Better Health-More Wealth-Peace of Mind

Fire Hole River, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

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Fire Hole River – Yellowstone national Park

Better Health-More Wealth-Peace of Mind

I invite you to consider some truths that only a few people know about in America and around the world. It amazes me that only in 2015 did I learn of these critically important topics of information about our health, wealth, and peace of mind. Can you imagine all of these important topics in one post? In my humble opinion I believe that this is incredibly valuable information for many people around the world… and we enjoy getting good news!

I sincerely hope that you decide to get out of the 99% who did not know about this and join the 1% who have learned. This news comes only from those who have heard,personally experienced the benefits, and have decided to share it with others so as to benefit them.

Do you believe that around the world that research about your health has been accomplished, that solutions, remedies and treatments have been developed…and that we are not aware of them?   How do we find out? Do we go to our doctors and ask them? Our pharmacists? Our media?  Due to many government regulations we are dependent upon word of mouth…one person sharing with another in order to get valuable information to others. And that is why this post today.  Are you interested in improving your health?  Then reading this information is a “must-read”.

Our medical system today which relies in large part upon man-made inorganic chemicals and pharmaceuticals… as compared to reliance upon nature’s God given organic remedies.  Reportedly, the U.S. has 5% of the world’s population however we consume 67% of all pharmaceutical drugs.

According to The Commonwealth Fund  U.S. Health Care from a Global Perspective… Spending, Use of Services, Prices, and Health in 13 Countries

…despite its heavy investment in health care, the U.S. sees poorer results on several key health outcome measures such as life expectancy and the prevalence of chronic conditions.

In some cases synthetic, inorganic solutions have proven very effective, however we are less than 100 years into our chemically driven medical treatments and radiation reliant society with more than 100,000 man-made synthetic chemicals and highly sophisticated medical radiation type instruments.

Our society’s physical health status appears to be declining rather than improving  My layman’s assessment is that we are on a dangerous path. Especially as we measure the overall health of our citizens and compare it to other countries and other options for medical care. And it concerns me to hear from our top medical researchers …tell us that they know of 7,000 diseases…however they only have scientific solutions today for about 500 of them…the researchers have a lot of work to do….and many more chemicals to discover. Research on medical and pharmaceutical treatments make up  On our current methodologies they will be based on inorganic solutions…meaning more chemicals.

My message is to inform you of some critically important information and to challenge you to research information yourself, inform yourself, and to make decisions about what you should do about your health, longevity, or a possible health crisis for you or a family member or friend. I am sure that you have heard someone say…well…he or she went to Germany or Mexico or some distant location…and they were cured of a certain disease by technology developed there. And of course we have very talented physicians and medical cures here in the United States. This is to raise the subject about technology that we have not heard about before. Do you think we should become aware?

For me this particular story begins with research beginning in a scientific lab Germany in 1918 headed by Dr. Otto Wilmelm Warburg, then goes to Russia, then to more countries,  then Japan. Japan developed their ionized solutions beginning in 1974 and they are marketing them now in 172+ countries all over the world. Due to the importance of water to our lives, there are hundreds of companies that are developing competing products, I have discovered none more successful than Enagic’s Kangen Water devices. Dr. Michael, Chiropractor, provides an ongoing assessment of all available competitive water devices and posts his results on YouTube, as the Kangen Water Machine produced water saved their child’s life as she was born with all her organs outside her body. The Kangen Water Machine was the 8th different competing water machine he tried before finding this vendor’s machine with unique properties.


Very important developments about alkalized, restructured, micro-structured, antioxidant water machines were introduced in Japan in 1974. After many years of trial in Japanese hospitals by Japanese medical doctors and hospital personel,  Kangen Water machines by Enagic came to the U.S. in 2003. Americans and citizens of other countries are slowly but surely passing the word along…and these are my intentions here with these posts. I am in the active process of building an international team of Kangen Water drinkers and independent distributors around the world and this is my method of informing those who are interested about these topics.

The corporate philosophy as stated by 75 year young President and CEO Hironari Oshiro of Enagic LTD, located in Okinawa, Japan, that provides these products is based on three basic principles:

Realizing true physical health

Realizing true financial health

Realizing true mental/metaphysical health

All three of these basic principles are consumer friendly and are intended to improve the well being of those that use the products. The products were first tested and used in many Japanese Hospitals and the country’s 7,000+ medical doctors certified their use for many purposes. The products were nationally certified by Japan in 1987, manufacturing quality standards by Enagic LTD in Japan continue very high and each medical device is personally manufactured and tested by 5 inspectors. The products are certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare, and are certified by the independent, non-profit international Water Quality Association (WQA), and Enagic LTD is a member of the DSA, the Direct Selling Association.

Enagic’s business model is the most effective way of allowing Kangen users to share the quality and effectiveness of our products with others and benefit in the greatest way possible.

In addition to providing valuable, beneficial water from the highest quality medical grade machines, the company returns a large portion of the revenues from sales as distribution costs and compensation to all Independent Distributors who share the products with others. This unique, patented compensation plan gives every purchaser the opportunity to recover all purchase costs of their products in the form of compensation for sharing with others.  This model of sales provides a very efficient distribution channel designed to help individuals achieve financial independence and income that is very rewarding and motivational for all Independent Distributors. In addition, an Independent Distributor has the policy opportunity to build their own distribution network anywhere in virtually any country in the world that allows it. Distributors earn income not only from their personal sales however also from the members of their Team that they gain as customers.

As a result of the benefits of highest quality water products and nutritional products, coupled with a very unique compensation plan, customers enjoy the taste of the water, enjoy the benefits, appreciate the income, and typically enjoy a high level of mental satisfaction.

The first introduction to Kangen Water by Enagic USA and Enagic LTD is typically accomplished with a live Presentation by a qualified, experienced Independent Distributor or by a Demonstration Video. We will start your introduction with the following video…

Watch A Kangen Water Demonstration



and here are my current research posts on this technology…

Health Category Research Posts


These sites below are for your immediate purchase from me as your Distributor of your Kangen Water medical device

From  ANYWHERE in the United States or Internationally you may view this video about the world’s leading water products and order your choice of your Kangen unit online right now if in the U.S. or Canada! If International you will need to contact me via phone or email.

Also contact me to learn how you can you earn your Kangen Water device FREE by sharing with others.


Alkalyzed Restructured Antioxidant Kangen Water






DAN NORRIS                                                                                             Independent International Distributor                 Orlando, Florida USA                                                         Kangen Water Machines    #7299001                                                               Kangen UKON tm     #1141848                                                                           Telephone: 407-749-9395                                                                                Email:


Build Your Own Kangen Water business only if you choose…

For those interested in using and sharing their Kangen Water experiences with others…as well as having their device paid for by sharing it with others….and there is a wave of demand growing around the world for Kangen Water…and the successes of sharing it with others to earn income.

It is not necessary for any customer to share the water or to enter into any business activity. This is a no cost option for you.

FACT: 1.8 billion people(1) still lack access to fresh water supply and 2.5 billion people need improved sanitation. Since 1940 the world’s water use has quadrupled whilst the world’s population has only doubled.

You can join this team of satisfied users and learn many methods of successful sharing by contacting me or by purchasing your Kangen Water machine online and specifying Dan Norris, Independent Enagic Distributor #7299001 on your order form. I will assist you anywhere in the world to build your own profitable Kangen Water sharing business.

Many Kangen Water drinkers are so pleased with their results they want to share how they feel with others. And Enagic has a very generous, unique patented compensation plan that is helping people enjoy financial independence they had never imagined. I will help you with many methods of doing this…and if you are interested…check out this latest automated marketing method that I will give to you free and teach you how to use it…



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