Why Are So Many People Drinking Kangen Water Now?

Why So Many Are Drinking Kangen Water

Why Are So Many People Drinking Kangen Water Now?

Do you enjoy seeing this cold, clear stream of water flowing down from a mountain, with the water flowing over the rocks to provide you with mineral rich, alkaline, fresh, cool, sweet and light tasting drinking water?

These are the kinds of  water sources that we once enjoyed in the last 200 years! Today our water sources are much different. Why? Do you think we will ever see them again? Why not?

These are some of the reasons for so many drinking Kangen Water now…but now all. And many think they have found other alternatives however, I suggest they have not looked far enough yet.

With the existence of more than 100,000 man-made chemicals for use in herbicides (see Atrazine), pesticides, poisons, plastic products (see BPA), flavoring, sweeteners, and all kinds of chemicals in most everything that we consume, the use of synthetic plastics to heat and contain our foods and liquids,  ingestion and application of millions of pharmaceutical prescriptions, our bodies are constantly bombarded internally and externally with these foreign chemical substances.

Think about all the chemicals including deodorants sprayed on our skin, lipsticks, nail polish, toothpaste, mouthwash, and more that can enter into our bodies in less than a minute after application. Do you think there could possibly be any connection between the many chemicals that we ingest and apply and our overall health? Do you think we are getting healthier or less healthy? Do you have any idea that these chemicals we are applying to our bodies and our environments could conceivably have any impact on your human bodies?

When we talk about the effect and dangers of greenhouse gases on our environment…I never hear equally loud complaints about the effect of chemicals on our foods, bodies and in our homes. Why?…Do our politicians, lobbyists, political party leaders, and medical, hospital and pharmaceutical professionals give sufficient thought to what destruction is being done to our bodies and living and working environments.? Do you agree with these concerns? Are we so busy we do not stop and think about the fact that our food, bodies and home and work environments could be even more dangerous than greenhouse gases? Recently I heard from our country’s leaders that environmental polution was more dangerous than the several countries that want to destroy the people of America. Can our priorities be so far out of reason that the human body is not the first on our priority list to make well?

HELLO?  Anybody there? Can we see the forest for the trees? Is anybody there? When will we stand up and say…we are killing ourselves using our chemicals and valuable money to do so! Are we making good buying decisions? To repeat this self-destruction syndrome….we are paying our own money to kill ourselves with thousands of chemicals…and ironically are reluctant to take an hour to understand what we are doing.

Huge sums of money are invested with the media telling us about pharmaceuticals, how they may help us, and for most times in a commercial, how they may hurt us and when to report certain symptoms or dangerous results. Disclaimers to avoid legal battles. Why are there so many dangers involved? Why is 75% of an advertisements time spent on telling us the dangers and not the benefits? Could they be dangerous to our bodies?

HELLO!!! So think about this ok…60% to 75% of our body is made up of water!  Is all water the same? Clearly it is not. Think about the many bodies of water. Are they all the same? I am just learning at a ripe old age as to what water is good for my body and how much I should drink everyday. No-one ever told me that a 1% dehydration of my brain typically results in a 5% cognitive brain malfunction (when we don’t think rapidly and clearly) …and I certainly want to prevent Alzheimer’s if possible.

Nobody ever told me that as a minimum I should be drinking half my weight in ounces of water every day, and preferably 3.1 liters or about 105 ounces. Nor did they tell me that drinking a certain brand of ionized, restructured, alkaline, anti-oxidant water could be very good for my body or that I should try it and determine that myself. The Japanese have been doing it for 42+ years.

I discovered this phenomenom by chance…or word of mouth as they say! Thank you my friend Rachelle. I shall forever be indebted. And yes, I am getting paid to tell you about this…only because referrals are the best way ever found of marketing in the world…however it is not sold by box stores like CVS, WALMART, PUBLIX, MACY’s, HOME DEPOT, COSCO and others. What if you shared the products that you purchase with others because you liked them very much and then your product no longer cost you anything after you shared it a few times. The truth is that you liked the products so much that you didn’t have to watch them advertised on tv….and you collected that fee yourself. You get paid because you tell others how they may benefit. That is how it works.

So 25% to 40% of our body is made up of  bones, muscle, fat, blood, and other assorted human organs…however the focus by the medical profession is on the 25-40% of our organs as opposed to the other 60% to 75% which is water. As a very analytical person this seems unusual to me. Does it seem strange to you…especially since water is the most important substance on our planet…which we cannot do without?

Do you agree that we should be doing more research on water in our body? Should doctors be telling us more about the amount and kind of water that we should be drinking? Bottled waters aren’t the answer for me…I would need to purchase $180+ per month of acceptable bottled water to provide the amount that I drink…and finding the quality of water that I want does not exist in bottled water…and how old is it? Are the plastic bottles leaching chemicals into my drinking water. I would like to hear a lot more about this from our medical community. So I choose not to return to drinking tap water…besides it does not taste nearly as good as Kangen Water.

What can you do personally to evaluate Kangen Water benefits?

Step #1: Attend an Enagic Kangen Water Presentation Meeting locally or… Step #2: Watch a Presentation Video listed above and then request


Are you ready to start your Free 7 Day Sampling of Kangen Water from my machine or that of a satisfied Kangen Water machine owner near you? (Sorry, not available in all geographic areas),  Fill out the form below. Your fresh ionized Kangen Water pH 8.5 to pH 9.5 will be available for pickup every 3 days (60-72 hours). You must communicate with the provider on location and timing. This is a “No Obligation Sampling”. Try it…see how you like it! When you decide to buy your Kangen Water machine ask me about my satisfaction guarantee.



Japan is the leading country in the world for life longevity. Most all their doctors and hospitals all use Kangen Electrolyzed, Restructured, Micro-clustered, Anti-Oxidant Water medical devices that attach to kitchen faucets and hydrants or taps and they use this fresh ionized water for many medical purposes. These devices were first developed in 1974 in Japan and introduced and used in hospitals for many years and were later introduced into the United States in 2003 in Los Angeles.

In Japan Kangen Water devices were certified as medical devices by their medical physicians. The water produced is certified by the WQA, the Water Quality Association. These devices are now being used successfully in more than (172) countries around the world in homes, hospitals, restaurants, offices, sports teams, chiropractors, physicians, trainers, health advocates…as well as by many celebrities including Bill Gates. and many more. More than 750,000 devices are in use now.

The word is beginning to spread across the U.S. as there are six offices located in major cities. The devices are marketed only by Independent Distributors, and are not sold in any stores or in any containers.  The water is recommended to be created fresh from your municipal or well water supply as the shelf-life is 60-72 hours. Kangen Water is much more effective when produced “fresh” by turning on your faucet and producing the water through the device made with special filters, electronics and titanium plates.

Have you ever heard the word “homeostasis“? This is the condition of balance and stability between body organs and fluids that seems most desirable to achieve. I drink Kangen Electrolyzed,  Alkalized, Restructured, Micro-clustered, Anti-Oxidant Water pH 9.5 because I believe that within my body that it will help me to achieve this state of “homeostasis“.

I do not state or make any medical or any claims that the water will improve anyone’s health. I can only state the improved condition of my health since drinking the water and taking the UKON tm Turmeric. I have read many analytical documents on these topics and continue to read studies, scientific facts and medical opinions from a multitude of highly reliable sources, many of those are referenced in these Posts. Especially, I listen to myself with my own results, how my body feels, and that of many other people and their testimonies, and I conclude that drinking half my weight in ounces (and more) in Kangen Water each day is extremely beneficial for my body. My personal experience is that I have a great deal of energy, my severe knee arthritis pain of the last 9 years, after drinking Kangen Water pH 9.5 for (65) days virtually subsided and today I am able to walk and exercise much more pain-free.  My blood pressure has reduced substantially. I now cut my grass with a push mower and enjoy mile walks and exercising on my stationary bicycle.

I also use pH 2.5 Strong Acid Water, pH 4.5-6.0 Beauty Water, pH7.0 Neutral Water, pH 8.5, pH 9.0 and pH 9.5 Alkalized Drinking Water and pH 11.5 for Strong Alkaline Water for many other valuable purposes.

Now learning that cancer thrives best in an acetic human body as discovered by German Scientist Otto Heinrich Warburg – Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar”. 

Below are some direct quotes by Dr Warburg during medical lectures where he was the keynote speaker:

“Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline. Water splits into H+ and OH- ions, if there is an excess of H+, it is acidic; if there is an excess of OH- ions, then it is alkaline.”

With the information that I now have I personally believe that my (6) occurrences of malignant cancer consisting of lung cancer (partial surgical removal) and malignant skin cancers are much less likely to return as I drink 100+ ounces or more each day of Kangen Ionized Alkaline Restructured Antioxidant Water, pH 9.5. I also enjoy using pH 6.0 on my skin to protect and tighten my skin (hypochlorous acid sells for $25 per ounce if purchased at the retail cosmetics counter), pH 11.5 to wash the sprayed petroleum products containing pesticides from my vegetables and to wash my meats to remove bacteria. I wash my clothes in pH 11.5 Kangen Water to remove the oils, soils and avoid using laundry cleaning chemicals on my clothes which will later enter my body.  I also use pH 2.5 Kangen Water to clean my bathrooms, sinks, and floors that are typically cleaned using chemicals with harmful poisons that are not good for my body. Certain Kangen Water Devices include a liquid saline electrolysis enhancer to produce FDA approved levels of hypochlorous acid.  This is a very useful and harmless solution that typically one must purchase a separate machine for at a cost of about eight thousand dollars.

I am not a medical doctor and I am not making any medical claims or recommendations to you or to anyone. My beliefs and practices are driven by my education, knowledge and common sense gained from (10) years of college including chemistry, pharmacy, education and business, plus a lifetime of many medical experiences for myself, friends and family.

Please discuss these subjects with your doctor for their professional recommendations. Again, many doctors findings and recommendations are shared in these Posts. I only suggest that you research this topic very carefully for yourself as I have done for the last twenty six months ….along with drinking Kangen Water every day. During college and my lifetime….I have never been exposed to this information until early 2015.  I am a strong believer that useful information can be found all over the world and I will take advantage of it if possible. After personally interviewing more than (40+) licensed medical physicians I find limited awareness about these topics among the U.S. medical and pharmaceutical community except in the wellness, nutrition and chiropractic fields. Like myself, many of the medical professionals who know about it are saying that they have benefited significantly from knowing this information. I choose to place my reliance in these professionals.

I invite you to research this topic for your own benefit and decision making process. I am very pleased that I now have this knowledge and can share it with others. My belief is that this technology will create more demand for cleaner, healthier, more beneficial water as our infrastructure ages, we continue contaminating our water supply with chemicals, and as awareness builds. We constantly need innovations to improve the quality of our lives whenever possible


Important Information About Bottled Water:

Watch A Kangen Water Demonstration

Introduction by one of America’s favorite performers…PAT BOONE

                      Probably the most informative 30 minutes of your lifetime!





Kangen Water
Ionized, Electrolized, Micro-clustered, Antioxidant Water Machines


DAN NORRIS                                   Orlando, Florida USA                                                             Independent International Distributor                                                                         Kangen Water Machines    #7299001                                                                         Kangen UKON tm               #1141848                                                           Telephone: 407-749-9395                                                                               Email: dannorris42@gmail.com


Build Your Own Kangen Water business only if you choose…

For those interested in using and sharing their Kangen Water experiences with others…as well as having their device paid for by sharing it with others….there is a wave of demand growing around the world for Kangen Water…and the successes of sharing it with others to earn income. It is not necessary for any customer to share the water or to enter into any business activity. 1.8 billion people(1) still lack access to fresh water supply and 2.5 billion people need improved sanitation. Since 1940 the world’s water use has quadrupled whilst the world’s population has only doubled.

You can join this team of satisfied users and learn many methods of successful sharing by contacting me or by purchasing your Kangen Water machine online and specifying Dan Norris, Independent Enagic Distributor #7299001 on your order form. I will assist you anywhere in the world to build your own profitable Kangen Water sharing business.

Many Kangen Water drinkers are so pleased with their results they want to share how they feel with others. And Enagic has a very generous, unique patented compensation plan that is helping people enjoy financial independence they had never imagined. I will help you with many methods of doing this.


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Are You Taking The Best Care Possible Of 60-75% Of Your Body?

One Sip At A Time
Change Your Life – One Sip At A Time!

Are You Taking The Best Care Possible Of 60-75% Of Your Body?

I bet you aren’t…want to take my challenge? Call me if you already know all of this…less than 1% of the population knows about it!


Question: Are You Focusing On Keeping 25%-40% Of Your Body Healthy With Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals While Ignoring The 60-75% Water?

Which Kangen Water Machine is Right For You?__________________________________________

Kangen Water by Enagic has two primary medical advisors….pick on these links to see some of their videos below…

  Enagic Medical Advsiors 

      Dr. Hiromi Shinya

        Dr. Horst Filtzer     

Watch these videos below…

Dr. Hiromi Shinya Shows Before And After Video(Kangen/Alkaline Water)

more info….

Chemotherapy, Cancer & Kangen Water by Dr. Horst Filtzer, M.D. a Harvard Medical School Graduate

more info….

Pat Boone Introduces Kangen Water! Eye-opening Demo with Bob Gridelli!

more info…

Dr Michael explains the difference between AlkaLINE and alkaLYZED water

more info…

Dr. Michael Explains the water – revised 2015

more info…

What Doctors Are Saying About Kangen Water

more info…

more info…

Celebrities Drinking Kangen Water


According to the American Cancer Society 1 of every 2 men and 1 of every 3 women will get cancer during their lifetime! 

Most Censored Story: Does the American Cancer Society Work to Prevent Cancer?


Watch the Kangen Water Demonstration

Click to see “Exposed: The Truth About Water

            Pat Boone Introduction


Kangen Water

This site is for your immediate purchase of your Kangen Water medical device…

From  ANYWHERE in the United States or Internationally READ  this about the world’s leading

Alkalyzed Restructured Antioxidant Kangen Water” 




                                 “HEALTHY BY DAN NORRIS

Kangen Water
Ionized, Electrolized, Micro-clustered, Antioxidant Water Machines

ORDER your choice of your Kangen unit online right now! International customers need to contact me by email at dannorris42@gmail.com or call me on 407-749-9395.  Contact me to learn how you can you earn your Kangen Water device FREE. More than 10,000 did last month!


DAN NORRIS                                   Orlando, Florida USA                                                             Independent International Distributor                                                                         Kangen Water Machines    #7299001                                                                         Kangen UKON tm               #1141848                                                           Telephone: 407-749-9395                                                                               Email: dannorris42@gmail.com


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Is Good Health More Important Than Being Wealthy?

Is Good Health More Important Than Wealth
Good Health








Is Good Health More Important Than Being Wealthy?


Recent studies in the U.S. for “Personal Life Priorities” of course vary however the best midrange that I found is the following:

  1.   FAMILY LIFE                                                   45%
  3.   MONEY/WEALTH                                            17%
  4.   FAITH                                                              12%

This seems to be proof positive that the first two at 65% total and both having to do with our health…are by far more important to us than money and wealth. With good health the pleasures of life are much deeper, genuine and enjoyable!

Do you  agree that without our health, our wealth …except for the legacy that we leave for others seems much less important except to pay our bills and to leave a legacy for others.  The capability to pay our medical bills and purchase care from others is very important.  If you are like me you want to avoid sickness as long as possible. Show me how to make myself and my family healthier first and to be able to better pay my bills second…and I will be a much happier camper.

And I will describe that for you here!


I did not realize how important what we eat and drink was until I attended a Presentation on 1.31.2015. The presentation, demonstrations, and the testimonials of several people with personal experience…spoke and changed my life significantly forward since that day. I could not believe what I had heard during that presentation as I had had some serious medical issues, I will share if you want to talk, and I have reached an unbelievable age. For (24) months I developed research and published it on the internet to share with others…as I believe less than 1% know about this.  For example, I think of how to lose weight and how much so many in our society struggle to keep their weight down, including me, and I learned this about sodas below that is so true. Then the next article and video below that one…introduced by Pat Boone who has much more credibility than I do…”WATCH A KANGEN WATER DEMONSTRATION” will reveal things to you that my doctors and pharmacists have never told me.


Soda Negatively Affects Your Health

written by: Samantha Olson

Kangen Water
Soda Negatively Affects Our Health

Soda is one of the most consumed beverages in the United States, second only to water. Here in the States, Americans guzzle 57 gallons of soda per person every year, as if it wasn’t full of sugary calories. But what’s happening inside the bodies of soda consumers with each sip?

As soon as soda’s swallowed, the pancreas is notified and rapidly begins to create insulin in response to the sugar. Insulin is a hormone the body uses to move sugar from food or drink into the bloodstream, where cells are then able to use sugar for energy. Within just 20 minutes, blood sugar levels spike and the liver responds to the insulin by turning sugar into fat for storage.

Within 45 minutes of gulping down a single 20-ounce glass of soda, caffeine from the drink is fully absorbed, and as a result your pupils dilate and blood pressure rises. The body produces more dopamine, which stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain — just like a low-grade line of cocaine…..more…

How many people really know and believe this???  more


Watch A Kangen Water Demonstration

Introduction by Pat Boone


Kangen Water
Which Kangen Water Machine is Right For You?


So now you have read about the reasons for some of our major health issues…the food and drink we slosh down in our bodies…and you have also been introduced to what I believe are the best source for the best Ionized, alkalized, restructured, micro-clustered, antioxidant water…Kangen Water medical quality devices, certified by Japanese doctors and hospitals and approved by the Water Quality Association…plus many more certifications.

Japan enjoys the #1 life longivity position in the world right now. Americans enjoy the #37-40th position in the world…behind Cuba.

Kangen Water devices are marketed around the world only by someone who is a customer of Enagic and drinks Kangen Water. Just ask me for a 21 day free trial to see if you would like to own one yourself. We warranty our Kangen devices for five years however properly maintained they last 15+ …some for 22 years. Your Kangen water cost of 15 years for a family of four is about $6,500 total…not per year. Compare that to bottled water cost of from $60,000 to $120,000 over 15 years…and oh yes…you must go to the store, buy it and bring it home…as compared to turning a lever and filling your glass at about 2 gallons a minute. So you just need to email me at dannorris42@gmail.com or call me at 407-749-9395 for discussion.


How to get your own Kangen Water device!

Now that we have dealt with definition of some health issues, excellent solutions for becoming healthier…let’s deal with how to get one for you.

Virtually everyone can afford a Kangen Water device. We offer (5) ways to purchase a Kangen Water device including cash, charge, % financing beginning at less than $25 per month for up to 20 months, no-qualifying financing, and a Good Samaritan Program where you find a qualfied buyer and start your own business. There are attractive options to discuss.

As the Enagic LTD Commission Plan is unique and designed to help anyone if they want, if you choose to share with others who may be interested, after you have accomplished this with 8 or 9 buyers, the company gives you back all your purchase price money in commission payments….to pay you for your machine purchase. It took me less than year to earn my purchase cost…and I really recommend you watch www.healthybydannorris.com for more detail.


Unfortunately, as a society we are conditioned to buy as a result of tv, newspaper, radio and all kinds of advertisements, bargain specials on price, advice, and bad buying habits.

Do you realize that home based businesses in any country are important to millions of unemployed people or people wanting to supplement their income…as well as to our overall economy! Are you one of those? I am! Are you aware that 95%+ of all our businesses are small businesses? Small businesses are critical to our economy. Do you look for a small business to buy from? Why not?

I just heard of a once very wealthy lady who sold household goods including toilet paper in her home based business. Her daughter for pride reasons refused to buy toilet paper in bulk from her for their several funeral home businesses because she wanted to buy from a box store. And the daughter did not know her mother did not have money to pay for the very expensive mortgage that the deceased husband had not completed paying.

Would you prefer that your friend or neighbor with a home based business be able to pay their mortgage and put food on their tables?..or do you prefer that much of what you pay go to advertising, taxes, to pay multi-million dollar salaries to corporate executives and to their stockholders?

There are companies that do not pay for any advertising or promotion, or expensive corporate executives and board of directors. Enagic USA LTD  is one of those companies. Do you know why?

These companies provide very special, excellent training to their Independent Distributors as Direct Sellers to present accurate information to you and to give you far superior products and benefits. In my case, I have researched Kangen Water and Enagic LTD for (24) months to assure that I am acting in the best interests of my clients and that they are getting far more value from me than from my competitors. I am working to bring “good health” first to my clients because I think this is the most important issue of their lives. Then if they can maintain their good health does it make sense to achieve wealth…but not until you take care of the first priority. Common sense tells us this.


From  ANYWHERE in the United States or Internationally READ  this about the world’s premier

Alkalyzed Restructured Antioxidant Kangen Water



                                 “HEALTHY BY DAN NORRIS

Kangen Water
Ionized, Electrolized, Micro-clustered, Antioxidant Water Machines


DAN NORRIS                                   Orlando, Florida USA                                                             Independent International Distributor                                                                         Kangen Water Machines    #7299001                                                                         Kangen UKON tm               #1141848                                                           Telephone: 407-749-9395                                                                                 Email: dannorris42@gmail.com


















If I can ever help you

This post is devoted to the topic… “If I can every help you”…

Would you be interested in developing multiple income streams to improve your opportunity to achieve financial independence? I can help you do that by helping you to develop a marketing system that is designed to help your customers find you on the internet. Do you think that could be helpful to your business? What if several hundred people found your business 24/7 and looked at what you had to offer? Would you like that? If this is interesting to you I invite you to click on the following link…



The development of your marketing plan for your business is a key step in achieving financial independence, however is not the only step.

In addition to attracting customers to your business, once you get them there you must have valuable products priced effectively that people want and or need.

How do you go about selecting a product or service that you can market that people will want to buy.

Let’s discuss your options on a confidential, complimentary basis.

I have found the helping others usually yields returns that are much greater than I give.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant

Email: dannorris42@gmail.com

Phone: 407-749-9395


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Enjoy…thanks to Joel for his wonderful requests tonight!

Have a great weekend!

Dan Norris

So Will You Ever Be Ready To Become Rich?

If you become what you think about…Are you ready to become rich?

Many believe that the Law of Attraction can be very important in the process!

Become Rich

Procrastination is a wonderful pastime! It allows us to enjoy the moment without any reason to be challenged! Unless you happen to be challenged by the world of opportunity that is offered to you every day! Would you really like to become rich?  Nowhere in the world…other than the United States…is there such freedom of opportunity, speech and pursuit of happiness. If you don’t know this then you should really travel the world and discover it for yourself.

Since we have this opportunity you would think that 50%+ of our population would be jumping on the chance to become financially independent, another way of saying becoming rich,  and to take advantage of the opportunities….and the numbers are growing but nowhere near what they should be.  But this will change. The current leadership will try to stop all creation of wealth or to take it away from the wealthy….but this kind of regime even with the compromising, unprofessional press will not stand. This is not America my friends….and the number of Americans unhappy with lack of employment, downgraded lifestyles, costs of fuel while buying it from the Mideast, rising food prices, more taxes, too much regulation on businesses, incorrect priorities for spending  , and having less fun is growing every day.

I thank you for reading my posts….and let me know what you would like for me to write about…enjoy!


The 10 Fastest-Growing Industries for Small Business

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Past performance is no guarantee of future results, as the old business truism says. But you also may have heard that you can’t know where you’re going without knowing where you have been.

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Way of the World

Opportunity Missed in U.S. Bailout?

Published: November 22, 2012

LONDON — Sometimes, the aftermath is more devastating than the storm. That is the story of the 2008 financial crisis. It was disastrous at the time, but what has been worse is how long it has lingered. That halting recuperation is why the global economic meltdown is still at the center of the political debate in the Western world.

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SEO from a Newb’s Perspective

April 1st, 2013 – Posted by HappyBrooke to Content & Blogging

Sometimes it’s fun to temporarily place yourself back in the mindset of a beginner. You probably can’t remember the day before you understood SEO backwards and forwards, can you? Well, I’m still there. (Yes, thank you for the supportive smiles and knowing looks.) I still don’t understand it all; but I’m on my way, and I’m making progress.

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Excellent reading!







Sun Sentinel

Investigation finds 741 tax returns filed from single Belle Glade home

August 6, 2012|By Donna Gehrke-White, Sun Sentinel

A small South Florida city has attracted the attention of federal investigators looking into tax refund fraud and identity theft, according to an independent watchdog agency that oversees the Internal Revenue Service.

In Belle Glade, nestled along Lake Okeechobee, 741 tax returns worth more than $1 million in refunds were filed from a single address last year, according to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

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My Sincere Thanks to Lorraine McNulty

If you attempted to read my blog from Wednesday evening and Thursday until 10:00 pm in all likelihood you saw an error message and were unable to access the site for viewing. If you did try and were unsuccessful I sincerely apologize to you for any inconvenience. For (28) hours I agonized over the fact that a software malfunction had caused the entire site to disappear…and I was very concerned about the accessibility of all the post data created since October 2012 with this blog and some (75) posts.

I am pleased to report that all is well now…and I was blessed with the assistance of a highly competent lady in Ontario, Canada who read about my plight on Facebook around 9:30 pm last night and in less than (15) minutes had solved the problem and saved all of my data. For this reason this blog is dedicated to Lorraine McNulty today…a very willing and competent, experienced professional on blogs, WordPress (a very popular blogging platform), and how to examine and correct errors in code of application programs. In this case there was a plugin that was supposed to map my site and there was code that needed correction. Lorraine was very capable and knowledgeable in this area and within minutes she had corrected the coding issues. In return for her kindness I want to give major kudos to Lorraine and to share her businesses below with my readers…as she may very well be able to render assistance to you in some ways.

Lorraine McNulty is a member of Ann Sieg’s Renegade Facebook Team made up of more than (900) people who are learning, implementing, and training others on the subjects of “Attraction Marketing”, Blogging, Copywriting, SEO and virtually all facets of internet marketing. To me this is a vast resource of talent that is available to all conscientious internet marketers and is one of my favorite resources to recommend to anyone in internet marketing. You may enjoy one of Ann Sieg’s free publications below. You can find more free publications in several posts in this blog under the Attraction Marketing tab.

The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing:


Sincere thanks to Lorraine McNulty!   

My sincere thanks go out to Lorraine for her assisting me in several ways over the last few days…to significantly improve my blogging technique and skills. Knowing how to blog is a real art and Lorraine is giving me tremendous insight into the blogging industry.  In return for her assistance I would like to share her contact information with you as follows.

Lorraine McNulty


www.buildablog.co or the course http://buildablogcentral.com/easy-pz-wordpress-lets-get-started/


I sincerely appreciate your timely and very efficient help Lorraine!

Thank you,

Dan Norris
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Music for Music Lovers!

Life is wonderful! So precious! And so is music! Each of us appreciate different music just as we like different food and drink. I would like to share with you some of the wonderful music that I enjoy…by incredible performers…in my opinion…I hope that you enjoy!

Music for Music Lovers!


I LOVE YOU – Celine Dion ( lyrics )

 MuS1c4LiFe MuS1c4LiFe·

Simon & Garfunkel – Bridge over troubled water (with lyrics)


House of the Rising Sun – Vassar Clements & Mark O’Connor

Jw Stockman

Do You Enjoy Jazz on Friday Nights? How About Diana Krall in Canada!

Hopefully you enjoy “jazz” as one of your wonderful kinds of music in your life…I certainly do! I remember on Friday nights
in Atlanta we would look for a place that served terrific food and later had an awesome jazz band come in to entertain.

I have never heard of Diana Krall of Canada before tonight…however she is wonderful to me and I hope that you enjoy her music as much aa I am..

I just listened to Diana Krall and her group for more than an hour….how incredibly talented they are….and I enjoyed the music so much….she is now a contemporary jazz favorite for me…as was Al Hurt with his sax many years ago…I am really impressed with this lady Diana Krall and her supporting cast.

I wish you an outstanding weekend!

Dan Norris

Rita Hayworth is “Stayin Alive” – let’s have some fun

Rita Hayworth is “Stayin’ Alive”!

This is outstanding….. Someone had a lot of fun with this and spent hours putting these clips together. Most of the people in the clips were deceased before the Bee Gee’s recorded “Stayin’ Alive.” Whether you are a Bee Gee’s or Rita Hayworth fan or not…I bet you are going to enjoy this! Music may change, but the moves are timeless. I enjoyed this so very much….really got me going this morning!  Hope this adds fun and energy to your day!

Look for Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Gene Nelson, Larry Parks, Fred Astaire, Phil Silvers and others having fun dancing. Love those Bee Gees!

Have a great day!

Dan Norris

Eclectic Music

Friday nights for me are very special…I like to reminisce and remember the good times…and especially listen to some of the wonderful music that we have been blessed with over the years. Tonight for your listening pleasure I have captured an eclectic assortment of some of our best from Arethra Franklin to The Beetles to Leonard Skynryd to Simon & Garfunkel to Michael Jackson and even including at the end an hour+ of Classical Music. There is something for everyone! Thanks to YouTube for all of the great tunes.

I invite you to open up the music in one window and listen to the music while you open up another window for your reading pleasure…when a song ends you may need to open up the next published song or it may continue on the next song of that same video which I did not publish ok? Enjoy!

Eclectic Music

Aretha Franklin – Respect (1967) HD 0815007


The Animals – House of the Rising Sun (Official Music Video)


Let It Be – The Beatles – Lyrics


Simon & Garfunkel – Bridge over troubled water (with lyrics)


Lynyrd Skynyrd-Free bird


Eagles – Hotel California


Beatles-Yesterday (official music video)


Michael Jackson Billie Jean Live 1997 Munich


The Rolling Stones – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – Hampton Live 1981 OFFICIAL


Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode


Classical Music Mix〜piano,violin,orchestra,etc〜Best Excellent pieces 11 titles〜癒しの音楽


Enjoy your weekend!

Listen To Some Great Music!

Here is some great music by all time favorites!

I enjoy a wide range of performers and types of music…and I hope that some of these songs and artists will also be entertaining to you!

You can just set the music up to play in the background while you read recent blog posts about restoring our country.

Listen To Some Great Music!

Again…all of this music can be found on YouTube and if you will pick on the title you too can download this for your listening…



Alison Krauss & Union Station – Stay



Alison Krauss : A Hundred Miles or More




Waylon Jennings,Willie Nelson,Johnny Cash,Kris Kristofferson…Highwaymen

Tim Lawton


Elvis & Tom Jones~Green green grass of home

Normand Thibeault


The Everly Brothers Reunion Concert

Rolando Castro

More to come….

More great jazz by Diana Krall….and Diana with Tony Bennett

Enjoy Diana Krall with me…

Diana Krall – Fly me to the moon

Diana Krall – Boy From Ipanema (Live In Rio)

Tony Bennett & Diana Krall, The Best Is Yet To Come

Have a great weekend!

Dan Norris

Music – 6.7.2013 The Ventures – Chuck Berry – Kenny Rogers – Engelbert Humperdinck – Paul Anka

Great Music of all times for your listening pleasure!


The Ventures Hawaii Five-0

Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode live

kenny rogers coward of the county

Engelbert Humperdinck – Please release me 1985

You are my destiny – Paul Anka (High Quality)