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Does this “CHART” and  the word “ALKALINITY” mean anything to you?

Does “ACIDIC” and “ALKALINE” mean anything to you? Do you know what foods and liquids are acidic and alkaline? Do you know that 60% to 75% of your body consists of water…90% at birth and typically 40% at death. Do you consider sodas as equivalent to water?

Has your doctor or pharmacist ever mentioned these to you?

Are you a totally healthy person with no illnesses? Are you totally satisfied with your health and your weight? If so, then you have already found solutions for what I want to share with you…

If You Knew You Would Take Action
The “Miracle” of Alkalinity

Do you understand what the chart means? Why not?  It is incredibly important…and even though many think they know it all…those that do should stop for a minute and learn about this. Only less than 1% of the world’s population knows about this..and the TV media and your Doctors are not likely to tell you about it…because they have not been taught. It has to do with how healthy you are now and will be later on and how long you may live during your lifetime! WOW…that is incredibly important!

Is that of any importance to you? Please don’t say no…it can make a tremendous you and your family and friends. Please don’t just blow this off and say “too complicated for me”. Or this is just another scam because most are…I had rather watch tv ads than read a blog…do yourself a favor and invest 10 minutes and improve your health and prolong your life. It has taken 42 years by scientists, doctors, hospitals and medical personel to prove this and now it is in 172 countries today and increasing in use rapidly around the world. For me, this has been the most important discovery in my lifetime even including my 10 years of college in 5 fields…and more than 50 years of practical professional experience. I will never go back to drinking tap water and bottled water. STOP FOR A MINUTE AND CONSIDER THESE WORDS!

And there are those of you who are so skeptical that you say “just tell me the “bottom line”…”I don’t want to take time to hear the facts” and for those I refer you to this German Scientist named Otto Wilhelm Warburg who began in 1918 to study the causes of illness including cancer and between then and 1966 performed research, received two Nobel Prizes and in 1966 presented and published a Paper to scientists around the world published here at  called

I do not find that the American Medical Industry, Medical Universities, Hospitals and the Pharmaceutical Industry support these scientific findings. WHY NOT?


How can you take advantage of something that may benefit you if you never heard about it and don’t know anything about it?  Water is just water right?

You can’t take advantage if you don’t know about it! And that is why this post is being written! This post is presented to state only facts as I researched and found them to be.  This post does not make any medical recommendations, medical advice or offer medical solutions. For medical recommendations see your licensed physicians. Many licensed medical professionals are referenced for you in these posts for your benefit to provide you reading from many perspectives and disciplines.

This information is not yet widely disseminated in the United States. The television media have run brief spots occasionally throughout the U.S. however there is no advertising program underway. The products involved are marketed only via direct sales only where satisfied users refer them to prospective users. The “preventative well care” side of medical industry has accepted and used the technology for several years successfully. On the other hand, the traditional medical and pharmaceutical industries have not yet embraced and accepted this technology in America. Amazingly to me, as 60-75% of our body consists of water, more than 40 of the traditional medical physicians that I have personally interviewed are not familiar with ionized, alkalized, reduced, micro-clustered, restructured, antioxidant water and the results that have been realized. Acceptance is growing daily as more are using and sharing the Kangen Water technology…now in 172 countries around the world.

This technology was developed in Japan and introduced in June 1974 in hospitals by doctors and medical personnel, has been in successful use since that time. In 1987 the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare authorized the Enagic LTD, Osaka, Japan factory as a medical equipment manufacturer. Kangen Water by Enagic USA was first introduced in the U.S. in Los Angeles in 2003. In 2012, Hollywood performers and many of the wealthy discovered Kangen Water and are now avid users for many purposes. Now new propects who are considering a Kangen Water Machine purchase line up with their BPA free containers around our Los Angeles Office (s) to get their free trial water. In Orlando, Florida, there is a constant stream of people coming to the Office to obtain free water from the (4) Kangen Machines there. I give (21) day Free Trials to those who qualify for a Free Trial with no obligation and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Who would ever believe words like “CHANGE YOUR WATER AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE” could have a significant meaning? I didn’t when I first heard about Kangen Water in January, 2015, in the United States. I am a (6) time malignant cancer victim (lung and skin) and was excited when I heard the testimonies and began to compile research on ionized water. How could this be? Why have I not heard anything about this technology? So I began intensive research in February 2015 and in the process interviewed more than 40 medical doctors plus wellness doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, sports medicine physicians and health enthusiasts.

What I found was that those in the U.S. medical professions dealing with wellness and illness prevention, chiropractors, nutritionists, sports trainers, as well as vetenarians began accepting ionized water technology several years ago and are on a path to increased acceptance.

United States residents consume approximately 67% of all drugs and pharmaceuticals manufactured around the world however this country only has some 5% of the world’s population. I have heard statements from the NIH leadership that we now only have medical solutions (?) for 500 diseases however there are 25,000 more diseases with no solutions (?). Our country has produced over 100,000 chemicals that we use in and on our bodies, foods, homes, environment, clothing and furniture. GMO’s, the name for “genetically modified organisms” have been recently approved by our Congress and Senate to increase in public personal use.

This Congressional action I would bet is the result of corporate lobbying with our legislative bodies to gain more market share for products.

Our water supplies including your municipal tap waters and  bottled waters have been analyzed and found to contain many chemicals that can be destructive to our bodies. This is especially true for newborn children umbilical cords where more than (200) chemicals are found. The greatest cause of death for children under age 14 is cancer. We now have more than 100,000 synthetic chemicals that are being added to our environment in every location possible. The pipes that carries our waters have degraded over time to where they need replacing…to avoid this use of dangerous chemicals that adversely affect our bodies. Could some of this be causing the health problems that we have, the increasing occurrence of obesity and the much higher rates of cancer. The American Cancer Society tells us that now (1) of every (2) men and (1) of (3) females will contract cancer during their lifetime.

Is it any wonder that the United States ranks #37 in life longevity in the world and behind that of Cuba? Japan ranks #1 in the world in life longevity and in health status.

Again I will repeat what I stated above because it is so important. As meaningful background on this topic in my opinion, significant research began on the subject of cancer in Germany by scientist Dr. Otto Wilhelm Warburg in the 1920’s. Dr. Warburg presented  a paper, The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer in 1966 to peer scientists. I find it startling that I have never heard of this research after investing 10 years in 5 colleges in the exact sciences, engineering, education and business. Why not?

Also in the 1930’s the Russians began studying life longevity and then the Japanese began research on water and acid rain in the 1950’s. This research, among other studies, led to the Japanese introducing water solutions for producing  excellent ionized, reduced, micro clustered, restructured, antioxidant water in 1974 called Kangen Water, developed and marketed by a company called Enagic LTD.  Further research was performed beginning in the 1960’s  by Dr. Hiromi Shinya M.D., a gastrointestinal surgeon in Japan and in Beth Israel Hospital in New York. Dr. Shinya (see Health results on Wikipedia) co-developed the colonoscopy and has performed or supervised more than 375,000 colonoscopy procedures. This is called the Shinya Method. He also developed the polypectomy devices and procedures. He has written a fascinating book called the “Enzyme Factor” where he describes his recommendation of Kangen Water and his lifetime results.

The Japanese produced Kangen Water medical devices which were first developed in Japan in 1974 and were later introduced in the U.S. in 2003 on the West Coast. Wellness physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists and natural solution professionals began to adopt and support these medical devices that mount on or under your kitchen sink.  Many celebrities through their research professionals learned about these technologies and in 2012 many began using Kangen Water extensively. In Japan, more than 6,500 medical doctors certify the use of Kangen Water machines by Enagic LTD as medical devices, prescribe their use to their patients, as well as their hospitals used them extensively since 1974. Their use has now extended to at least (172) countries including Germany, Canada, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia, Russia, Italy, Brazil and many other countries. It is reported that more than 32,000+ restaurants are now using these medical devices, as well as hotels for purposes of sanitation and cleaning.


Healthy or Unhealthy Water
Oxidation Reduction Potential  -400 mv to -800 mv  Unique in industry

Think about this…your body is 60-75% water.  Do you think that we should be paying significant attention to the most important part of our bodies..the liquids with which we replenish our vital water? Or should we invest and treat only the 25% to 40% of the rest of our bodies with “chemicals and procedures”…which obviously modify other functioning parts our our bodies?

What parts of your body are you investing in protecting right now? Your kidneys, your liver, your arthritis, your acid reflux, your skin conditions, your blood pressure…and on and on. Has anyone informed you about the importance of the rest of your body? Why not? Healthy and clean water is vital to our bodies…and without it we can live for only a few days. Many would say that is “water is water”…”that all water is the same”…however do you think that the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River, Lake Michigan, bottled water, sports drinks, sodas, your well water,  your household tap water from your utility… are all the same? The answer is an emphatic NO!  And we are adding toxic chemicals to our environment  at an alarming rate….recently doubled by the vote of Congress to allow business to feed you more chemicals to modify your bodies performance.

Personal Testimonials Are Valuable-See these!

I have found many useful personal testimonials on video by going to and and performing a search on “kangen water ______” or “kangen water arthritis” or any topic that I want to see about Kangen Water. I suggest that you do the same so as to see these testimonials. And if there is a Kangen Water Presentation Meeting near you, please attend a meeting as many Kangen Water users give their personal testimonies at these meetings.

My personal testimony is that the arthritis in my knees that had been so painful for nine years…and after drinking about (100) ounces per day of Kangen Water for (65) days, the pain in my knees virtually went away and now I am able to walk a mile, climb stairs, dance, cut my grass with a push mower, and many other tasks that I could not do before I began drinking the water. I also feel much better, have more energy, my blood pressure returned to normal levels, my cholesterol is normal, and I feel that my body continues to be detoxified every day. After learning how Kangen Water benefits have been so beneficial for me I have also begun taking 5 capsules each day of Enagic’s UKON tm uniquely manufactured Turmeric which has been proven to help people for over 4000 years. Ukon tm has also improved my health.



To get an idea of who has researched this and are very pleased with their results…please watch this video…

Celebrities Drinking Ionized Alkalyzed Antioxidant Water


And if you need to hear a physician tell you their truths from their perspective…many of you want to hear it from a doctor before they will believe it…my experiences are that less than 1 of 100 citizens know about this now and that less than 5 of 100 doctors know about this topic. Probably 2 of 100 are using it in their practice and in many cases in their homes but not in their practices. This is in the process of changing and I am confident at some point that the knowledge revelution will be similar to a tsunami like the flat screen tv revolution that moved across the country from the West Coast to the East Coast of the U.S. and around the world as well. My entire professional career has offered me success on being 1-5 years ahead of the technology mainstream…and I invite you to join me on my Team Enagic benefactors now…every day is important in my life…how about yours?

What Doctors Are Saying
Published on Apr 4, 2012

Bob Brown



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    1. All water is not the same. Much of our municipal water and bottled water contains chemicals that is very harmful to our bodies. Since very few of the population know about this, just saving water is not enough.

  1. Maria…thanks very much for reading this Post and liking the link! Hope you found it interesting!
    Thank you for performing this valuable research on behalf of you, your family and your friends!

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