend it to you as well. Deanna Everrt, as professional marketer and graphics artist designing my book cover and copy is far beyond my wildest dreams. I have found the proverbial goal mine of talent with Ann Sieg’s Renegade Marketing and wherever I look there is somebody ready to help me get to the next step…a higher level….a greater degree of achievement…more satisfaction of helping people get what they want…this is what it is all about. Being a loner in a small business can be challenging. Being a team member accessing all levels of expertise is far more effective.

Have a grear weekend!
Make others happy!

As you help other people achieve their goals, your dreams will come true. You and I both know this. Just wanted to speak with you personally this Friday night to share my feelings. And yes, I know that I am always proposing something to you…however…keep in mind that it may very well benefit you if you took advantage of some of my offers.

I have a very special free offer for you this weekend….a $20 value book that has brought me millions of dollars….probably the first and most motivational book ever for me from one of my college professors…google him and see what I mean…Dr. David Schwartz, PhD and motivational marketer….author of “The Magic of Thinking Big”….plus others…but if you will send me an email to….I will surprise you with a bonus for reading this. Have a great weekend.

Dan Norris

So You Really Want To Improve Your Game!

20 New Rules of Money
20 New Rules of Money


The 20 New Rules Of Money

How do you thrive at a time when uncertainty is the only constant and age-old investment practices no longer seem to work? Here are 20 new rules for protecting your wealth and building your capital.

Read more:


So You Really Want To Improve Your Game!



Don’t Believe The Debt Ceiling Hype: The Federal Government Can Survive Without An Increase

Jeffrey Dorfman, Contributor

Ignore what you hear and read in the news. The federal government actually reached the legal debt ceiling about four months ago. Since then, the government has been financing its monthly budget deficit by stealing/borrowing money from other government funds, like the federal government employees’ pension fund. In about two weeks, the government will run out of tricks to keep operating as if nothing has happened. If the debt ceiling is not raised by then, the government has to balance its budget.

That’s right. As much as the politicians and news media have tried to convince you that the world will end without a debt ceiling increase, it is simply not true. The federal debt ceiling sets a legal limit for how much money the federal government can borrow. In other words, it places an upper limit on the national debt. It is like the credit limit on the government’s gold card.

Read more:



5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 AM

Jennifer Cohen, Contributor

Rise and shine! Morning time just became your new best friend. Love it or hate it, utilizing the morning hours before work may be the key to a successful and healthy lifestyle. That’s right, early rising is a common trait found in many CEOs, government officials, and other influential people. Margaret Thatcher was up every day at 5 a.m.; Frank Lloyd Wright at 4 am and Robert Iger, the CEO of Disney wakes at 4:30am just to name a few. I know what you’re thinking – you do your best work at night. Not so fast. According to Inc. Magazine, morning people have been found to be more proactive and more productive. In addition, the health benefits for those with a life before work go on and on. Let’s explore 5 of the things successful people do before 8 am.

Read more:


Dan Norris


Small Business Consultant


9 Ways To Build A Professional Team Of Your Dreams!

Your Professional Team
Build Your Professional Team

Competitive people want their professional team to win…no matter what their team is playing. The same applies to your own personal team of professionals! This post is about nine ways to build a professional team of your dreams! Since you may be unsure about how build an expert team here are some recommendations from experience.

My last two posts have focused on the “decision-making process” and the “decision-making process – critical thinking skills”.  Much of where we are in our life is the results of the decisions that we make.  I believe that a “team of professionals” is vital to your achieving financial independence. This team should consist of several professionals that are proficient in a critical lifestyle affecting subject…and how to deal with it more effectively than you! No offense intended…however the reality is that each of us develops ourselves to deal effectively with a given career field. We cannot be everything to everybody…which is why I am sharing my opinions on “9 Ways to Build A Professional Team of Your Dreams!”

Tax Preparation and Advice – Selection of a person or business for this task depends upon the complexity of your taxable circumstances.  I prefer and recommend the services of a qualified, experienced CPA or firm with more than 10 years of experience and are well recommended.   I also recommend interviewing at least (3) candidates and discussing ways that they work and their fees for first year and ongoing years.

Financial Advisor – In this case I recommend the services of a comprehensive financial advisor or planner that analyzes and makes recommendations for all facets of your financial and risk management life needs. You may meet brokers, stock brokers or traders that are called financial advisors, however  typically they only buy, sell, or trade your assets.   My recommendation is to interview at least (3) (CFP) Certified Financial Planners with more than 10 years of experience, perform comprehensive financial planning, and are well recommended. Discuss fees for first year and ongoing years.

Law Firm – Here you will need to select a firm that has attorneys that are competent in many fields of law..and are affordable.   Simply hiring an attorney at the time of need may prove very costly and less effective.  You can read more about why attorneys are so very important by purchasing a copy of the book describing The Law and Legal Service Plans available on this page.

Business Consultation – My 50+ years of individual performer, managerial, and executive experiences across five business fields gives me valuable insight into the start-up and management of businesses successfully. Please read “Work With Dan” tab for info.

Dan Norris



Insurance Broker – a professional, well-trained and licensed insurance broker can be an excellent professional asset to your business. Your financial advisor will be trained in certain fields of personal insurance however an insurance broker focused on the insurance industry can offer excellent advice in most cases.

Attraction Marketing – This subject is also called Content Marketing and Attraction Marketing. I refer you to the leader in that field, Ann Sieg, for her insight and recommendations.

The 7 Lies of Internet Marketing
Ann SiegMarketing. Any type of business or professional, small or large, that depends upon finding customers to buy their products or services, can benefit from Attraction Marketing. The purposes are to establish a presence on the internet and to attract customers to that site  so that the buyer and seller communicate on what is offered and the buyer has the option of deciding if these solutions meet their needs. This methodology reaches millions of individuals on the internet and applies attraction techniques as compared to techniques that employ searching or advertising for buyers.  I recommend Ann Sieg and her organization as the leading trainer in the Attraction Marketing industry, as more than 350,000 people internationally have studied with her. I recommend that you read the following two free documents by Ann Sieg…

The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing

The Attraction Marketers Manifesto

Blogging – The process of developing content and creating copy is an essential part of

MLM BlogSecrets
Ty Tribble

Attraction Marketing. Ann Sieg has teamed with Ty Tribble, a #1 Blogger in the U.S. since 2003, to develop the art of blogging. Ty is considered a master of the art of blogging and I recommend him as the individual to train you in this important process.

                                                    MLM Blog Secrets 

Blog Designer – Lorraine McNulty is an award-winning blog designer that I highly recommend. She has many years of experience in website building and blogging.  She may

Attraction Marketing
Build A Blog

be contacted at the following location…

Lorraine has a wealth of knowledge and is one of my several mentors.




Online Marketing Strategies – Edwin Cabrera is an outstanding consultant class educator

Martial Arts
Online Marketing Strategies

deeply involved in Attraction Marketing. Edwin continues to study with and participate in Ann Sieg’s tiered educational program and Edwin is in the Advanced Class of this program.

Edwin has been a main mentor to me in my beginning in Attraction Marketing and coming up to speed. A wealth of knowledge…and he can focus on the Educator Market when needed. You can contact Edwin at this link…

Attraction Marketing and Graphics Art – Deanna Evertt is an excellent professional in the Attraction Marketing field and recently

provided the cover design for my new book…

Book Cover Design
Attraction MarketingGraphics Artist Designer

The Law and Legal Service Plans.

You may contact Deanna Evertt at the following link…

I am very privileged to introduce this excellent team of professionals to you! I trust that you find this information very helpful!

If you would like more information please email me on or call me on 407-749-9395.


Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant

Better Health-More Wealth-Peace of Mind

Fire Hole River, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Health-Wealth-Peace of Mind- Politics
Fire Hole River – Yellowstone national Park

Better Health-More Wealth-Peace of Mind

I invite you to consider some truths that only a few people know about in America and around the world. It amazes me that only in 2015 did I learn of these critically important topics of information about our health, wealth, and peace of mind. Can you imagine all of these important topics in one post? In my humble opinion I believe that this is incredibly valuable information for many people around the world… and we enjoy getting good news!

I sincerely hope that you decide to get out of the 99% who did not know about this and join the 1% who have learned. This news comes only from those who have heard,personally experienced the benefits, and have decided to share it with others so as to benefit them.

Do you believe that around the world that research about your health has been accomplished, that solutions, remedies and treatments have been developed…and that we are not aware of them?   How do we find out? Do we go to our doctors and ask them? Our pharmacists? Our media?  Due to many government regulations we are dependent upon word of mouth…one person sharing with another in order to get valuable information to others. And that is why this post today.  Are you interested in improving your health?  Then reading this information is a “must-read”.

Our medical system today which relies in large part upon man-made inorganic chemicals and pharmaceuticals… as compared to reliance upon nature’s God given organic remedies.  Reportedly, the U.S. has 5% of the world’s population however we consume 67% of all pharmaceutical drugs.

According to The Commonwealth Fund  U.S. Health Care from a Global Perspective… Spending, Use of Services, Prices, and Health in 13 Countries

…despite its heavy investment in health care, the U.S. sees poorer results on several key health outcome measures such as life expectancy and the prevalence of chronic conditions.

In some cases synthetic, inorganic solutions have proven very effective, however we are less than 100 years into our chemically driven medical treatments and radiation reliant society with more than 100,000 man-made synthetic chemicals and highly sophisticated medical radiation type instruments.

Our society’s physical health status appears to be declining rather than improving  My layman’s assessment is that we are on a dangerous path. Especially as we measure the overall health of our citizens and compare it to other countries and other options for medical care. And it concerns me to hear from our top medical researchers …tell us that they know of 7,000 diseases…however they only have scientific solutions today for about 500 of them…the researchers have a lot of work to do….and many more chemicals to discover. Research on medical and pharmaceutical treatments make up  On our current methodologies they will be based on inorganic solutions…meaning more chemicals.

My message is to inform you of some critically important information and to challenge you to research information yourself, inform yourself, and to make decisions about what you should do about your health, longevity, or a possible health crisis for you or a family member or friend. I am sure that you have heard someone say…well…he or she went to Germany or Mexico or some distant location…and they were cured of a certain disease by technology developed there. And of course we have very talented physicians and medical cures here in the United States. This is to raise the subject about technology that we have not heard about before. Do you think we should become aware?

For me this particular story begins with research beginning in a scientific lab Germany in 1918 headed by Dr. Otto Wilmelm Warburg, then goes to Russia, then to more countries,  then Japan. Japan developed their ionized solutions beginning in 1974 and they are marketing them now in 172+ countries all over the world. Due to the importance of water to our lives, there are hundreds of companies that are developing competing products, I have discovered none more successful than Enagic’s Kangen Water devices. Dr. Michael, Chiropractor, provides an ongoing assessment of all available competitive water devices and posts his results on YouTube, as the Kangen Water Machine produced water saved their child’s life as she was born with all her organs outside her body. The Kangen Water Machine was the 8th different competing water machine he tried before finding this vendor’s machine with unique properties.


Very important developments about alkalized, restructured, micro-structured, antioxidant water machines were introduced in Japan in 1974. After many years of trial in Japanese hospitals by Japanese medical doctors and hospital personel,  Kangen Water machines by Enagic came to the U.S. in 2003. Americans and citizens of other countries are slowly but surely passing the word along…and these are my intentions here with these posts. I am in the active process of building an international team of Kangen Water drinkers and independent distributors around the world and this is my method of informing those who are interested about these topics.

The corporate philosophy as stated by 75 year young President and CEO Hironari Oshiro of Enagic LTD, located in Okinawa, Japan, that provides these products is based on three basic principles:

Realizing true physical health

Realizing true financial health

Realizing true mental/metaphysical health

All three of these basic principles are consumer friendly and are intended to improve the well being of those that use the products. The products were first tested and used in many Japanese Hospitals and the country’s 7,000+ medical doctors certified their use for many purposes. The products were nationally certified by Japan in 1987, manufacturing quality standards by Enagic LTD in Japan continue very high and each medical device is personally manufactured and tested by 5 inspectors. The products are certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare, and are certified by the independent, non-profit international Water Quality Association (WQA), and Enagic LTD is a member of the DSA, the Direct Selling Association.

Enagic’s business model is the most effective way of allowing Kangen users to share the quality and effectiveness of our products with others and benefit in the greatest way possible.

In addition to providing valuable, beneficial water from the highest quality medical grade machines, the company returns a large portion of the revenues from sales as distribution costs and compensation to all Independent Distributors who share the products with others. This unique, patented compensation plan gives every purchaser the opportunity to recover all purchase costs of their products in the form of compensation for sharing with others.  This model of sales provides a very efficient distribution channel designed to help individuals achieve financial independence and income that is very rewarding and motivational for all Independent Distributors. In addition, an Independent Distributor has the policy opportunity to build their own distribution network anywhere in virtually any country in the world that allows it. Distributors earn income not only from their personal sales however also from the members of their Team that they gain as customers.

As a result of the benefits of highest quality water products and nutritional products, coupled with a very unique compensation plan, customers enjoy the taste of the water, enjoy the benefits, appreciate the income, and typically enjoy a high level of mental satisfaction.

The first introduction to Kangen Water by Enagic USA and Enagic LTD is typically accomplished with a live Presentation by a qualified, experienced Independent Distributor or by a Demonstration Video. We will start your introduction with the following video…

Watch A Kangen Water Demonstration



and here are my current research posts on this technology…

Health Category Research Posts


These sites below are for your immediate purchase from me as your Distributor of your Kangen Water medical device

From  ANYWHERE in the United States or Internationally you may view this video about the world’s leading water products and order your choice of your Kangen unit online right now if in the U.S. or Canada! If International you will need to contact me via phone or email.

Also contact me to learn how you can you earn your Kangen Water device FREE by sharing with others.


Alkalyzed Restructured Antioxidant Kangen Water






DAN NORRIS                                                                                             Independent International Distributor                 Orlando, Florida USA                                                         Kangen Water Machines    #7299001                                                               Kangen UKON tm     #1141848                                                                           Telephone: 407-749-9395                                                                                Email:


Build Your Own Kangen Water business only if you choose…

For those interested in using and sharing their Kangen Water experiences with others…as well as having their device paid for by sharing it with others….and there is a wave of demand growing around the world for Kangen Water…and the successes of sharing it with others to earn income.

It is not necessary for any customer to share the water or to enter into any business activity. This is a no cost option for you.

FACT: 1.8 billion people(1) still lack access to fresh water supply and 2.5 billion people need improved sanitation. Since 1940 the world’s water use has quadrupled whilst the world’s population has only doubled.

You can join this team of satisfied users and learn many methods of successful sharing by contacting me or by purchasing your Kangen Water machine online and specifying Dan Norris, Independent Enagic Distributor #7299001 on your order form. I will assist you anywhere in the world to build your own profitable Kangen Water sharing business.

Many Kangen Water drinkers are so pleased with their results they want to share how they feel with others. And Enagic has a very generous, unique patented compensation plan that is helping people enjoy financial independence they had never imagined. I will help you with many methods of doing this…and if you are interested…check out this latest automated marketing method that I will give to you free and teach you how to use it…



Key Tips To Increase Your Success In Business


How Do You Like This?

It was great to see the football season really get started this past weekend…there were some great games…and in major league baseball as well! Hope you enjoyed watching as much as I did.  We can’t expect that touchdowns are made every play or that your team gets a home run every inning! As we turn that analogy to our personal lives and our businesses, we get better by finding gems of wisdom and helpful information along our roadway. That is what I offer you today…hopefully one of these might be good for a single or double for your personal life! I enjoyed most flipping the graphic in the Life Advice and reading from… 18 Wealthiest People. Hopefully there is something that you like as well…

Key Tips To Increase Your Success In Business


CNN Money – A Service of CNN, Fortune and Money


Stuck in a part-time job

Americans are working fewer hours, partly due to the rise in part-time jobs. These people want full-time work, but can only find part-time gigs.

Cut down to part-time hours –

This is a series of articles by several individuals who have been cut down to part-time hours.

Read more:


Life Advice From 18 of the Wealthiest People in History (Interactive Graphic)

Everyone needs a little inspiration from time to time – especially entrepreneurs.

If you’re looking for advice on how to rock the business world and live a successful and meaningful life, consider the words of leaders like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Dell. They might just have a trick or two up their sleeve.


Be sure to click the left and right arrows at the bottom of the graphic to see Life Advice.


How to Make Your Best Employees Even More Profitable

Unfortunately, some of my worst decisions involved hiring the wrong employees. That said, some of my luckiest decisions, have been hiring the right employees. A bad employee will set you back months, if not years, and a good employee will pay for themselves tenfold.

So the real question becomes: How do you get the best performance out of good employees? Some would argue you just hire the right people and get out of their way, but I would submit that’s not enough.

Read more: 




Posted on September 6, 2013 by The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC)


Read more:


For those stuck in a parr-time job I would be pleased to discuss options with you.


Dan Norris

Dan Norris Blog
Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant


Making Money

The topic for today is “Making Money”!

Your Lifestyle

I am very pleased to have developed an excellent following of readers every day and I thank you very much for coming back, reading, and leaving your comments.

To let you know who I am looking for as my target reader…it really is anyone of any age that wants to become financially independent and to be able to afford any lifestyle… anywhere… that they want. In my opinion this is the ultimate freedom in life. I do not see my preferred readers in any age group, any ethical background, or religious or political background. I do see my readers as being thirsty for knowledge that helps them succeed and provide financial and emotional security for themselves and their families.  My readers are open minded and hungry for good information that they enjoy and is helpful to them.

Does this make sense to you? Is this what you are looking for? If not…and you come here for other reasons…please write a comment at the bottom of this page and let me know what you enjoy and why you come here. For those who really want to achieve financial independence be sure to read the last topic on this page and take some action today to get started on your road…ok!  In any case, thank you for coming here! I am very grateful!



Can an Exterminator Get Leads on Social Media?

by Todd Wasserman July 12, 2013

People apparently don’t visit an exterminator on social media unless they really mean

With my boat!
Nice Home on Canal

business. This month, Bug Out has gotten close to 100 leads from its Facebook Page and Twitter feed. Considering Bug Out’s Facebook Page has just around 135 fans and the brand has just 270 followers on Twitter, that’s a pretty good yield.

“If you look at our fans, they’re pretty much all realtors,” says Anne Austen-Lewis, who handles social media marketing for the Anaheim, Calif., exterminator. Realtors are a key client since getting a pest control check is a necessary step in buying a new house in California. Bug Out, a 25-year-old business (it was known as Masterpest Termite Control until a couple of years ago), already draws leads from its email lists and has a fairly well-developed SEO program. But the company believes that it could do a better job culling leads via social media.   Read more...

Want to Close More Sales? Stop Selling

Mountain Home

OWNER’S MANUAL | Jeff Haden June 25,2013

Make your customer service reps your sales team, give information away for free, and other counterintuitive sales advice.

In today’s online marketplace, building a traditional sales force or conducting expensive sales training programs should not be the first action items on your business development plan. What should be on your list instead?

Here’s another in my series where I pick a topic and connect with someone a lot smarter than me. (There’s a list of some previous installments at the end of this article.)

This time I talked to Laura Greeno, the founder of WebScout, an online marketing firm for small- to medium-businesses.
Read more…



Stop Linkbait Before It Ruins Content Marketing

My favorite!

by Sam Slaughter July 12,2013

You’ve clicked them before: “5 Things Preventing You From Becoming a Billionaire,” “The Secret Video Obama Doesn’t Want You to See” and the ever-insidious “[Hot Female Celeb’s] Wardrobe Malfunction.”

It seems harmless enough linkbait, but stories like these have the potential to kill content marketing.

SEE ALSO: This Is the Future of Book Marketing

Content marketing is no longer a trend or a fad — according to one survey, nearly four out of five CMOs think it represents the future of marketing. Read more…

And for my readers who are ready to get on the road to success and multiple income streams…You will be very pleased that you clicked on the link below for…

MLM Blog Secrets

Ann Sieg and Ty Tribble

And if you have not yet requested your 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing download go to the top of the page and do so now…

Be sure to leave me a comment!

Dan Norris

Press Release – The Law and Legal Service Plans


Prosperity Awaits!
US Small Businessman Of Year Award – With Congressman Lynn Westmoreland







The very wealthy have a staff of attorneys on retainer at all times.

Why? For many reasons. First because they want good sound advice based upon the laws of our country. The basis for all transactions in the United States is our Judicial System, and to be successfulyou must know how to work within it and how to take the most advantage of the system. There are more than (75) fields of law in the U.S.  and to have a staff of attorneys on retainer to address virtually any issue can be quite expensive. The average cost per hour for an attorney in the U.S. is about $285 per hour and can range from $100 per hour to $2,000 per hour.  An attorney firm on retainer for a wealthy person typically costs several thousands of dollars each year…however their value to each client is much more than the cost.

Would you personally benefit with a staff of attorneys at all times for less than $20 per month or less than the cost of one hour per year?  Studies show that some 62% of Americans have need to hire an attorney at least once or twice each year.  More than 40% of these Americans just avoid hiring an attorney because they cannot afford to do so.  There are innumerable needs for an attorney…such as to review contracts…write letters…make phone calls…give legal advice…appear in court for traffic violations, civil cases, criminal cases…work with Federal Agencies…defend you in lawsuits…and the needs goes on and on.

If you live in the United States or Canada and want to have a monthly contract for legal protection from the highest quality attorneys… then I can help you have legal protection at less than $20 per month for your family and less than $100 per month for your small business…in every state except Alaska…with highly qualified experienced attorney firms that will call you within 24 hours to serve you….yes… Attorney Firms…. not just an Attorney….as there is a plethora of legal issues to deal with requiring different specialties. This is an excellent offer that many have not taken the time to know about or understand!

Financial Advisor
Dan Norris                        Former Financial Advisor
Ameriprise Financial

cyde1buf2c_166898592-2 Dans Office Photo

Why Do Smart Things?
Don Adams
Agent 86
Get Smart – Do Smart Things!













Personally since 2011 I have accessed my attorney staff more than (40) times with excellent results and my costs have been my monthly fee plus one $75 charge for a special consultation.

Let me help you solve your legal issues today and on an ongoing basis…call me at 407-749-9395…and read my book described below as well! The book will cost you less than $10 and can save you many thousands of dollars!!!



New Book Release with Amazon – Publisher                        

Contact Information:   

Author                        Dan Norris

E-Mail Address  

Mailing Address          E. Anderson Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801

CellPhone                   407-749-9395



“This Book Is Better Than Having A Lawyer In The Family”

Available in Kindle Select E-Book  $8.54  and  PaperbackVersions  $8.99 and $0.00 for Kindle Members.

Select the first of a series of books on the subject of creating, protecting and achieving financial independence. The author, a former financial advisor with 50+ years of business and personal experience across the U.S., reveals the importance of having a high quality “law firm” on retainer at all times…costing less than $1 per day. The wealthy consider legal services a must…and the average American citizen can benefit as well from high quality, honest legal services? Learn why affordable attorneys can improve your life significantly with better decisions, protecting your rights, giving you peace of mind, and saving you considerable money! Learn why a high percentage of Europeans use these services and less than 10% of North Americans. This book can be a revelation for anyone that chooses to be financially responsible.


Or Order the book at:        alias%3Dstripbooks&field-      

Legal Plans
Legal Service Plans


Dan Norris

Prosperity Awaits
Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant


Small Business Consultant

Amazon Kindle Select








Anybody Interested In Achieving Financial Independence?


Are you interested in achieving financial independence during your lifetime?

Do you have a burning desire to achieve financial independence?

When do you plan to start?

How do you plan to go about this? cyde1buf2c_166898592-2 Dans Office Photo

Do you have a plan? A good plan?

Are you willing to work?

Are you willing to learn? Teachable?

If you are serious about achieving financial independence and are ready to get started on a an excellent path, contact me below.

Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant


Phone: 407-749-9395