10 Reasons To Quit Your Job This Year

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10 Reasons To Quit Your Job This Year

James Altucher
Posted February 1, 2013

This was going to end badly. I would play chess all day in my office with the door locked. My boss would knock on the door and I would put my headphones on and ignore him. People would complain that the software I wrote didn’t work. My boss would say…


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Three Ways to Make Money From Social Media

Ilana GreeneEditor                                      Harvard Newsletter’

Many small businesses use social media as a marketing tactic, but they are confused about how to make money from it. According to Anatoly Nirshberg, CEO of ParadigmNEXT, the key is to “develop a business plan that outlines how you will generate revenue from social media activities on a consistent basis.”



How to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids

BY NADIA GOODMAN | December 11, 2012

Tomorrow’s business leaders and startup founders will be today’s young kids whose parents have raised them with an entrepreneurial spirit — a skill that is increasingly important as young people flood the startup world and the freelance economy grows.



The Pros and Cons of Launching Your Business From Home


Looking for a way to launch your business with the minimum investment possible? Then consider setting up shop in a home office rather than a commercial space.

Working from home makes a lot of sense when you’re launching a business and have limited startup funds.

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Three Ways to Make Money From Social Media

Ilana GreeneEditor                                      Harvard Newsletter’

Many small businesses use social media as a marketing tactic, but they are confused about how to make money from it. According to Anatoly Nirshberg, CEO of ParadigmNEXT, the key is to “develop a business plan that outlines how you will generate revenue from social media activities on a consistent basis.”




3 Little Known Factors That Are Affecting Your Success!


The topic today is “3 Little Known Factors That Are Affecting Your Success!”

This is another post in a series to share with you that attraction marketing, also called content marketing…can be successful because it has basic principles and strategies that are appealing

to human beings. How many would not prefer ice cream and cake to…well you think of your most non-favorite food. Would you prefer to be enticed with good thoughts or bombarded with the same commercials over and over until you want to change the station. We typically enjoy pleasant things much more than displeasing things. And that is what attraction marketing principles and strategies are all about. My posts for you are designed to provide you with good information that will be helpful to you in building a business that helps you to be very successful. I am here to help you get what you want in life and by showing you how that is happening to me…I can help you to get there as well.  As a member of the Renegade Marketing Team I participate with more than 1000 people in a program called The Daily Marketing Coach…with Ann Sieg, the leader in Attraction Marketing Training, and Ty Tribble, considered to be the #1 Blogger and trainer. I invite you to read the articles  below and decide for yourself if this could be good for you….


How To Get Started and Get Noticed … Even If You Don’t Know Exactly What To Create

April 5, 2013      By Eric Walker 3 Comments

How To Get People To Care

You can’t get people to care about what you care about. Not even the best persuasion does that. Yet as a marketer, it’s absolutely your responsibility to talk about the topics your audience already cares about.

To accomplish this, sometimes you have to do a bridge.

Let me give you an example of a bridge.

Most marketers don’t want to hear about excel spreadsheet formulas that help to track and optimize Pay Per Click ad spend, right? It’s heavy, boring math stuff.


How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

January 30, 2013 By 5 Comments

I received an email from one of my Daily Marketing Coach members who is struggling to make the cross over from full time employee to now becoming her own boss.

Are you struggling with that too?

If you’re self employed and putting together an online business, I think you’re going to enjoy this video.

First off, you might be feeling a little bit scared and understandably so.

So this video will help you if you’re feeling challenged in your role as an evolving entrepreneur.

I break this down into four primary suggestions.

Success Stories
Cut the B.S and BE YOUR OWN BOSS


The One and Only Shortcut That Makes Up For Being a Lousy Content & Copywriter

April 12, 2013 By 5 Comments

Photo Credit: Lumatic via Compfight cc

Do you realize that the headline of this blog post is a contradiction?

It is.

It’s a contradiction because if you actually obey the “short cut” that you’re about to receive you WON’T be a lousy writer (of any kind).

Here Is The Shortcut

Ditch the jargon, and just be clear.

You don’t need to be persuasive if you can communicate clearly.

Here’s an example of an unclear, full of jargon, makes-no-sense tagline:

“Revenue-focused marketing automation & sales effectiveness solutions unleash collaboration throughout the revenue cycle”


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And here is a bonus about “Blogging For Prospects” ….Click here…



Did you enjoy the information above? Do you find it useful? Now read one of the straight to the heart messages that tells you how to be successful and how you can get started now…CLICK HERE


You will be very glad that you did.

Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant



Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

Today is the first day of your life!

The video is cute…so human…so true…please watch and listen!!!…just pick on the link!

Bright Eyes “First Day of My Life”

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

This blog is devoted to providing valuable personal and small business solutions to those in need and who want to improve their current financial situation. Many of you are going through very difficult financial, employment and personal times right now and you are not sure what to do. May God Bless You! I fully understand how you may feel and very much want to help anyone that is truly committed to helping themselves. This is not a pyschiatrist’s couch….but it could be the next best thing for some…especially if have any respect for a former personal and small business financial advisor with more than 50 years of successful business experience.

There are outstanding solutions available for income either part-time or full-time..

Unbelievable to many, we are not a society dependent on government dictate even though the current scheme is to get as many people addicted to government programs, welfare, and dependency as possible so that you can be a slave to government. If that is what you believe in this is not the Blog for you…because those who believe that you can live from the success of others will have a day of reckoning that will be horrific. Americans have been,  are and should be an enterprising, entrepreneurial society, and I challenge you to join the fight to save our country!

So far I have made posts on key topics that can help many, however if you have additional subjects that you would like for me to write on, let me hear from you.

Please contact me on email at dannorris42@gmail.com or via phone at 407-749-9395.


Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant

What Can Make Your 2013 A Terrific Success?


Happy New Year!  I sincerely hope that you had a great Holiday Season…and I wish you every success in 2013! Thank you for visiting my sites last year…that was a good beginning for me with you during the last two months of the year and I really appreciated each of you that came by to read…and especially comment and to those that took important steps to improve their lives..

And improving our lives will be my main theme and goal for 2013. If you are like me, I am so pleased that 2012 is behind us…that was a tough year for me…and I know for many of you. I congratulate you on hanging in there and being here to ring in the New Year…with hope and optimism and energy to do our very best and achieve success. With our belief and God’s continuing blessings we will thrive and good things will continue to be bestowed upon us.working-from-home1

This Is Where I Want To Be At The End of 2013…or somewhere like it…how about you?

So let’s get started on how to have an exceptionally successful 2013! Keep in mind that these are my opinions biased by many years of very enjoyable, fun and professional experiences accompanied by wonderful human beings!.

The first question to ask you is what would you like to happen to you or for you during 2013 so that you consider the year to be very successful? Each of us have very different lives and very different goals so therefore we need to define what would make us feel that we had a successful year on 12/31/2013. To start your thinking process about defining these goals let me ask you these several questions on which I plan to offer important, solid recommendations to help you. The list will grow during the year however right now, can you say that any of these apply to you? Here are the questions…and for us to have a meaningful dialogue…you need to be very honest with yourself as you answer…

1. .How do you feel about where you will be in your career in five years from now..in 2018?

2.  Is your current income what you would like it to be?  What do you really want to earn?

3.  Are you spending as much time with your loved ones as you or they would like?

4.  If your employer decided to cease business tomorrow do you have alternative employment…we call it a Plan B?

5.  Are you really enjoying what you are doing in your current employment?

6.  Do you have any money left over at the end of the month?

7.  Do you have a financial plan for your life? A financial advisor?

8.  Are you putting aside money for vacations, your retirement and children’s education?

9.  Do you feel financially independent now?

10. Do you choose how you invest your time or does your employer? How long does it      take for you to ride to/from your work?

11. Do you believe that if you  continue to do what you are doing you will achieve the maximum of what you want in life? It could be that you are very satisfied with your life as it is and if that is the case another post would probably interest you more.

12.  Do you have any personal legal issues including mortgage, debt, divorce, child support, traffic violations or other legal issues ?

13.  Do you have any current identity theft issues? Do you consider that identity theft protection would be valuable to you?

14.  Are you ready to be productively employed today.. and are not sure how to find the right solution that you can trust and not waste your time and energy? Are you confused by all the claims which are very misleading?

15.  Are you ready for a much improved lifestyle…associating with a very high quality class of people with morals, ethics, professional, intelligent people, and committed to success of all of their peers…through cooperation and committed work efforts.

Now if I can show you ways to achieve any of these goals at a cost within your budget…and to offer business opportunities that can lead you to financial independence would you like to begin making decisions that will help you to achieve these goals?

If so, in a series of posts I will begin addressing each of these questions. I hope that you will join me and give me questions and inspiration to give you the right answers!

Dan On Daytona Beach
Dan On Daytona Beach



Dan Norris

Small Business Consultant

Email: dannorris42@gmail.com

Phone: 407-749-9395


Prosperity Awaits!

Prosperity Awaits
Economic Gardening

In our economic environment  the very thought of achieving prosperity and financial independence is almost considered “the impossible dream”! I am here to tell you why this is totally untrue and that no matter who you are, there are opportunities available to you to become financially independent in less than five years…if you are willing to pursue those opportunities that exist! Do you have a son or daughter living with you right now? Share this with them! A chance of a lifetime! This is an honest opportunity!

I want to especially talk with ambitious veterans, college graduates, and any persons who are unemployed and underemployed. And even if you are employed and you want to achieve prosperity and become financially independent I want to talk with you as well! This blog with the title  “Road To Financial Independence” exists to help people do just that and several hundred people read posts here each day!

Prosperity Awaits!


How flexible are you? Are you willing to invest (10) minutes here  to change your entire career and lifestyle?  If you are, I am willing to share my 59 years of highly successful business experience with you as well as the opportunities that I am pursuing to rebuild my wealth again! Since 2008 after selling my successful financial advisory business of (12) years and thereafter suffering severe financial

Prosperity Awaits!

setbacks as a result of this economy,  I decided that I must rebuild my lifestyle and my legacy and I am in the process of doing this…and it is working. Are you aware that during your life cycle that it is not unusual to go through periods of economic prosperity and also periods of downturn with your finances? This does not mean you are a bad person…you could be the victim of unfortunate federal economic policy, lack of quality job opportunities, divorce, or loss of your home that is affecting so many, or returning from active duty in the military.  Some people experience bankruptcy, some are able to get by, however almost all want to be prosperous again…and so do I!

Prosperity Awaits!
The Road To Financial Independence

Do you have any interest in knowing what I have to share with you?

You may be one of our honored veterans to whom we owe so much and you are confined to sitting in front of a computer now… or you may be fully active with plenty of energy and ability to get out with the public. Doesn’t matter…either one works. You don’t need a college degree…a high school education provides you with adequate skills. You may or may not need to even talk with people. If you are of sound mind, full of ambition and drive, you potentially can be successful at what I have to share with you.

You will be working for yourself, building your own business(es) to be based anywhere in the world that has internet connections or you have a typical American population. You may choose to work from your home, an office or your thatched hut on some island somewhere (access to good internet connections required-maybe at the local resort hotel). You may be working somewhere now however you have at least (1) hour per day that you can pursue building your own expertise and your own business.  To me, multiple income streams are an extremely good path to a very successful life.

Becoming prosperous and financially independent requires personal commitment, a strong positive attitude, belief in yourself and a willingness to do whatever it takes to be successful. I know how to show the paths to you. You will have to exert the energy and commitment to do so.

Why would I help you? First I am a member of “Optimist International”and reading their “The Creed” at www.optimist.org is really worthwhile even if you go no further. Second, I am at a point in my life where one of my greatest satisfactions is helping others to be successful using my many years of wonderful business experience, and third, I am convinced that very few of the honest, experienced consultant class business people in the world are aware of what I can share with you. And fourth, I have interviewed, trained and selected individuals and built teams for start-up businesses for many years and this is a continuation of that process. For this I am rewarded as any entrepreneur.

I am willing to talk with you about these opportunities at no cost to you. I just ask that you be sincere and honest with yourself about wanting to achieve prosperity and financial independence. Our discussion offers no guarantees as these opportunities are not suitable for everyone and everyone will not be successful with them.

What I offer to you is an honest business discussion from a strong believer in Christ, who has allowed me to enjoy wonderful experiences in my lifetime. These will be straightforward, honest conversations. If you want to know more about me, my career and experience, just go to the “About Dan” tab on this blog.

Just email me at dannorris42@gmail.com telling me of your interests and share with me your email address and your phone number if you like.  I will respond to you as soon as practical. Your information will not be distributed or shared with anyone.

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you!

Prosperity Awaits!
Dan Norris with Congressman Lynn Westmoreland, Georgia US Small Businessman Of Year Award Washington, DC USA



Dan Norris
Small Business Consultant
Email: dannorris42@gmail.com

Dan Norris     Daytona Beach, Florida USA